The Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA) Statement on the Election of Saki Macozoma as Chairperson of Wits Council

Wits is not a dynasty or a revolving door for the pursuance of narrow BEE interests

The Young Communist League, SASCO and the ANC YL (Progressive Youth Alliance) at Wits reject with contempt the unprocedural and dictatorial election of Saki Macozama as Chairperson of Wits Council.

As the PYA we strongly believe that there was an ‘evil and Zanufied’ approach to the nomination and subsequent election of Macozama. We view these actions by the University management as part of well conceived strategy to make sure that the status quo of snail pace transformation remains and that Judge Cameron’s agenda is not deterred under the Macozama led Council.

We are concerned that the SRC President, Themba Masondo, was deliberately and unconstitutionally sidelined from the process, given the fact that he represents biggest stakeholder at Wits - students.

The appointment of Macozama is nothing, but a cheap and spineless racial window-dressing tactic. As the PYA we strongly believe that Wits is not a palace or dynasty, but a public institution which must be governed and managed through transparency, accountability and cooperative governance.

We therefore declare Macozoma’s election null and void and call for the immediate reopening of the nomination process which should be inclusive of all stakeholders.

We are further of the view that Macozama is not suitable to hold the Chairpersonship position given the fact that Wits is not vehicle for the pursuance of narrow BEE interests.

We are adamant that the situation in which Wits is characterized by racism, sexism, lack of transparency and exclusion,” is likely to continue under the leadership of Macozama as he will be seeking nothing else than to entrench and reproduce the interests of self-seeking capitalists.

Macozoma’s availability for and subsequent acceptance of the position is opportunistic and unprincipled as he has proven himself useless and unreliable by failing to attend all Council meetings scheduled during 2007 including the meeting that had to resolve on the important issues of student fees and privatization of residences during the 2007 strike.

The PYA will not stand idle as Council is being run like a private entity and a revolving door for capitalists. We will do all in our powers to ensure that Council is working class led so as to adequately address the legacy of apartheid and fast-track transformation in the University.

Issued by the Young Communist League, SASCO and ANC YL (Progressive Youth Alliance-PYA)

For more information contact: Phindile Kunene YCL Secretary (Wits) 079 964 9262/ kunenep@gmail.com or Musa Mthembu @ 073 152 9262

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