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Movement Business
2005-11-30, 1880, Engels, Socialism, Utopian and Scientific
2005-11-30, 18h00, Friends of JZ meet, Booysens Hotel
2005-11-30, Alliance in the Western Cape, SACP
2005-11-30, COSATU on federation of Fedusa, Nactu and Consawu

Frank Spinatra
2005-11-29, Statement of SACP Augmented CC, Nov 25 to 27, 2005
2005-11-29, COSATU GS meets fishermen 25 Nov 2005
2005-11-29, SA youth call on government to cut ties with Swaziland
2005-11-29, Peoples Budget Campaign, Consultative, Nov 28, 29
2005-11-29, SACP keeps its distance from beleaguered Zuma, Star
2005-11-29, Crunch week for Zuma, Mde, Business Day

Turkey Time
2005-11-28, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka Manifesto, Sunday Times
2005-11-28, ANC Incorporated takes over, Msomi, City Press
2005-11-28, SACP at the crossroads, ka Nkosi, Sunday Times
2005-11-28, Sunday Times coverage of SACP, ANC, COSATU
2005-11-28, Gautrain, slow down, think through, Cronin, S Times
2005-11-28, Nepal Pact, Gary Leupp, Counterpunch
2005-11-28, Youth Consultative on Swaziland, 10h00, 28 Nov

Trahison des clercs
2005-11-26, Myths of Entrepreneurship
2005-11-26, Zuma, the Scorpions, and the Developmental State, Devan Pillay
2005-11-26, Deeper ANC rot, Brown, Mde, Media prejudge Zuma, Mde, B Day
2005-11-26, SADTU NGC day 1
2005-11-26, The Felling of the Goliath, Ingmar Lee, Counterpunch

Heart of the Matter
2005-11-25, 1939, Mao, Chinese Revolution and Party
2005-11-25, COSATU CEC statement, 24th November 2005
2005-11-25, Cholesterol Myth, Kendrick, Spiked
2005-11-25, SACP Dadoo District welcomes Merafong hearings
2005-11-25, Tear-off Communist University poster

2005-11-24, 1913, Lenin, 3 Sources and 3 Component Parts of Marxism
2005-11-24, Al-Qaeda Myth, Nimmo
2005-11-24, COSATU, SACC, TAC statement, Nov 23, 2005
2005-11-24, Nov 29, 30, ALARM Conference, somewhere in Johannesburg
2005-11-24, SACP to hold Augmented Central Committee

Square One
2005-11-23, 1867, Marx, Capital, Volume1, 01, Commodities and Money, parts 1, 2 and 4
2005-11-23, South Africa, Israel-Palestine, Ron Press
2005-11-23, Joint COSATU, TAC, SACC HIV-AIDS media conference
2005-11-23, The African Communist 169, 2005, Contents
2005-11-23, Zuma is a victim of dirty tricks, Jon Qwelane, News24

ANC Lives! ANC Leads!
2005-11-22, Marx, Engels, Manifesto, Socialist and Communist Literature
2005-11-22, ANC NEC Statement, 21 November
2005-11-22, Nov 25, Invitation to Gauteng Propellor Public Hearing
2005-11-22, Nov 29, 17h00, Jala Tsebo Seminar, Peace and Solidarity
2005-11-22, Communist University of London 2006

Careless Whispers
2005-11-21, Marx, Engels, Manifesto, Proletarians and Communists
2005-11-21, Exchange of messages with Mazibuko Jara
2005-11-21, Hogarth features Mazibuko Jara, Sunday Times
2005-11-21, William Gumede features Mazibuko Jara

Web of Intrigue
2005-11-20, Marx, Engels, Manifesto, Bourgeois and Proletarians
2005-11-20, ANC spins web, boils cauldron, Carter, Adams
2005-11-20, House design, grass roots up, SHIFT, Nov 24
2005-11-20, Even Utopia has its troubles, Saturday Star

Popular Front
2005-11-19, Not Yet United for Peace, Counterpunch
2005-11-19, Top-down governance, Business Day editorial
2005-11-19, Felasophy, Chimurenga No 8
2005-11-19, Jobs, Correctional Services, Internships
2005-11-19, COSATU Central Executive Committee 21-23 Nov

Revolutionary Culture
2005-11-18, 1885, Engels, History of the Communist League
2005-11-18, The trouble with television, Guardian
2005-11-18, Xarra Books, Upcoming Events
2005-11-18, ZCTU Position on Senate Elections
2005-11-18, COSATU, Devils advocates are hard at work

Frankness and Unity
2005-11-17, 1967, Le Duan, Political and Military Forces in Revolutionary War
2005-11-17, The state, leadership of democratic revolution and people, Nzimande
2005-11-17, SA needs Mbeki to be strong, Sparks, Star
2005-11-17, SACP Yusuf Dadoo District on Demarcation Bill
2005-11-17, 28th November YCL Swaziland Consultative Conference
2005-11-17, Joint SACP-COSATU statement on Gauteng violence
2005-11-17, ANC National Working Committee Statement, 14th November

Class Act
2005-11-16, 1865, Marx, Value, Price and Profit, parts 6 to 10
2005-11-16, US used chemical weapons in Iraq, Monbiot, Guardian
2005-11-16, Riots are a class act, Gary Younge, Guardian
2005-11-16, SACP, COSATU, and Pres Mbeki on violence
2005-11-16, SACP and Jacob Zuma, Mazibuko Jara

Permanent Revolution
2005-11-15, 1850, Marx, March Address to CC of Communist League
2005-11-15, Cheche Selepe on Bofelo, Cronin, Moloantoa, Papo etc.
2005-11-15, SACP on rape allegations against ANC Dep Pres Zuma
2005-11-15, Zuma reports, B Day and Star, Monday
2005-11-15, Swapo bodies were burnt, buried in mass graves, Star
2005-11-15, COSATU statement on the Sunday Times

Dirty Tricks
2005-11-14, Jacob Zuma hit by dirty tricks S Indy
2005-11-14, Sunday Times Zuma rape claim
2005-11-14, Maduna, Ngcuka lashed by Yengeni court, S Indy and Star
2005-11-14, Manne and Nicky

2005-11-13, Guerilla Warfare, V I Lenin, 1906
2005-11-13, All quiet on the Western Sahara front, Guardian
2005-11-13, Cuban Scientist Offended by US Denial of Visa, AP

Pierce de Veil
2005-11-12, Saunders, 1988, Making of SA Past, C16 and C17
2005-11-12, Piercing the veil over diamonds and gold, Letters, B Day
2005-11-12, NUM on Anglo De Beers BEE deal
2005-11-12, CIA and FBI Plan to Assassinate Hugo Chavez, Nimmo

Wild West Cape and Gauteng burning
2005-11-11, Clausewitz On War
2005-11-11, Cuba on Blockade and the Five, Prensa Latina
2005-11-11, Gun-firing ANC politico disciplined, apologises, B Day
2005-11-11, Gautrain white elephant, Business Day
2005-11-11, SASOL - U can turn if U want to, Crotty, Lourens
2005-11-11, R200m Train Torching and movement comments

2005-11-10, Popular Unity in Chile, 1,000 Days and finish
2005-11-10, Big BEE for Dipico, Carolus, Orlyn and others
2005-11-10, Gautrain Blues, parliament, letters
2005-11-10, Scorpions want to run and hide
2005-11-10, Why SA needs a strong ANC, Butler, Business Day

Mr Danger
2005-11-09, 1884, Engels, Origin of Family, Private Property and State
2005-11-09, The Origins of Mr. Danger
2005-11-09, SACP on Cape Town police action against ANC members, and on KZN Land Expropriation
2005-11-09, Crony capitalism, or what, Star
2005-11-09, Gautrain to miss World Cup, Business Day
2005-11-09, From COSATU re arrest of ZCTU leadership

Forty Rand a Ride
2005-11-08, NALEDI newsletter, Vol 2 No 6 November 2005
2005-11-08, Flu vaccines, James Tweedie, London
2005-11-08, The Indonesia Mass Killings after 40 years
2005-11-08, Gautrain Blues, Business Day
2005-11-08, Zuma Showing Shortly, Star, Business Day

2005-11-07, MTBPS according to Peoples Budget
2005-11-07, Violence sweeps France
2005-11-07, Left packs ANC nomination lists
2005-11-07, Khutsong residents continue protests
2005-11-07, MDC Splits

Art for Our Sake
2005-11-06, Vavi speeches, PAWE-MUSA, Vuyisile Mini and SACTU
2005-11-06, Talking to the Ancestors, Suttner, Wolpe Lecture 2005
2005-11-06, Beat the white with the red wedge, El Lissitzky, 1919
2005-11-06, Zuma - did Scorpion raids fail, Saturday Star
2005-11-06, SACP on demarcation of Merafong

Popular Power
2005-11-05, Cronin, The People Shall Govern
2005-11-05, Bosses salaries, Mail and Guardian
2005-11-05, State blind to plight of SAs liberators
2005-11-05, Zuma fireworks compilation
2005-11-05, Quibbling over stats blurs focus on plight of poor

Plus ca Change
2005-11-04, Ancient Class Struggle, dialogue on de Ste Croix
2005-11-04, COSATU, Zuma, Charges, by Notyhawa, Gordin
2005-11-04, Vavi, Mantashe on Trade and Tarriffs
2005-11-04, Corruption worries Nzimande, Monare, Star
2005-11-04, Gautrain on track say MEC, Loliwe claim dismissed

From Education to Mobilisation
2005-11-03, Nkrumah, African Socialism Revisited
2005-11-03, Capitalism and Values of NDR, Nzimande, Umsebenzi
2005-11-03, Fierce rivalries, Crotty, Business Report
2005-11-03, Hasta Siempre - con Fidel o sin Fidel
2005-11-03, COSATUs 20th Anniversary Celebration

Food for Thought
2005-11-02, MDC crisis deepens, Muleya, Business Day
2005-11-02, Oil for Food My Foot, Kurt Nimmo
2005-11-02, Why Mehlis was picked, xymphora
2005-11-02, The Real Reason for Nuking Iran, Antiwar
2005-11-02, SATAWU mourns death of driver

Getting Warmer
2005-11-01, Waiting for the barbarians, Mde and Brown, BDay
2005-11-01, Works programmes not way out of poverty, BDay
2005-11-01, SAs burden, Business Day Letters

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