Masihlanganeni – Ha re kopaneng

1. Ma-Afrika Masingahlaselani sodwa! Bantu abaMnyama masingalwi sodwa!
2. Masihlanganeni sibhekane nezinkinga sisonke.
3. Masibhekane nabanye abaqashi abasilwisa sodwa ngokukhokhela amanye ama-Afrika ubala ngoba behlupheke kakhulu. Abaqashi yibo abasithathela imisebenzi ngoba befuna ukuxhaphaza abasebenzi.
4. Asihlale phansi sibonisane nohulumeni ngama-service, asinikese sonke ama-service ngokufanayo nokulingana. Futhi uhulumeni ahlale phansi nathi abonisane nathi ngezinkinga.
5. Asisebenzeni namaphoyisa ukulwa nobugebengu.
6. Phansi ngenzondo yamanye ama-Afrika! Phansi nge-Xenophobia!
7. Phambili ngobunye bama-Afrika nabo bonke abantu abamnyama!

Phambili ngoBuntu!

1. MaAfrika ha re tloheleng ho futuhelana! Batho ba Batsho ha re tloheleng ho lwantshana re le bang!
2. Ha re kopaneng re shebaneng le mathata mmoho.
3. Ha re tobaneng le bahiri ba ba banngwe ba re lwantshang re le bang ka ho lefa maAfrika a mang tjhelete e nyenyane hobane a hlophehile haholo. Bahiri ke bona ba re nkelang mesebetsi hobane ba batla ho kgella basebetsi tlase.
4. Ha re duleng fatshe le mmuso re bontshaneng ka ditshebeletso, le hore a re nehe ditshebeletso tsohle tse tshwanang hape tse lekanang. Hape le mmuso o dule fatshe le rona o re bontshe mathata a leng teng
5. Ha re sebetseng le mapolesa ho lwantsha botlokotsebe.
6. Lehloyo la maAfrika a mang ha le fele! Xenophobia ha e fele!
7. Pele ya pele ka kopano ya maAfrika mmoho le batho bohle ba batsho!

Pele ya pele ka Botho

Xenophobia is a crime

Gwede Mantashe, ANC Secretary General,

Extracts from ANC Today, Volume 8, No. 20, 23-29 May 2008

It is on Sunday that we will go to church and bow our heads in prayer and many of us will pray for those who have been murdered, raped, injured, possessions looted, homes destroyed and displaced. Many of us will have taken from our own meagre resources to assist the people who fled to police stations for safety.
Somewhere out there, somebody's mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife, son or daughter will no longer come out to greet them.
In Alexandra, Tembisa, Thokoza, Reiger Park, along Jules Street in Johannesburg and in the city itself, homes and businesses have been looted and burnt. A shameful pogrom, ill informed and angry with people whom they perceive to be robbing them of their right to services. Is this the truth? The same mob that accused people of being criminals acted in the most obscene of criminal ways.
There is no room for this behaviour in our country ever; there is no reason that compels us to behave in this atrocious manner. For this reason we support the deployment of the SANDF to the affected areas, to do no more than support the police in rooting out the criminals who inspired these acts of barbarism.
We call on all ANC members to:

· Spring into organised action
· Give support to the police
· Form the street committees and take the streets back from criminals
· Give comfort and support to all who have been displaced and lost all their worldly goods

We have work to do comrades and friends.

English translation of texts overleaf:

1. Africans, let’s not attack one another! Black people, let’s not fight one another!
2. Let us unite and solve problems together
3. Let us challenge some employers who make us fight one another by super-exploiting other Africans who are most vulnerable and more poor
4. Let us sit down with government to discuss service delivery. Government must give us services on an equal basis. And government must sit down with us to discuss problems on service delivery
5. Let us work with police to fight crime
6. Down with hatred of other Africans! Down with Xenophobia!
7. Forward with unity of Black people and all Africans!

Forward with uBuntu!