October 2005, Current

Known, Unknown
2005-10-31, SA Working Class and National Democratic Revolution
2005-10-31, OR invoked in battle for ANC, Msomi, City Press
2005-10-31, Plan to create oil giant fuels controversy, Bain, Stimes
2005-10-31, Joburg plan will destroy citys character, Greig, Sindy
2005-10-31, Gautrain tender was a charade, Khuzwayo, BRep

Tilley on IsraelPalestine
2005-10-30, Anti-Apartheid in Israel-Palestine, Tilley, Counterpunch
2005-10-30, Letters on Zuma, Mail and Guardian
2005-10-30, Where the DA stands on ANC rivalry, Leon, B Day

Politburo Sessions
2005-10-29, The Marxist Left Alliances by J R Balaguer
2005-10-29, Big 3 in your tank, Maduna, Ngqula, Nhleko, M and G
2005-10-29, Making way for Joburgs rebirth, Business Day
2005-10-29, NGOs, evictions, Ruth Muller, Letters, B Day
2005-10-29, Politburo, Fighting for the right to party, M and G

G8, Africa Nil
2005-10-28, Politics of organising, Langa Zita, Province Paper
2005-10-28, Wilma claims no lives on Cuba
2005-10-28, MDC, mediation and fighting, Muleya, B Day
2005-10-28, G8 Package for Africa - poison, Masuku, Shopsteward
2005-10-28, G8, Africa nil, Counterpunch

Solidarity, National and International
2005-10-27, Leys, C8, Contradictions of Neo-Colonialism
2005-10-27, Banks get R48bn forex break to grow in Africa, B Day
2005-10-27, Sasols fantastic import-parity pricing system, Crotty
2005-10-27, Zuma policy, Mbalula article, Brown-Mde, B Day
2005-10-27, Tsvangirai admits MDC crisis plus B Day editorial
2005-10-27, Malawi parliament suspended, B Day
2005-10-27, How to start and grow a solidarity movement

Jaw-Jaw better than War-War
2005-10-26, SACP Constitution
2005-10-26, Money is factor in ANC power play, Brown, BDay
2005-10-26, Harare has no Senate Candidates
2005-10-26, Tsvangirai disowns 27, Peta, Star
2005-10-26, A Nation Stands on Trial, P Cockburn, Counterpunch

2005-10-25, Sinister anti-Zuma e-mails stoke tensions, Bday
2005-10-25, Behind throne, pretender or businessman, Bday
2005-10-25, Zuma-Mbeki feud threatens agencies, B Day
2005-10-25, Cameron is no moderate, Guardian
2005-10-25, MDC Senate Press Release, MDC RSA DEC

Day of the Spooks
2005-10-24, Kasrils refutes NIA email interceptions
2005-10-24, Whose Justice Does Saddams Trial Serve, Counterpunch
2005-10-24, Britain botched Iran stand-off, Asia Times Online
2005-10-24, Russia to Launch Irans First Ever Satellite, MosNews
2005-10-24, Wa Bofelo, Gramsci, Biko, Hegemony, plus AA, BEE for elite

Intense Contestation
2005-10-23, Vavi to SADTU, Balance of Forces
2005-10-23, MDC Needs To Uphold Values, Principles and Constitution
2005-10-23, van Schalkwyk, Climate Change, ANC Today
2005-10-23, Evidence for disaster a scam, BDay

2005-10-22, COSATU - Jobs, poverty campaign hits KZN, Limpopo
2005-10-22, Poor see different side of boom, Makgetla, Bday
2005-10-22, Play the facts, not the man - letter in MandG
2005-10-22, ZCTU Jubilee Declaration
2005-10-22, Are we going to war with Iran, Guardian

Living History
2005-10-21, Lenin, Left-Wing Communism, Chapters 1, 2, 4, 6 and 7
2005-10-21, Zuma relives history, Mde, Business Day
2005-10-21, NEHAWU strike at the University of Limpopo
2005-10-21, Struggle for sustainable livelihoods, Umsebenzi 5-45
2005-10-21, MDC Crisis
2005-10-21, Cuba - A Nation Becoming a University, DuRand, MRZine

Struggle Continues
2005-10-20, Struggle for the soul of the ANC, Sparks, Star
2005-10-20, Staff Wanted signs may mean turnaround, Crotty, Brep
2005-10-20, SACP pleads for end to anti-Mbeki action, Star
2005-10-20, Necessity of ending the embargo by USA on Cuba
2005-10-20, Cuba Evacuating in Preparation for Wilma

Seize the Time
2005-10-19, Civil War in France, C5, Paris Commune
2005-10-19, ANC NWC, 17 Oct. Statement
2005-10-19, Halton Cheadle, Labour Law, Wolpe seminar paper
2005-10-19, Cheadle paper will refresh labour market debate, Joffe
2005-10-19, Tribal Monopoly Capitalism plus Maduna
2005-10-19, Sasol considered selling Natref to aid merger, Crotty

Rat Plan
2005-10-18, Tribunal smells a Rat Plan, Ann Crotty, plus two from BRep
2005-10-18, Sasol-Engen deal - 450 skilled workers on street, BDay
2005-10-18, Satawu on Public Transport Month
2005-10-18, Invitation, State of the Nation, SA 2005-6, HSRC, Jhb Nov 1
2005-10-18, Torture and Misery in the Name of Freedom, Pinter

Save the Alliance!
2005-10-17, Diary, October-November-December
2005-10-17, Textiles and China, Ronald Press
2005-10-17, Save the Alliance, Tony Hall

Tambo book review, plus South America
2005-10-16, Tambo, Macmillan review of Callinicos biography
2005-10-16, Summit backs Cuba against US, The Scotsman
2005-10-16, Survival and Existence in El Alto, Bolivia, Counterpunch
2005-10-16, Hugo Chavez and the Politics of Race, Counterpunch

Too Slow!
2005-10-15, Pitfalls of National Consciousness, Frantz Fanon, 1963
2005-10-15, 2005-2006 YCL Draft Programme, Kerk Street
2005-10-15, A titan that serves the people of SA, Thabo Mbeki, ANC Today
2005-10-15, SACP Welcomes passing of National Credit Bill
2005-10-15, APTUF relief fund for Pakistan earthquake victims

Incremental or Transformational Development?
2005-10-14, 1917, Lenin, State and Revolution C2 and 3, compilation
2005-10-14, Cabinet approves blueprint for 6 per cent growth by 2010, B Day
2005-10-14, IMF has lost its influence, Counterpunch
2005-10-14, Swazi workers academy (IRALE) is launched
2005-10-14, The catastrophe that walks like a man
2005-10-14, Blade Nzimande to Black Managers Forum

The State, here and elsewhere
2005-10-13, 1919, Lenin, The State
2005-10-13, With champions like Sasol, who needs enemies, Crotty
2005-10-13, Zuma wins 1st round, Scorpions fight for survival, BDay
2005-10-13, Zim Solidarity Forum 30 Oct, Minutes
2005-10-13, COSATU and Swazi FTU
2005-10-13, African TU call for action against China, 11 Oct 2005

YCL, URLs, ZCTU, Zuma &c.
2005-10-12, ZCTU leadership to appear in court
2005-10-12, State given four weeks to conclude Zuma probe
2005-10-12, SACP Statement on postponement of Zuma trial
2005-10-12, Invitation, IMF Presentation at DBSA Oct 12
2005-10-12, Cuba and Southern African Liberation, SOAS, London
2005-10-12, The War on Terror - A Translation

Strikes, Seminars, Enquiries
2005-10-11, Strike Reports, COSATU Labour News, 11 Oct 2005
2005-10-11, Madunas role in Sasol plus Natref, Lourens, B Day
2005-10-11, Sasol prepared state papers plus bedfellows, Crotty
2005-10-11, Gwede Mantashe, Wolpe Seminar, Labour Flexibility
2005-10-11, Scorpions, Should they stay or go, M and G
2005-10-11, PLAAS Post-Grad Programme 2005 Brochure

Strikes and Scorps
2005-10-10, CIA runs Scorpions, City Press
2005-10-10, Scorpions a security risk, Sunday Times
2005-10-10, Knives are out for the Scorpions, Sunday Independent

Blogging for Justice
2005-10-09, New Group blog on Transitional Justice
2005-10-09, Another Generous Offer from Sharon, Counterpunch

Development is class struggle. Serious!
2005-10-08, Economies demand tailored tactics, Makgetla, B. Day
2005-10-08, ANC Today on Employment, October 7
2005-10-08, Statement on launch of Red October Campaign
2005-10-08, Mabandla drops Scorpions bombshell, Business Day
2005-10-08, Housing Seminars at Wits

Tasks of the revolutionary proletariat
2005-10-07, April Theses, V. I. Lenin
2005-10-07, Lenin, State and Revolution, Chapter 1
2005-10-07, Smuts Ngonyama letter on ANC think tank, B Day

Moloketi ducks
2005-10-06, ANC moots policy think-tank to battle leftist allies
2005-10-06, The boys who cried anti-Semite, Sparks, Star
2005-10-06, SA Working Class and National Democratic Revolution

Revolutionary Democrats
2005-10-05, Being Jewish means being tolerant, Kasrils, Star
2005-10-05, DT letter on IMF in Business Day
2005-10-05, Notes on reading Lenins Two Tactics
2005-10-05, ICP CC Statement, Oct2, 2005
2005-10-05, Fight Hunger, Demand Food Security for All, SACP

Rort at the Fort
2005-10-04, Buti Manamela 2 Tactics Communist University flyer
2005-10-04, SACP District and Provincial meetings, October 2005
2005-10-04, Bruce on Kebble, Business Day
2005-10-04, Iraq Withdrawal Symptoms, Tom Engelhardt, extract
2005-10-04, Home Affairs Minister wants to meet Zim refugees etc

Distinctly African
2005-10-03, Early Egypt was a black civilisation, Asante, City Press
2005-10-03, Timbuktu, far away, far from forgotten, City Press
2005-10-03, Tragic if Zims MDC collapses, City Press
2005-10-03, Millions spent but Alex still a sad slum, Saturday Star
2005-10-03, Theories abound in the wake of roadside murder, Sindy

Voices, North & South
2005-10-02, Gringo go Home, Castillo - Dangl, Counterpunch

2005-10-01, Magnate named Zuma plotters on film, Gifford, Star
2005-10-01, Katrina Will Be Bushs Monica, Sheehan Interview

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