This is the daily circulation of the Communist University, dated for the day on which it is to be sent out. It includes documents received from different organisations, notices of events, study texts, and a selection of items from the press. Click on an item to read it. To see the covering message that goes with these despatches, go to

2006-05-31, Pitfalls of National Consciousness, Frantz Fanon, 1963
2006-05-31, Acclamation of Zim Solidarity by 130 at Devonshire Hotel 17 May 06

Leadership, Strategy
2006-05-30, COSATU GS Z Vavi, farewell address to outgoing NUM GS Gwede Mantashe
2006-05-30, COSATU strategy for Jobs and Poverty Campaign, 29 May 2006
2006-05-30, National Union of Mineworkers, Press Release, 28 May 2006
2006-05-30, Statement of the ANC National Executive Committee, 29 May 2006

Far Out
2006-05-29, How many must die before Mdladlana speaks, Edwin Naidu, Sindy
2006-05-29, God Has Sex, Makes Big Box Office, Susan Block, Counterpunch
2006-05-29, Allen Ginsberg, Silly Liberal, Lenni Brenner, Counterpunch
2006-05-29, Understanding Peoples Power Seminar, Con Hill, 30 May 17h00

No Talisman
2006-05-28, Stalinism and Bolshevism, Trotsky, 1937
2006-05-28, The State, Lenin, 1919

2006-05-27, Swazi Labour Academy Manual and POA, Bongani Masuku
2006-05-27, Swazi Labour Academy Manual and Cover

No Drum Majorettes
2006-05-26, African Socialism Revisited, Nkrumah, 1967
2006-05-26, COSATU CEC Media statement 25 May 2006
2006-05-26, SACP GS Nzimande, Options of working class relationship to state power
2006-05-26, Deputy President Jacob Zuma to NUM Congress 24 May 2006
2006-05-26, YCL Youth Month and 84th Anniversary Rally Khutsong 10h00 May 27

Silver Lining
2006-05-25, Silver Lining, editorial on SACP discussion document, Business Day
2006-05-25, ANC not in crisis, Zuma at NUM 12th Congress, News24
2006-05-25, YCL input post Jacob Zuma rape trial, Castro Ngobese
2006-05-25, Global economy, apartheid plan, and Swazi economy, Masuku
2006-05-25, Theatre of the absurd, Liberty Holdings, Ann Crotty, Business Report

Burning Questions
2006-05-24, 1902, Lenin, What Is To Be Done
2006-05-24, Report of Havana Marxist Conference, Thando Tshangela
2006-05-24, How Bush Brewed the Iran Crisis, PCR, Counterpunch
2006-05-24, Pensioners hit with batons and pepper spray, The Star
2006-05-24, ANC Gauteng campaign to revive branches, Makhura, Papo

Thank God For Communists
2006-05-23, Thank God for communists, Jon Qwelane, News24
2006-05-23, SACP blames powerful presidency for ANC ills, Brown, Mde, B Day
2006-05-23, Tribalism a red herring to a leadership contest, Lekorotsoana, NUM
2006-05-23, Myth and African renaissance, Mike Berger, Letters, Business Day
2006-05-23, What About the Marshall Plan, Bill Blum, Counterpunch
2006-05-23, The Massacre of Cassinga, Piero Gleijeses

A Week Is A Long Time In Politics
2006-05-22, SACP CC 19 and 20 May 2006 Press Statement
2006-05-22, COSATU CEC meeting, 22 to 24 May 2006
2006-05-22, SABC cans Mbeki film, Japhet Ncube, City Press
2006-05-22, SAPS ready to absorb the Scorpions, Mkhabela, City Press
2006-05-22, Launch of Gauteng ANC Imvuselelo Campaign, Hope Papo
2006-05-22, Zionist rain of death on Sudan, Xymphora

For the Record
2006-05-21, SACP Jhb Central Draft Minutes 23 Apr and Agenda 21 May 2006
2006-05-21, SACP GS to COSATU General Strike, 18 May 2006
2006-05-21, COSATU one day strike hits mines sector hard, Business Day
2006-05-21, Striker orgy of destruction will exhaust goodwill, Terry Bell, B Rep
2006-05-21, Mzi Khumalo in new BEE share sale dwang, Business Day
2006-05-21, Chavez Takes London, Counterpunch

Solidarity Forever
2006-05-20, CEPPWAWU proposes solidarity action with SATAWU
2006-05-20, US Steelworkers in mutual support and action with SA TU, CEPPWAWU
2006-05-20, Jubilee South Africa collapse, George Dor and MP Giyose

Campaigns and Patronising Projects
2006-05-19, COSATU Jobs and Poverty Campaign General Strike 18 May 2006
2006-05-19, Three Sources & Three Component parts of Marxism, Lenin, 1913
2006-05-19, Peter Dwyer and the Right to Work campaign
2006-05-19, The original Right to Work campaign, from Denver Walker
2006-05-19, Fidel refutes Forbes
2006-05-19, Black Reflection 13 June 2006

General Strike, State Power
2006-05-18, Bua Komanisi V5 No 1, Special Edition on State Power
2006-05-18, Umsebenzi Online, V5, No. 56, 17 May, General Strike, State Power with PDF
2006-05-18, COSATU Weekly General Strike Special 17 May 2006
2006-05-18,AIDC Right to Work campaign anti ANC and COSATU

World Class, Part One
2006-05-17, The Mass Strike compilation, C1, 4 and 8, Luxemburg, 1906
2006-05-17, SACP, COSATU National Stayaway Flyer for 18 May 2006
2006-05-17, 40 held after Cape Town rampage, News24
2006-05-17, Joint Statement of CEPPWAWU and USW

World Class, Part Two
2006-05-17, Denied Disneyworld for taking the Mickey, Shelley Banjo, The Star
2006-05-17, Chavez ridicules Washington weapons ban, Business Day
2006-05-17, Only special ANC indaba will end politics of smear, Brown, B Day
2006-05-17, Bash government and flourish, Sandile Memela, Business Day

2006-05-16, COSATU General Strike, Jobs and Poverty Campaign, 18 May 2006
2006-05-16, ANC NEC, Full Resumption of Duties by ANC Dep Pres Zuma
2006-05-16, SACP statement on the article in Business Day of 15 May 2006
2006-05-16, SACP set to grill Kasrils on role in Zuma trial, Business Day
2006-05-16, Zuma was a victim of conspiracy, Jon Qwelane, News24
2006-05-16, Meeting, Future of Workers Library and Newtown, 14h00 May 19

Class Confirmed
2006-05-15, Class Dismissed, Valerie S-DA, Peter Mclaren
2006-05-15, Leave private life out of this, David Masondo, Sunday Times
2006-05-15, State and intellectuals in lethal dance, Robert Greig, Sindy
2006-05-15, NGOs and the Imperial Uses of Philanthropy, Counterpunch
2006-05-15, The Indian Road, red panchayats, dual power, Counterpunch

Procedure, Plot, Looting, and Critical Pedagogy
2006-05-14, Ngcuka uses lies and deception, ANCYL, News24
2006-05-14, President Ahmadinejad of Iran, letter to Bush, Asia Times
2006-05-14, Travelling Critique, Peter McLaren, Paulo Freire Institute
2006-05-14, SACP Constitution
2006-05-14, Procedure of Meetings, Rules of Debate, Hannington, 1950

Cease Fire on the Cities
2006-05-13, Democratic institutions on a firm footing, ANC Today
2006-05-13, Bolivia targets land for nationalisation, Business Day
2006-05-13, Mike Davis, Green Zones and Slum Cities, Pt 2, Tomdispatch
2006-05-13, Hamas and Israeli Right to Exist, Tilley, Counterpunch
2006-05-13, Welcoming President Hugo Chavez To London, Ken Livingstone
2006-05-13, Cease Fire Annual General Meeting 23 May 2006

Proletarians and Bourgeois
2006-05-12, Communist Manifesto Pt 1, Bourgeois and Proletarians, Karl Marx
2006-05-12, COSATU GS Z Vavi, Role of Government, input to CHAMSA
2006-05-12, COSATU memorandum on WTO handed to US Embassy
2006-05-12, SAMWU Johannesburg Strike Statement
2006-05-12, ANCYL wants Zuma for president, News24

Comrade Wolf
2006-05-11, Putin hits out at Comrade Wolf in Washington, The Guardian
2006-05-11, Jobs and Poverty Campaign 11 May 2006, COSATU Media alert
2006-05-11, SATAWU rejects Employers conditions
2006-05-11, When the wheel of fortune turns, Brown and Mde, Business Day
2006-05-11, TAC statement on verdict in Jacob Zuma trial
2006-05-11, SACP, COSATU, ANC, tributes to Jimmy Seepe

2006-05-10, The Prince, Machiavelli, 1512
2006-05-10, Sappi workers demonstrate at Boston, USA HQ, USW
2006-05-10, NUMSA pickets pave way for general strike next week
2006-05-10, Not black and white at Native Club, Prof Sipho Seepe, B Day
2006-05-10, Raymond Suttner, Sacred Word, Business Day
2006-05-10, SACP and COSATU Statements on Zuma apology

Verdict: Not Guilty!
2006-05-09, Alliance on judgment, ANC Deputy President Jacob Zuma case
2006-05-09, YCL statement on the ANC Deputy President rape trial verdict
2006-05-09, The plot to get Zuma, Jon Qwelane, News24
2006-05-09, United Steelworkers rally to demand justice at SAPPI USA
2006-05-09, South Africa today according to Dr Dale T McKinley

Sic Transit
2006-05-08, SACP may stick oar into ANC succession race, Sunday Times
2006-05-08, Tony Hall on the Debaters
2006-05-08, Security employers dig in their heels, Irene Louw, City Press
2006-05-08, Empowerment venture kicks off, Siyabulela Qoza, City Press

No Holds Barred
2006-05-07, Swaziland, No Holds Barred, Mswati Heresy, Gondo Gushongo
2006-05-07, US Descent Into Hell Has Begun, Tony Swindell, Counterpunch
2006-05-07, Defying the defiance campaign, YCL and ASGISA, Floyd Shivambu
2006-05-07, Block Zuma for politico-economic stability, Tony Holiday, Cape Times
2006-05-07, Cronin, The People Shall Govern, Transformation and State

Women For War
2006-05-06, British Foreign Secretary Straw replaced, The Guardian
2006-05-06, Star misleading headline, COSATU GS Zwelinzima Vavi
2006-05-06, Update on SATAWU
2006-05-06, POPCRU calls for police restraint in security guards dispute
2006-05-06, Ngcuka heads first major BEE Property Charter deal, B Day
2006-05-06, Constitution, national social compact, Thabo Mbeki, ANC Today

CU in Cuba!
2006-05-05, Umsebenzi Online, Vol 5, No. 55, May Day and reconciliation in democratic South Africa
2006-05-05, Rant misrepresents SACP, Malesela Maleka, Business Day
2006-05-05, Fundraising concert in aid of Jacob Zuma
2006-05-05, CSVR Zimbabwe Solidarity Forum public meeting
2006-05-05, No to NAMA, NEDLAC Community Constituency
2006-05-05, Karl Marx CXXI Cuba Event May 3 to 6, 2006

TCP Better Than WTO
2006-05-04, Joint Cuba Venezuela Bolivia communique on TCP
2006-05-04, Bolivia joins, signs declaration with Cuba and Venezuela 060429
2006-05-04, Bolivarian Alternative, agreement between 3 Presidents, 060429
2006-05-04, Bolivia Military Told to Occupy Gas Fields, Yahoo News
2006-05-04, Jubilation over hydrocarbons nationalization in Bolivia, Granma
2006-05-04, Our members and leaders are being killed, Satawu,The Star
2006-05-04, The colour of a searching mind, Sipho Seepe, Business Day

Law of Rule
2006-05-03, The Prince, Nicolo Machiavelli, 1512
2006-05-03, Cheche Selepe on law, materialism, liberation and Zuma
2006-05-03, Widespread support for beleaguered Zuma, The Star
2006-05-03, Disgruntled guards go on the rampage, The Star
2006-05-03, Khutsong conundrum, editorial, The Star

Commune or Constitution?
2006-05-02, Constitutional amendment, Rob Amato, Sindy
2006-05-02, Who should wield ultimate power, Mpumelelo Mkhabela, City Press

A Cat Can Look at a King
2006-05-01, Nothing in the kitty but catshit, Ben Tripp, Counterpunch
2006-05-01, Surprise Mlambo-Ngcuka Conference on Women, Lowe-Morna, Sindy

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