This is the daily circulation of the Communist University, dated for the day on which it is to be sent out. It includes documents received from different organisations, notices of events, study texts, and a selection of items from the press. Click on an item to read it. To see the covering messages that go along with these despatches, go to

Commodities and Exchange
2008-03-30, Reprise 02, Capital V1, C1 and 2, Commodities and Exchange, 1867
2008-03-30, USA, democracy or economy, William Blum, Anti-Empire Report

Eskom and Counter-Revolution
2008-03-29, On the proposed hike by Eskom, SACP Media Release
2008-03-29, Billiton fires Standard Bank for reckless talk, Charlotte Mathews, B Day
2008-03-29, Energy-crisis myths, misrepresentations, fallacies, Bryan Hadfield, M and G
2008-03-29, Lies, lies, all gossip and lies, Phillip Dexter, Letters, M and G
2008-03-29, Seventeen years on, left strikes again to save ANC, Butler, B Day

2008-03-27, ANC President Jacob Zuma on his return from Angola 24 March 2008
2008-03-27, Zuma steps on Mbeki’s toes with Angola visit, Hajra Omarjee, Bday
2008-03-27, Zuma's revenge, R W Johnson, Comment is Free, The Guardian
2008-03-27, Challenges for a poor province like E Cape, Z Vavi to ECSECC
2008-03-27, Why COSATU should focus on core business, Karima Brown, Bday

Zimbabwe Changing
2008-03-25, Tsvangirai draws record crowd in Harare, Lance Guma, SW Radio Africa
2008-03-25, Mugabe will not concede defeat, Lebo Nkatazo,
2008-03-25, Mugabe Says MDC Will Never Rule Zimbabwe, Tererai Karimakwenda, SWRA
2008-03-25, How Mugabe's faithful became the opposition, Tracy McVeigh, Observer
2008-03-25, Some foreign investors gamble on Zimbabwe, Nelson Banya, Reuters

Hamba Kahle Ncumisa Kondlo
2008-03-25, On the passing away of Cde Ncumisa Kondlo, SACP Media Release
2008-03-25, How Mugabe's faithful became the opposition, Tracy McVeigh, Observer
2008-03-25, Turning point at Cuito Cuanavale, Ronnie Kasrils, Sunday Independent
2008-03-25, Saki Macozoma’s election flawed and undemocratic, Wits SRC
2008-03-25, SACP 12th National Congress, 2007, Party and State Power

Political Economy
2008-03-24, Reprise 01, Intro to a Critique of Political Economy, Marx, 1857

Cuito Cuanavale of the Soul
2008-03-23, ANC commemorates the battle of Cuito Cuanavale
2008-03-23, Swaziland Coalition of Concerned Civic Organisations Easter Statement
2008-03-23, APF Statement, Democratic control of energy for all
2008-03-23, The undemocratic election of Macozoma as Wits Council Chairperson
2008-03-23, Argue about anything, Xolela Mangcu, Urban Legend, Weekender
2008-03-23, Titch, the crunch and me, Jon Ronson, Guardian Comment is Free

2008-03-21, COSATU condemns Eskom's tariff hike proposal
2008-03-21, Electricity Tariffs, COSATU, Arms Deal, Sharpeville, ANC Media Release
2008-03-21, Eskom wants 67% tariff increase, Ethel Hazelhurst, Business Report
2008-03-21, Now Eskom seeks extra hike, this time 60%, le Roux, Njobeni, BDay
2008-03-21, Eskom's request for hikes sparks audit call, Enslin-Payne, BRep
2008-03-21, The Teflon top brass, Kevin Davie, Mail and Guardian
2008-03-21, Towers of Babble, Barry Sergeant, Moneyweb

The Revolution Is Ours
2008-03-19, Free State SACP PEC, March 2008, Press Statement
2008-03-19, Two Vice-Chancellors, Heidegger and Makgoba, Paul Trewhela
2008-03-19, Wrath of dethroned white males, Malegapuru Makgoba, M and G
2008-03-19, Coega and the Radiohead song, Reg Rumney, Thought Leader
2008-03-19, The Branding of Bolivar and the Cuban Revolution, Valdés, Counterpunch

Chris Hani, Isithwalandwe/Seaparankoe
2008-03-18, COSATU condemns Swazi police brutality
2008-03-18, Chance for ANC to commit to public discussion, John Pampallis, B Day
2008-03-18, Architecture of SA red peril flawed, Anthony Butler, Business Day
2008-03-18, ANC National Executive Committee Statement, March 2008
2008-03-18, SACP 12th National Congress, 2007, Party and State Power

The Secret of Capital Revealed
2008-03-17, Capital Volume 1, C6, Buying and Selling of Labour Power, Marx, 1867
2008-03-17, Elites trying to blackmail ANC, Blade Nzimande, Sunday Times

Unity At The Base
2008-03-16, ANC tells COSATU, back off, Rossouw, Letsoalo, Mail and Guardian
2008-03-16, ANC alliance headache, Karima Brown, Weekender
2008-03-16, Rosa Luxemburg, last page of The Mass Strike
2008-03-16, Luxemburg, Mass Strike, C6, Organised and Unorganised Workers
2008-03-16, Alliance on Lack of Transformation of University of the Free State

A Man Called Horse
2008-03-14, Scorpion reaction to parliamentary investigations and findings, SACP
2008-03-14, SAMWU announces national strike action
2008-03-14, Gauteng SAMWU will strike in sympathy with NMM workers
2008-03-14, Pre and Post Polokwane Proletarian Politics, 10h00, Bellville, 15 March 2008
2008-03-14, Chris Hani Month, Commemoration Activities, CHI
2008-03-14, Post Apartheid Capitalism, Colloquium, Cape Town, 4 - 6 April 2008

Jara Post-Polokwane
2008-03-13, Post-Polokwane ANC, policy and governance, Mazibuko Jara

Lenin Replies
2008-03-11, Luxemburg, 1906, The Mass Strike, Compilation

Marx and Ms Bliksem
2008-03-10, Capital Volume 1, C5, Contradictions in General Formula, Marx, 1867
2008-03-10, Boychik, have I got the girl for you, Karen Bliksem, Sindy

Endogenous Right
2008-03-09, Endogenous Right vs False Left in Venezuela, Cicciarello-Maher
2008-03-09, How ANC chief Zuma sees party and country, Alec Russell, F Times
2008-03-09, Zuma says he is more powerful than Mbeki, Alec Russell, F Times
2008-03-09, Eskom announcement on new developments, ANC
2008-03-09, Saki in ANC payoff scandal, Buddy Naidu, Simpiwe Piliso, S Times

2008-03-08, COSATU condemns Israeli attack on union office
2008-03-08, Killing of civilians in Gaza, ANC Media Release
2008-03-08, SAMWU condemns the actions of Israel
2008-03-08, Stop the collective punishment of Palestinian people, ANC
2008-03-08, Revolution and Counter Revolution in contemporary South Africa

Some Of Our Own
2008-03-06, Class and Race, Cheche Selepe
2008-03-06, Reconciliation without justice, Andile Mngxitama, City Press
2008-03-06, Land reform plans do not get to root of rural ills, Makgetla, B Day
2008-03-06, The first time I was called a self-hating Jew, Mike Marqusee, Guardian
2008-03-06, Zuma on the state of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, Politicsweb
2008-03-06, Workers shocked at human remains discovery at Assmang, NUM

Luxemburg Lashes Lenin
2008-03-04, Reply to Rosa Luxemburg, Lenin, 1904
2008-03-04, SACP Central Committee Press Statement, 2 March 2008
2008-03-04, Vodacom cuts off Ngcuka, Simpiwe Piliso, Sunday Times Business
2008-03-04, Article in City Press, YCL Media Release, 2 March 2008

2008-03-02, Capital Volume 1, C4, General Formula for Capital, Marx, 1867
2008-03-02, Malthus, Scarcity, Poverty, and Apocalypse, Martinez-Boal, Counterpunch
2008-03-02, Top Scorpions could be charged for Zuma report, Mkhabela, Sunday Times
2008-03-02, Scorpions boss to quit before the bell tolls, Quintal and Maughan, Sindy

Scoundrel Time
2008-03-01, Browse Mole Report, Democracy must be defended, ANC Today
2008-03-01, The Jevons Paradox, Robert Bryce, Counterpunch
2008-03-01, COSATU CEC Political Report, 25 - 27 February 2008
2008-03-01, Annexure A, Analysis of ANC Resolutions against COSATU positions

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