This is the daily circulation of the Communist University, dated for the day on which it is to be sent out. It includes documents received from different organisations, notices of events, study texts, and a selection of items from the press. Click on an item to read it. To see the covering messages that go along with these despatches, go to

The end of Mbeki
2007-11-30, The end of Mbeki, James Myburgh, Politicsweb
2007-11-30, We are not afraid, Buti Manamela, The Bottomline
2007-11-30, 2nd plenary session of the 12th SACP Congress CC
2007-11-30, GPG attempt to curtail MPL Jack Bloom's freedom of expression

Full Marx
2007-11-29, Communist University Draft Programme for 2008

Scorpion vs Scorpion
2007-11-28, Black Scorpions Revolt, Mandla Zulu, City Press
2007-11-28, Sexwale throws in lot with Zuma camp, Hajra Omarjee, Business Day
2007-11-28, No one can stop the working class, Norman Mokoena, COSATU

Dustbin of History
2007-11-27, Local Dual Power, Johannesburg Labour-Urban Federation
2007-11-27, Experiences of Johannesburg Operation Khanyisa Movement
2007-11-27, Foreign Land Ownership Report, Assessment and Conclusion
2007-11-27, CHI Seminar, Habib, Mantashe, Future Challenges of the ANC
2007-11-27, All that is solid melts into air around Mbeki, Karima Brown, B Day

Populism Falls Apart
2007-11-26, Challenge of Prison Abolition, Angela Davis interview
2007-11-26, I'm ready to rule, Zuma, Naidu, Mbhele, Mkhabela, S Times

Revolutionary Pluralism
2007-11-24, ANC NW Provincial General Council held on 23 November 2007
2007-11-24, COSATU hands Zuma its wish list, Musgrave and Omarjee, Weekender
2007-11-24, Genesis of Social Movements Indaba, Hlatshwayo, Wolpe Lecture, UKZN

2008 CU Draft Programme
2007-11-24, Communist University Draft Programme for 2008
2007-11-24, Coming to Terms with Diversity in Bolivia, Laura Carlsen, Counterpunch

COSATU Speaks!
2007-11-23, COSATU CEC statement, 22 November 2007
2007-11-23, COSATU CEC Comparison of policy with ANC, 22 November 2007
2007-11-23, Bloody Myth of Thanksgiving, Mike Ely, Counterpunch

Cities of Tomorrow
2007-11-22, Umsebenzi Online v6-21, Revolution on Trial 6, roll back colonial dominance

Imaginary Cities
2007-11-21, Local Dual Power, Johannesburg Labour-Urban Federation
2007-11-21, ANC grants old demon new life, Karima Brown, Business Day
2007-11-21, Circles of Power, Kenneth Couesbouc, Counterpunch
2007-11-21, Update on ANC nominations process, 20 November 2007

Straws in the Wind
2007-11-20, ANC Conference, Constitution, and NEC Report, 19 November 2007
2007-11-20, The Commonwealth and Democracy in Swaziland, Mackenzie Kinmond
2007-11-20, The Red Plug-in City, Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen, Chasing Waterfalls
2007-11-20, Another Look at W.E.B. DuBois, Heather Gray, Counterpunch

Mass Appeal
2007-11-19, Plug-in City Main page, with clickable index
2007-11-19, Plug-in City flyer page with link to MS-Word download
2007-11-19, Thabo Mbeki - A difficult man to love, Karima Brown, B Day Weekender
2007-11-19, Chavez Ally Jumps the Divider, Cicciarello-Maher, Counterpunch

Plug-in Revolution
2007-11-16, Organisation of Workers and Organisation of Revolutionaries, from WITB, Lenin, 1902
2007-11-16, Can TUs lead the struggle for socialism?, Wolpe lecture, Silumko Nondwangu, 2007
2007-11-16, Communist University, Plug-in City, draft flyer-mailer

Cloud of Unknowing
2007-11-15, Cloud of unknowing, Steven Friedman, Business Day
2007-11-15, Bogged down, bogus traditions, stale ideas, Sipho Seepe, B Day
2007-11-15, SA 1994 settlement on trial with Zuma, Karima Brown, B Day
2007-11-15, Zuma charm offensive at the JSE, Wilson Johwa, B Day
2007-11-15, Double standards, Chris McGreal, The Guardian

I Should Apologise?
2007-11-14, The value of ideas, the summit debate, Fidel Castro Ruz
2007-11-14, I should apologise, Linda Grant, Comment is free, Guardian

Not Neutral
2007-11-13, The Prince, Machiavelli, 1512
2007-11-13, Staring at sad SA human face, Anthony Butler, Business Day

Judiciary Fishery
2007-11-09, Statement by Michael Hulley, attorney for Jacob Zuma
2007-11-09, SACP re Judgement of Supreme Court of Appeal on JZ matters
2007-11-09, COSATU response to SCA judgement in Zuma-linked cases
2007-11-09, YCL reaction to Supreme Court of Appeal ruling in JZ-linked cases
2007-11-09, COSATU reaction to formation of SACOTU

Nothing Wrong With Dual Power
2007-11-08, Dual power - The living legacy of the Great October Revolution, Red Alert, SACP
2007-11-08, Venezuelan Communist Jeronimo Carrera interviewed in Morning Star
2007-11-08, We can’t go on like this - Together, Let us make sure things change, SACP
2007-11-08, The revolution is on trial 5, Nzimande speech to SADTU NGC
2007-11-08, COSATU GS Z Vavi to the SADTU NGC, 7 November 2007

Compromesso Storico, No, Thanks!
2007-11-07, What Is To Be Done, Lenin, 1902
2007-11-07, Political Programme and MTV, SACP, 2002
2007-11-07, Another funds scandal rocks SACP, Terry Bell, The Star
2007-11-07, Mbeki admits he is still AIDS dissident, Chris McGreal, The Guardian

High Level
2007-11-05, Public service not equipped for development, Ben Turok, S Times
2007-11-05, Traditional leaders back extra taxes, Wonder Hlongwa, City Press
2007-11-05, Political Resolution of CPI 19th All-India Congress, abridged

2007-11-05, Handed the holy standards by Tambo, Xolela Mangcu, Weekender
2007-11-05, Walter Sisulu warned of Vavi, says Lekota, Msomi, City Press
2007-11-05, Vavi, Lekota spar verbally again, Msomi, City Press
2007-11-05, SACP R500K donation probe dividing COSATU, Kgosana, City Press
2007-11-05, SACP statement on the public spats by Alliance leaders
2007-11-05, YCL NWC Statement, ANC National Conference - Cuba - Matatiele

Media Frenzy
2007-11-05, Mbeki men in R7bn bid to own S Times, Naidu and Piliso, S Times
2007-11-05, Media law not a bid to gag press, Wyndham Hartley, Weekender
2007-11-05, Media reporting on Mbeki malicious, Sapa, City Press

Umsebenzi Online At Last
2007-11-03, The Revolution Is On Trial Part 4 - Defend the values of the NLM
2007-11-03, SACP demands to Government of Hungary

Human Development
2007-11-02, Should we Giya for GEAR, Nyiko Floyd Shivambu
2007-11-02, NEHAWU on MTBPS
2007-11-02, Peoples Budget Campaign on MTBPS
2007-11-02, Anthropology Weaponised, David Price, Counterpunch

Polokwane Is Now
2007-11-01, Mvela to buy Johncom stake, Thom McLachlan, Business Day
2007-11-01, Mvela CEO promises editorial independence, Business Day
2007-11-01, A narrow escape from the state, The Insider, Business Day
2007-11-01, Testing old modes of battle in the ANC, Steven Friedman, B Day
2007-11-01, Malawian facing fraud charges in RSA, Nyasa Times

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