This is the daily circulation of the Communist University, dated for the day on which it is to be sent out. It includes documents received from different organisations, notices of events, study texts, and a selection of items from the press. Click on an item to read it. To see the covering message that goes with these despatches, go to

Zuma, Gays, Oppression and Freedom
2006-09-30, On remarks made about gays and lesbians, Jacob Zuma
2006-09-30, Wilde, The Soul of Man under Socialism, 1891
2006-09-30, Heartfield, The Subjective Factor, DOSE, Conclusion, 2002
2006-09-30, SACP Arts and Culture Newsletter - Sep06

People We Know
2006-09-29, Final Declaration of the 9th COSATU National Congress
2006-09-29, Venezuela - Solidarity in Struggle, James Tweedie, YCLUK
2006-09-29, Juventud Comunista de Venezuela 10th Congress, B Chacko, YCLUK
2006-09-29, Insulted in my own country by policemen, Kimani Ndungu, The Star
2006-09-29, Broad input, Nyiko Floyd Shivambu, Business Day

Struggle Africa
2006-09-28, SACP on 2006 Red October transport campaign consultative
2006-09-28, Assaulted unionists deserve beating, Mugabe, SABC News
2006-09-28, Now COSATU slams Dyantyi, Essop and Dentlinger, IOL
2006-09-28, CCMA overruled by Judge Edwin Cameron, IOL
2006-09-28, POPCRU, Developments in SAPS have our blessing
2006-09-28, Unemployment rate down, Stats SA, Business Report

Tales, Legends and more COSATU 9th Congress Resolutions
2006-09-27, Shadowy tales find purchase in ANC, Karima Brown, Business Day
2006-09-27, The Popes Evil Legend, Uri Avnery, Counterpunch
2006-09-27, 9th Congress, Socio-Economic, 7 of 11, Trade policy
2006-09-27, 9th Congress, Socio-Economic, 9 of 11, Police Brutality and State Repression
2006-09-27, 9th Congress, Socio-Economic, 10 of 11, NEDLAC
2006-09-27, 9th Congress, Socio-Economic, 11 of 11, 2010 Soccer World Cup

Quintal plus COSATU Socio-Economic Resolutions
2006-09-26, Absent Mbeki forces delay, Angela Quintal, The Star
2006-09-26, 9th Congress, Socio-Economic, 1 of 11, Jobs and poverty campaign
2006-09-26, 9th Congress, Socio-Economic, 2 of 11, Import-parity pricing
2006-09-26, 9th Congress, Socio-Economic, 3 of 11, State involvement in the economy
2006-09-26, 9th Congress, Socio-Economic, 4 of 11, Farm workers
2006-09-26, 9th Congress, Socio-Economic, 6 of 11, Broad-Based Black BEE

COSATU Organisational Resolutions, Plus
2006-09-25, 9th Congress, Organisational, 1 of 5, Constitutional Amendments
2006-09-25, 9th Congress, Organisational, 2 of 5, Quota System in Federation
2006-09-25, 9th Congress, Organisational, 3 of 5, Solidarity amongst affiliates
2006-09-25, 9th Congress, Organisational, 4 of 5, Non-trading Public Holidays
2006-09-25, 9th Congress, Organisational, 5 of 5, HIV and AIDS
2006-09-25, Pro-poor is real COSATU candidate, GS Zwelinzima Vavi, S Times
2006-09-25, Nasrallah, full text of Beirut rally speech, 060922, Just World News

COSATU 9th Congress Political Resolutions
2006-09-24, 9th Congress, Political, 1 of 8, The Alliance
2006-09-24, 9th Congress, Political, 2 of 8, Working Class Hegemony in ANC
2006-09-24, 9th Congress, Political, 3 of 8, The SACP and State Power
2006-09-24, 9th Congress, Political, 4 of 8, The NDR and Socialism
2006-09-24, 9th Congress, Political, 5 of 8, Strengthening Democracy
2006-09-24, 9th Congress, Political, 6 of 8, National Womens Movement
2006-09-24, 9th Congress, Political, 7 of 8, Monument to worker heroes
2006-09-24, 9th Congress, Political, 8 of 8, Special, Deputy Pres of ANC

Leadership and Mass Determination Part 2
2006-09-23, Red October 2006 Transport Campaign Poster
2006-09-23, Rise Up Against the Empire, Hugo Chavez at UN, Counterpunch
2006-09-23, No Superior Nation, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad at UN, Counterpunch
2006-09-23, We Need Partners, Not Bosses, Evo Morales at UN, Counterpunch

Leadership and Mass Determination
2006-09-23, Only Zuma denialists say it was not a victory, Vuyo Mvoko, B Day
2006-09-23, COSATU on Strike Statistics 060922
2006-09-23, Opening by COSATU President Willie Madisha to 9th Congress
2006-09-23, SACP GS Dr Blade Nzimande to COSATU Congress 060920
2006-09-23, Final Declaration of the 9th COSATU National Congress
2006-09-23, COSATU NOBs elected 21 September 2006, meeting to come

2006-09-17, Social Unrest and Twisted Justice, ZCTU Informal Economy Desk
2006-09-17, Statement on meeting of COSATU Affiliates and the Commission
2006-09-17, E-mail from Ron Press re Terry Bell, SACTU and COSATU
2006-09-17, Foes set for re-election, Daniels, Monare, The Star
2006-09-17, Zuma backers demand pound of flesh, Brown, Mde, Weekender
2006-09-17, Secretariat Report to the COSATU Ninth National Congress
2006-09-17, COSATU Ninth National Congress Final Programme

Alliance Is The Way
2006-09-16, COSATU members arrested in Mpumalanga, 15 September 2006
2006-09-16, Progressive Youth Alliance supports Shoprite Checkers boycott
2006-09-16, ZCTU Protests and COSATU solidarity
2006-09-16, COSATU, How I miss Moses Mayekiso, Terry Bell, Business Report
2006-09-16, SA dare not rely on judge to halt Zuma, Tim du Plessis, B Day

COSATU Business as Usual
2006-09-15, Press Statement on the State of COSATU, NALEDI, plus download
2006-09-15, Boycott Shoprite Checkers, says COSATU, Shoba, Mail and Guardian
2006-09-15, COSATU GS Zwelinzima Vavi, Input to ETDP SETA 14 Sept 2006
2006-09-15, COSATU condemns ZCTU arrests and assaults, 14 September 2006
2006-09-15, SADTU NWC rejects vote rigging allegations, 14 September 2006
2006-09-15, Moshoeshoe Monare version of COSATU, The Star

National and International
2006-09-12, COSATU 9th Congress, full text of submitted Resolutions
2006-09-12, COSATU GS Z Vavi, input to the NEDLAC Annual Summit 060911
2006-09-12, NUMSA protests Toyota Phillippines dispute to Japan Embassy
2006-09-12, SACCAWU Statement on Shoprite Checkers Strike 060911
2006-09-12, Critics ignore progress on AIDS, Jeremiah Norris, Business Day
2006-09-12, Free The Cuban Five Banner

Listening and Not Listening
2006-09-11, If Zuma case folds, Pikoli may be blamed, reporters, City Press
2006-09-11, Days of thunder from court in Sleepy Hollow, Gordin, Sindy
2006-09-11, President Mbeki, Learning to listen and hear, ANC Today 060908
2006-09-11, YCL to lead Progressive Youth Alliance mission to Zimbabwe
2006-09-11, Funeral of Hilda Bernstein, Maitland Cemetery, 13h00 15 Sept 2006

Youth Coming Through
2006-09-10, Managing Capitalism, Market Fundamentalism, YCL Bottom Line
2006-09-10, History Has Affirmed The Role Of ANCYL, Mbalula, Hlomelang
2006-09-10, YCL message on occasion of 62nd Anniversary of ANCYL
2006-09-10, SACTWU pays out nearly R4m in bursaries for 2006
2006-09-10, SATAWU 2nd National Congress Programme 12-15 Sept 2006

Violence Against Us
2006-09-09, SATAWU Gauteng organiser Oupa Mbhele shot four times
2006-09-09, FoJZ, Funeral service of Zobaphi Jobe Sithole 10 Sept 2006
2006-09-09, SACCAWU strikers on Shoprite collusion with Red Ants
2006-09-09, Free the Cuban Five Campaign launch, Con Hill, 12 Sept 2006
2006-09-09, Gaza is Dying, Patrick Cockburn, Counterpunch

Debate, Indaba, Crisis, War
2006-09-08, Pacifism and Violence Caudwell, 1938
2006-09-08, The succession debate, Zwelinzima Vavi, COSATU
2006-09-08, COSATU call for a Soccer Indaba, COSATU media statement
2006-09-08, Zuma and Mbeki head to head, Allister Sparks, The Star

Revolutionary Tasks and Unity in Action
2006-09-07, Umsebenzi Online, Tasks of the 9th COSATU Congress
2006-09-07, Joint Trade Unions support China deal, COSATU Media Release
2006-09-07, Chairman of Friends of JZ Trust dies after being shot, Mercury
2006-09-07, COSATU Western Cape statement on leadership issues in COSATU
2006-09-07, POPCRU marches to the Department of Transport 8 September 2006
2006-09-07, Just commend without blaming, Gunnett Kaaf, Letters, B Day

Living Our History
2006-09-06, COSATU Industrial Strategy Policy Document
2006-09-06, Interpretation of the Workers Survey for COSATU
2006-09-06, ZCTU National Protest, 13 September 2006, 12h00 to 14h00
2006-09-06, Landing with gratitude at OR Tambo, Karima Brown, B Day
2006-09-06, Genocide in Gaza, Ilan Pappe, The Electronic Intifada

Masses Organised and Determined
2006-09-05, COSATU March to US Embassy, Pretoria 13h00 Tuesday
2006-09-05, There is a horror taking place in Gaza, Gideon Levy, Haaretz
2006-09-05, COSATU, SACTWU welcome quotas on Chinese clothing, textiles
2006-09-05, NUMSA Central Committee, on leadership and resolutions
2006-09-05, COSATU set to probe allegations of spying, Linda Daniels, The Star

The name's Nkosi. Joe Nkosi.
2006-09-04, Spy drama hits Cosatu, Msomi and Kgosana, City Press
2006-09-04, Article in City Press called Spy drama hits Cosatu, COSATU
2006-09-04, Police abuse against demonstrators, COSATU press release

Aggression, Active And Passive
2006-09-03, Palestine Casualties, Helena Cobban, JustWorldNews
2006-09-03, Israeli cluster bomb war crimes, Stanley Heller, Counterpunch
2006-09-03, Pinche Indios, Mexican Earthquake, John Ross, Counterpunch
2006-09-03, Maximal bloggers with minimal edits, Tim Cohen, Business Day
2006-09-03, Passive voice and some among us, Tim Cohen, Business Day

The Conjuncture
2006-09-02, Address by ANC Deputy President Jacob Zuma to SADTU Congress

All Human Life Is Here
2006-09-01, Necessity of Theory, Dialego, 1976
2006-09-01, COSATU Industrial Strategy Policy 2006
2006-09-01, SACP GS Blade Nzimande, Education for Working Class power
2006-09-01, Cosatu chiefs jockey for posts, Amy Musgrave, Business Day
2006-09-01, e-NALEDI Vol 2 No 9 August 2006

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