September 2005 Current

Comm Uni plus Gleason on Kebble
2005-09-30, Two Tactics of Social Democracy Selection, Lenin, 1905
2005-09-30, In cold blood, Business Day Editorial
2005-09-30, Gleason, Precocious tycoon rattled mining, B Day
2005-09-30, Why Kebble died, Gleason Torque Special

Dramatis Personae
2005-09-29, Kebble shot dead, Star Front Page
2005-09-29, Kebble and Hazel Crane murdered in same area
2005-09-29, Gleason Torque on Succession, Monday 26th Sept
2005-09-29, Citizen Vavi, Editorial, Business Day
2005-09-29, Nzimande to SADTU, A call to action
2005-09-29, Hurricanes bare capitalisms whimsical nature, Crotty
2005-09-29, NO Plan for Racial Equality and Environmental Justice
2005-09-29, Grace Kwinjeh, MDC view on electoral participation
2005-09-29, Pouring money down legal drains, Gleason

Political Assassination
2005-09-28, Frontline Voices, September 24 in Washington DC, USA

All original, all South African
2005-09-26, SACP and Transition to Democracy and Socialism, Satgar
2005-09-26, ZV at TAC congress 24 September 2005
2005-09-26, Im by da wal - Ishtiyaq Shukris Palestine Journey
2005-09-26, Cheche Selepe v Oupa Lehulere

Scorps Out!
2005-09-24, E Cape ruling exposes political ploy
2005-09-24, POPCRU supports integration of Scorps into police
2005-09-24, Umsebenzi Online, Vol 5, No 43
2005-09-24, SACP on first expropriation of land in SA
2005-09-24, Make institutions work, Tweedie, Letters, M and G

30th Sept Zim Seminar & other International
2005-09-23, COSATU on IMF Country Report on SA, Sept. 2005
2005-09-23, FDI is not a cure-all for Africa, Ann Crotty, B Rep
2005-09-23, Israels two-state solution is dead, Sparks, Star
2005-09-23, To say we stay in Iraq to save it is a lie, Jenkins
2005-09-23, 30 Sept, Zim and SA, ZSF-CSVR, Seminar, Wits

Today, 17h00, Mass & Vanguard, Con Hill
2005-09-23, Vanguard and Mass, Jhb Central Branch, Jan 2005
2005-09-23, Vanguard and mass according to Trevor Ngwane
2005-09-23, Ex Social Movements, Cosatu and new UDF, O. Lehulere, Aug 05
2005-09-23, Communist University of Britain
2005-09-23, 27 Sept, Police in a Democratic South Africa, Con Hill

Vavi to Swaziland
2005-09-22, Trevor Ngwane versus Oupa Lehulere
2005-09-22, SACP invite to Red October planning, 2
2005-09-22, Vavi Speech plus Star, M and G reports
2005-09-22, ANC wants integrated police force, Star
2005-09-22, Swaziland March to Protest New Constitution, UN

Sometimes they don’t listen
2005-09-21, IMF identifies free labour market as key to growth
2005-09-21, Alarcon at 60th UN General Assembly High Plenary
2005-09-21, Horror Story, Counterpunch
2005-09-21, This is a mess of our own making, The Observer
2005-09-21, Khalilzad Threatens Syria, Counterpunch

Sometimes they listen
2005-09-20, New hope for millions on credit blacklists, B Day
2005-09-20, Mbeki must take cue from Luthuli in dealing with alliance
20056-09-20, Last free Torque from Gleason
2005-09-20, One Big Sham, Counterpunch

Succession Succeeded
2005-09-19, SA signs up to train military the US way
2005-09-19, Profit-Driven War, Foley, Counterpunch
2005-09-19, 20th September Zim seminar UJ Soweto
2005-09-19, 21st September Zim Meeting UJ Auckland Park

Need for Party
2005-09-16, Economism and the necessity of the party, Lenin, WITBD
2005-09-16, Dont use alliance to gain power, Kebeni, Star
2005-09-16, Revealed - BAEs secret 1m pounds to Pinochet, Guardian
2005-09-16, Detective story linked Pinochet to BAE

Alliance starts farm campaign
2005-09-15, Statement of the Alliance Secretariat, 14-9-05
2005-09-15, 120 FAWU Members Arrested, 14-9-2005
2005-09-15, Forest workers get R20 a day, Daily Dispatch

Soul of Man under Socialism
2005-09-14, A fuzzy case for state meddling, Blackmur, B Day letters
2005-09-14, Reply to Blackmur letter in Business Day

Struggle continues
2005-09-13, Objection to Demarcation, Merafong and Westonaria
2005-09-13, Wits Housing Seminars, September - October
2005-09-13, Three Sources & Three Component parts of Marxism, Lenin, 1913
2005-09-13, Nobody Came to Get Them, Rep Cynthia McKinney

Political Education Centre Stage
2005-09-11, ANC NEC report on Mbeki - Zuma presentation
2005-09-11, ANC reads the riot act to Mbeki and Zuma
2005-09-11, Zuma camp ready to come out fighting

Campaigns and Announcements
2005-09-10, Invitation, Red October planning
2005-09-10, 2nd Southern African Social Forum, Invitation
2005-09-10, Invitation, IFAS Africa and Globalisation events
2005-09-10, COSATU Statement on National Credit Bill
2005-09-10, SACP on threats by Transvaal Agricultural Union
2005-09-10, SACP on Mohamed and Basson judgements
2005-09-10, COSATU welcomes ruling on Scorpions raid

Last 3 before the NEC
2005-09-09, The vultures circle, Gleason Torque
2005-09-09, Its not going to happen, Cronin, M and G
2005-09-09, Redistribution v. Industrialisation, Makgetla, B Day

2005-09-09, Cronin, Neo-liberalism, reformism, populism, ultra-leftism
2005-09-09, Umsebenzi Online, Vol 5 No 42, September 9, 2005
2005-09-09, Possible dangers of weakened ANC, du Preez, Star
2005-09-09, Left must waken from slumber, Maseti, Star
2005-09-09, Legal View on Political Inquiry, Maluleke, B Day
2005-09-09, Ngonyama faces rap for jumping gun on inquiry

Who's kidding who?
2005-09-08, Time for left wing to make exit, Sparks, Star
20056-09-08, ANC National Working Committee
2005-09-08, ANC National Executive Committee
2005-09-08, NALEDI Newsletter September 7, 2005

Con Hill tonight & Friday. Meanwhile, in New Orleans...
2005-09-07, Rat Race or Human Race, Counterpunch
2005-09-07, Its all in the delivery, Lenins Tomb
20056-09-07, Trapped in New Orleans, Counterpunch

The long and the short of it
2005-09-06, Aid, Ron Press
2005-09-06, But first the Truth must be set Free, Manamela, YCLSA

No news is no news
2005-09-05, Hounding Zuma was the last straw for us

Katrina and the Waves
2005-09-04, SACP on Alliance 10-a-side and related developments
20056-09-04, Credit bureaus under fire, Business Day
2005-09-04, Tragedy of a collapsing civilisation, The Star
2005-09-04, Katrina shows up US class, colour rift, The Star
2005-09-04, Torrent of racist abuse on Internet, The Star
2005-09-04, Islamic Relief pledges 2 million dollars for Katrina effort

Programmes, discussions, and disasters
Critique of the Gotha Programme, Marx, 1875
2005-09-02, COSATU Special Central Executive Committee Resolution
2005-09-02, New Orleans and Death of Common Good, Counterpunch

Rule of law, Zim, and other cases
2005-09-01, Respect for rule of law is duty of all, Manamela, B Day
2005-09-01, Mugabe is Zims real problem, Ivor Davis, The Star
2005-09-01, Police Chief - Lockerbie evidence faked, Scotsman
2005-09-01, Bushs Obscene Tirades Rattle Aides

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