March 2016
Communist University (amadlandawonye) is back in regular use, with two additional Wikispace web-sites:

Communist University button.jpg

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Highlights (Recent additions):

Theory and Struggle

SACP Eastern Cape PEC Bulletin

CU Chris Hani Archive

CU Steve Biko Archive

CU Mzala (Jabulani Nxumalo) Archive

History Resource Booklets (SADTU)

What the amadlandawonye come-back means in practice

An Index page has been created. It will become the main guide to navigation of new archived material in this site from now on.

This Home Page is now a “landing page” for the site. The content of the old (2007) Home Page will be moved to another page, called Old Home Page.

The old files and pages are not deleted. The site can still be searched.

The first new archive page will be for the SACP Eastern Cape PEC Bulletin. This good publication is always too large in file-size for sending as an attachment. We will from now on archive the PDFs here, and send the links. Storage of such large files, which cannot easily be handled in other ways, is one function of this site.

The Side-bar of the site will be re-edited, gradually.

Links to two closely-related Wikispace sites – CU Archive, and People’s Education for People’s Power – will be featured prominently on this Home Page, and at other suitable places on this site (see also the two buttons, above).

CU Archive corresponds to the (now expanded) course archives that were initiated on this amadlandawonye site. It makes sixteen ten-part courses and twelve one-day political schools available in PDF booklet format, plus other, special-purpose courses.

People’s Education for People’s Power is an anti-privatisation (of education) archive.