This is the daily circulation of the Communist University, dated for the day on which it is to be sent out. It includes documents received from different organisations, notices of events, study texts, and a selection of items from the press. Click on an item to read it. To see the covering message that goes with these despatches, go to

Web 2.0
2006-10-31, Global realities demand new unionism, Ryder and Thys, ICFTU-WCL
2006-10-31, Star-spangled banner over space, Rehana Rossouw, Weekender
2006-10-31, Social Credit, Ecosocialism of Fools, Derek Wall, Capitalism Nature Socialism
2006-10-31, IT execs eager to exploit Web 2, Shamus McGillicuddy, SearchCIO
2006-10-31, Is Web 2 just another technology, Carol Hildebrand, SearchCIO

Write On
2006-10-30, Unions in Cuba support Fidel Castro, Enrique Orta, Saturday Star
2006-10-30, When Castro falls unions will celebrate, Michael Schmidt, S Star
2006-10-30, Angry Mac fights back, Makhudu Sefara, City Press
2006-10-30, Makhosini Nkosi forced to quit Scorpions, Ngobeni, Mahlangu, S Times
2006-10-30, With Richard Calland in the SA parlours of power, Sunday Times
2006-10-30, Lebo, made in a free South Africa, Andrew Donaldson, Sunday Times

On The Lump
2006-10-28, The man in the middle of the storm, Vukani Mde, Maverick
2006-10-28, Job statistics hide crisis in building trade, George Stacey, B Report

What is the NDR?
2006-10-27, Saving Capitalism, Peter Bruce, Maverick
2006-10-27, CHI Seminar on SSN, November 10

Avoiding The Coup
2006-10-26, 1,000 Days of Popular Unity Rule, Teitelboim, 1977
2006-10-26, Not where you fell, where you slipped, Ranjeni Munusamy, M and G
2006-10-26, Scrambled Egg, HSF focus 43, Patrick Laurence
2006-10-26, YCLSA Nat Sec Buti Manamela on once-off credit amnesty
2006-10-26, New jobs unlikely to reduce poverty, Renee Grawitzky, B Rep

Bearing Witness
2006-10-25, COSATU a force to be reckoned with Richard Calland S Times
2006-10-25, MEC Firoz Cachalia to visit Heidelberg Police re Karan Beef strike
2006-10-25, Narrow Nationalist thinking, Devan Pillay Business Day
2006-10-25, COSATU condemns SABC disciplinary hearing
2006-10-25, SADTU supports YCL call for summit on school violence

2006-10-24, Questions for Jacob Zuma from Tony Hall
2006-10-24, A compulsive, sophisticated liar, Peter Bruce, Business Day
2006-10-24, Who is bringing SABC into disrepute, Rob Rose, Business Day
2006-10-24, Manuel should hold on to Vuyani Ngalwana, Rob Rose, B Day
2006-10-24, COSATU supports Sun International strikers
2006-10-24, CIVIL Society Coalition documents for HIV Congress Oct 27

Moving On
2006-10-23, COSATU 9th Congress Resolution on the NDR and Socialism
2006-10-23, Indifference to FDI, SA goes it alone, Thebe Mabanga, S Times
2006-10-23, Struggle English of revolutionary comrades, Jacob Dlamini, Weekender

Rumble In The Jungle
2006-10-21, Media are capitalist triggers, COSATU GS Zwelinzima Vavi, M and G
2006-10-21, SASCO ideological character revisited, Nyiko Floyd Shivambu
2006-10-21, COSAS Reaffirms support for founder Comrade Billy Masetlha
2006-10-21, Poverty only part of SA unemployment monster, Makgetla, B Day
2006-10-21, Recap or redesign, SA and Bogota, Colombia, Jeremy Cronin, B Day

Revolutionary Trip
2006-10-20, COSATU GS Zwelinzima Vavi, Input to Tourism Skills Indaba
2006-10-20, LOC solidarity with hotel workers, COSATU Media Release
2006-10-20, Aint gonna do Sun City, Vavi tells 2010 board, Smillie and Kalideen, Star
2006-10-20, Joint YCL, Afriforum statement from bilateral of 19 October 2006
2006-10-20, Speech by Solly Phetoe, COSATU NW Province, 14th October, Khutsong

Red Alert
2006-10-19, What is the NDR, Umsebenzi Online, Vol 5, No. 66, 18 Oct 2006
2006-10-19, US military sharpens focus on Africa, Mark Trevelyan, Reuters
2006-10-19, Zanu PF turns to Parliament over ZCTU, ZCTU Media Release
2006-10-19, CHRA mobilizing Harare residents to defend their rights
2006-10-19, SA, London YCL statements on suppression of Czech KSM

Spin Me A Winner
2006-10-17, SACP Extended Politburo Statement on Alliance developments
2006-10-17, SACP politburo backs GS, Karima Brown, Business Day
2006-10-17, SACP backs Blade but warns him, Moshoeshoe Monare, The Star

Two Sides Of The Same Coin
2006-10-15, Inside the SABC blacklist report, Ferial Haffejee, Mail and Guardian
2006-10-15, Schisms in tripartite alliance, according to Terry Bell, Business Report
2006-10-15, Action against TU repression in Korea, November 15th, COSATU
2006-10-15, COSATU condemns rise in lending rates, Media Release
2006-10-15, SABC blacklisting report, COSATU Media Release
2006-10-15, COSATU GS Z Vavi address to POPCRU bargaining Council

Keep It Political
2006-10-13, Some aspects of the southern question, Gramsci, 1926
2006-10-13, Alliance tries to limit fallout, Karima Brown, Business Day
2006-10-13, ANC claims wrong interpretation, ANC Press Release
2006-10-13, How Hezbollah Defeated Israel, Crooke and Perry, Counterpunch
2006-10-13, NPA out of order, Mervyn Bennun, Business Day
2006-10-13, The madness of Max du Preez, The Star

2006-10-12, Statement of Alliance Secretariat 11 October 2006
2006-10-12, Rift in Gauteng SACP over Mbeki award, Monare, The Star
2006-10-12, Snuki Zikalala and the Analyst Blacklist, Business Day
2006-10-12, e-Naledi V2 Number 10, 09 October 2006
2006-10-12, Cosatu, Mboweni closer on quotas, Mathabo le Roux, B Day

Ways Of Dialogue
2006-10-11, COSATU GS Z Vavi on meeting Reserve Bank Governor Mboweni
2006-10-11, Messages of support for SACP GS Blade Nzimande
2006-10-11, Operation red flag, Moshoeshoe Monare, The Star
2006-10-11, All eyes on the man from Inkandla, RW Johnson, Business Day
2006-10-11, Caviar comrades, electoral reform, Karima Brown, Business Day
2006-10-11, Peter Norman, Brother of the Fist, Dave Zirin, Counterpunch

Morogoro Not Forgotten
2006-10-10, Solidarity with striking workers, COSATU Media Statement
2006-10-10, On remarks of ANC President concerning SACP GS, COSATU
2006-10-10, Statement of the ANC NEC, ANC Press Release
2006-10-10, South African Communist Party KZN statement on ANC NEC
2006-10-10, YCL Statement on ANC personal attack on SACP GS, YCLSA

Illusion and Reality
2006-10-09, A job is a job when it can lift poverty, Kevin OGrady, Weekender
2006-10-09, Inequality still writ in black and white, Vukani Mde, Weekender
2006-10-09, No ambitions for highest office, Xundu and Malefane, Sunday Times
2006-10-09, Myths about Gandhi, C Mathey, Sunday Times
2006-10-09, Letters, SACP GS B Nzimande and Spokesperson M Maleka, C Press
2006-10-09, A tribute to Thozamile Gqwetha, COSATU G S Zwelinzima Vavi
2006-10-09, COSATU Media Release on City Press report

Organic Intellectuals
2006-10-07, Gramsci, Freire, Organic Intellectuals, McLaren and Fischman, 2005
2006-10-07, YCL calls on Afrikaner youth to be part of progressive youth
2006-10-07, Education International call for investment in teachers
2006-10-07, World Teachers Day must mean free education for all, YCL

Get It Together
2006-10-06, March to US Embassy for Cuban 5, ANC, SACP, PCP
2006-10-06, Free the Cuban 5 Leaflet, PDF download
2006-10-06, SACP Jhb Central Red Oct Launch 10h00 061008 Shoprite Hillbrow
2006-10-06, Swaziland Solidarity Network Pre-AGM Meeting 10h00 061012
2006-10-06, YCL calls on SABC Chief Mpofu to make censorship report public

Red October
2006-10-05, Umsebenzi Online, 4 Oct 2006, Transport Safe and Public
2006-10-05, SA roads shocking, Waldimar Pelser, Beeld and News24
2006-10-05, Portrait of Teresa, Cuban Film, Pta Thursday, Jhb Sunday
2006-10-05, SACP Yusuf Dadoo District, March at Merafong. Oct 6th 2006
2006-10-05, The Battle of Cable Street, James Tweedie, YCL London

Improve Your Word Power
2006-10-04, Boris at bay, Ros Taylor, Guardian

Legacy of Thozamile Gqwetha
2006-10-03, Thozamile Gqweta, COSATU tribute and funeral announcement
2006-10-03, Dont neglect the glue that holds us together, M Monare, The Star
2006-10-03, Government urged to heed ANC policy, Moshoeshoe Monare, Star
2006-10-03, Does Zuma popularity make him bad choice, Hamlyn, Business Report
2006-10-03, Zuma detractors moan in ivory towers, Cyril Madlala, Business Day

Hoity Toity
2006-10-02, Hoity-toity politicians rapped over knuckles, S Times and Sindy
2006-10-02, Everything comes up roses for top guns, Gwen Gill, Sunday Times
2006-10-02, Bench reserves judgment in Shaik appeal, Jeremy Gordin, Sindy
2006-10-02, Shoot the puppy, jump the shark, Barry Ronge, Sunday Times

True or False?
2006-10-01, False hope on jobs data , Kevin OGrady, Business Day Weekender
2006-10-01, Alleged tribalism in COSATU leadership election, Mde, B Day Weekender
2006-10-01, Suttner, Raymond, ANC as dominant organisation 061002

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