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Statement of Alliance Secretariat 11 October 2006

The Alliance Secretariat met today in a special meeting specifically convened to consider the recent matters arising from the last meeting of the ANC NEC.

The alliance Secretariat considered the recent public spats arising out of what was essentially an internal debate of and within the ANC NEC.

The secretariat is concerned by the tone of the subsequent public exchanges that bordered on putting the ANC against the SACP when such do not exist. We call upon all those involved to stop, as a continuation of this will hamper the capacity of the alliance to provide effective leadership to society and our members.

The alliance Secretariat noted with dismay the recent deliberate leakages of internal discussions within the broader alliance movement to the media which are meant to create divisions and disharmony in the movement and do not contribute towards unifying the alliance formations.

Further more these leaks do not reflect the true and correct deliberations and positions of the movement as they are constantly distorted with perceptions, untruths and sometimes even blatant gossips and lies. The alliance secretariat regretted the distribution of the President’s notes to the media whereas the NEC statement released to the media covered key issues and resolutions arising out of all the discussions that took place at the ANC NEC.

The Alliance Secretariat agreed to urgently arrange a meeting of the alliance ten – a - side to further address pertinent matters affecting the movement. These, includes among others the following key issues:

  1. Effective and meaningful role of the alliance formations in policy formulation, implementation and management.
  2. The character of the National Democratic Revolution as shared by components of the alliance
  3. Assessment and progress evaluation on the implementation of the alliance summit resolutions

Issued by the alliance secretariat:

Contacts Details:

ANC: Smuts Ngonyama 082 569 2061
SACP: Maleseal Maleka 082 226 1802
COSATU: Patrick Craven 082 821 7456
SANCO: Linda Mngumezulu 082 786 2537

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