This is the daily circulation of the Communist University, dated for the day on which it is to be sent out. It includes documents received from different organisations, notices of events, study texts, and a selection of items from the press. Click on an item to read it. To see the covering message that goes with these despatches, go to

Deliberate Victory Over Imperialism
2006-11-30, Message from Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz
2006-11-30, Nascent Trend Of Imperialist Economism, Lenin, 1916

Advice Of Two Good Women
2006-11-29, Zelikow - What does he know, Helena Cobban, Just World News
2006-11-29, We Must Do What, Karen Kwiatkowski, Lew Rockwell dot com

Many A Mickle Makes A Muckle
2006-11-28, Ecuadorian Farmers, Indigenous Support Correa, Prensa Latina
2006-11-28, Correa hails victory for the left in Ecuador, Daniel Howden, Independent
2006-11-28, Dominique de Villepin, Wits Great Hall, 09h00 Friday 1 Dec 2006
2006-11-28, Marxism Day, Keep Left etc, 10h00 Saturday 2 Dec 2006

Fifty Thousand Communists
2006-11-27, SACP, Statement of the Augmented Central Committee
2006-11-27, Cosatu power struggles intensify, Sthembiso Msomi, City Press
2006-11-27, The spy who wants to topple Selebi, Makhudu Sefara, City Press
2006-11-27, Gautrain gravy, wa Ngobeni, Mahalagu and Lubisi, Sunday Times
2006-11-27, Cosatu slams Gautrain fat cats, Fin24
2006-11-27, Vavi fumes over Aussie 2010 hijack, Timothy Molobi, City Press

Agents Provocateurs
2006-11-24, Adventurism, Insurrection, compilation, Lenin, 1902, 1917,
2006-11-24, SACP Contribution, Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties, Portugal
2006-11-24, Knives out for Madisha, Moshoeshoe Monare, The Star

Open World
2006-11-23, COSATU CEC Press Conference, 11h00 today
2006-11-23, SACP to hold Augmented Central Committee meeting
2006-11-23, YCL calls for resignation of SABC Chief Dali Mpofu
2006-11-23, R123 000 to boost Mpofu, News24

Permanent Revolution
2006-11-22, International Communist and Workers Parties on Swaziland
2006-11-22, Karl Marx, Address to CC of Communist League, March 1850

Negative And Positive
2006-11-21, We will kill you, too - International Solidarity Movement
2006-11-21, COSATU GS Z Vavi, Input to Red October Transport Campaign
2006-11-21, The life and soul of the party, Sthembiso Msomi, City Press
2006-11-21, Anti-communism of Khathu Mamaila in City Press

2006-11-20, ANC NEC supports Jackie Selebi, Mapiloko and Sefara, City Press
2006-11-20, Why I had to expose Selebi, Mapiloko and Sefara, City Press
2006-11-20, Masetlha subpoenas Mbeki and Kasrils, Sonia Molema, City Press
2006-11-20, Swaziland to go to World Court for SA land, Sithole, City Press
2006-11-20, We are not stupid - Vavi, Sthembiso Msomi, City Press

Symbionese Liberation Army
2006-11-19, Three witnesses gone including triggerman, Badat and Ajam, Star
2006-11-19, Shaik makes final bid to clear his name, Mde and Brown, Weekender
2006-11-19, Western Sahara Invitation 09h00 November 30th
2006-11-19, Western Sahara Programme 09h00 November 30th

Use All The Weapons
2006-11-17, The Struggle for Democracy, Issa Shivji, 2003
2006-11-17, Anti-Cuba Terrorist Gets Only 4 Years, Gloria La Riva, Counterpunch
2006-11-17, Zim Freedom Festival, Johannesburg, Saturday 9 December
2006-11-17, SACP Jhb Central Branch Schedule, 2006-2007

Lumumba, Guevara, Cuito Cuanavale, Not Forgotten
2006-11-16, Anti-Imperialist Front, Umsebenzi Online, 15 Nov 2006
2006-11-16, SACP statement on 8 November 2006 UN resolution on Cuba
2006-11-16, Democracy funds for Game Boys, Richard Luscombe, Guardian
2006-11-16, Latin America preparing to settle accounts, Richard Gott, Guardian

Real Crimes And Word Games
2006-11-15, A silent crime in the mines, Frans Baleni, Mail and Guardian
2006-11-15, When courts parrot common knowledge, Karima Brown, B Day
2006-11-15, An overall corrupt relationship, Political Bureau, The Star
2006-11-15, SAJR, Kasrils responds, 13 Nov 06
2006-11-15, Al-Qaida plotting nuclear attack on UK, Vikram Dodd, The Guardian

Overall Symbiosis
2006-11-14, Storm in a teacup says Downer, Wendy da Costa, The Star
2006-11-14, COSATU calls for appeal judges heads, Brown and Mde, Business Day
2006-11-14, Oppenheimers dump Anglo, Julie Bain, Sunday Times
2006-11-14, Unions to fight De Beers layoffs, Amy Musgrave, Business Day
2006-11-14, Beit Hanoun - call it massacre, Uri Avnery, Counterpunch
2006-11-14, Dissent from Balfour Declaration, Lord Montague, 1917, Counterpunch

Succession More Than You Thought
2006-11-13, ANC chief whip innuendoed, Mpumelelo Mkhabela, City Press
2006-11-13, Exploding diary in boot of car - not, by 3 new journalists, S Times
2006-11-13, Snow job on Squires by new Liz Clarke, Sunday Independent
2006-11-13, Revolutionary morality, legal guilt, Jeremy Gordin, Sunday Independent
2006-11-13, YCL discussion document on Organisation Building

Shaik Judge Wobbles
2006-11-12, Mixed Signals, Judge Hilary Squires, letter, Weekender
2006-11-12, Appeal court errs in Shaik judgment, Brown and Mde, Weekender
2006-11-12, Mushwana letting ANC petticoat show, Kevin OGrady, Weekender
2006-11-12, Scorpion smear on Ramatlhodi, Matuma Letsoalo, Mail and Guardian
2006-11-12, Moment of decisiveness, Mario Masuku, PUDEMO
2006-11-12, YCL discussion document on Gender

Negation Of The Negation, Or Not?
2006-11-11, YCL discussion document on Strategy and Tactics
2006-11-11, SSN-CHI - PUDEMO document launch success

Workers Of The World, Unite!
2006-11-10, To a new and democratic Swaziland, PUDEMO Discussion Document
2006-11-10, SACP, international meeting of Communist and Workers Parties

Another Take
2006-11-09, Ramatlhodi accuses Scorpions, Moshoeshoe Monare, The Star
2006-11-09, Farm workers killed in Limpopo, COSATU Media Release
2006-11-09, COSATU condemns latest Israeli atrocity, COSATU Media Release

2006-11-08, Supreme Court of Appeal Shaik Judgment, 6 Nov 2006
2006-11-08, Sentencing of maximum concern, ODonovan and Redpath, B Day
2006-11-08, Ngoako Ramatlhodi and the Scorpions, COSATU Media Release
2006-11-08, SACP statement on De Beers Mines planned retrenchments

Capitalist Road
2006-11-07, Public transport is unsafe and unreliable, Sibusiso Gumede, The Star
2006-11-07, SA communist leader condemns U.S. blockade, Peoples Daily
2006-11-07, COSATU on Schabir Shaik appeal court decision
2006-11-07, YCLSA on Schabir Shaik appeal court decision

Walking Wounded, Iron Heel
2006-11-06, Vavi slams Scorpions raid on Ramatlhodi, Xolani Xundu, Sunday Times
2006-11-06, Ngoako Ramatlhodi gets Scorpioned, Makhudu Sefara, City Press
2006-11-06, A year later, Rashid nowhere to be seen, Juggie Naran, Tribune
2006-11-06, The Lovable Man, Uri Avnery, Counterpunch
2006-11-06, Empire of Liberty, Ryan McMaken, Lew Rockwell

Simply The Best
2006-11-05, YCL rejects falsification of P W Bothas role in history, YCLSA
2006-11-05, PW deserves no honour, Vukani Mde, B Day Weekender
2006-11-05, Ramatlhodi strikes, Mde, Brown and Musgrave, B Day Weekender
2006-11-05, COSATU to Mdladlana, Amy Musgrave, Business Day
2006-11-05, Army of the unemployable, Neva Makgetla, Business Day
2006-11-05, Lose-lose tyranny of King Cotton, Joseph Stiglitz, Business Day
2006-11-05, IEC, Brigalia Bam, and Lotto, Rhoda Kadalie, Business Day
2006-11-05, Political science, Andrew Kenny, Business Day

Downsizing Human Ambition
2006-11-03, Putting the human back into humanism, Frank Furedi, Spiked
2006-11-03, Barking dogs, building bridges, contra de Soto, Royston, 2004
2006-11-03, P W Botha, COSATU Media Release
2006-11-03, I understand you Dali, Renee Bonorchis, Business Day

Nzimande, Netshitenzhe, Manamela, Mbalula
2006-11-02, Cuban Revolution, SA NDR, Umsebenzi Online, Vol 5, No. 67, 1 Nov 2006
2006-11-02, Simple Things, Bottom Line, YCLSA, Issue 3, Vol 15, 1 November 2006
2006-11-02, The NDR, soul of revolutionary struggle, Fikile Mbalula, Hlomelang

Stool Pigeon
2006-11-01, If SA is to have any faith in police, Karima Brown, Business Day
2006-11-01, Theory of the Transition, COSATU, Feb 2002

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