This is the daily circulation of the Communist University, dated for the day on which it is to be sent out. It includes documents received from different organisations, notices of events, study texts, and a selection of items from the press. Click on an item to read it. To see the covering messages that go along with these despatches, go to

Entryist Debacle
2007-03-31, YCL response to the SACP Gauteng PEC statement
2007-03-31, SACP, COSATU warn on ANC alliance, Brown, Musgrave, B Day
2007-03-31, A new power behind the throne, Anthony Butler, Business Day
2007-03-31, More than 3 million condemned, Fidel Castro Ruz, Granma
2007-03-31, Another side to SA conduct at UN, Adam Habib, Business Day

Long Winter
2007-03-30, Statement on SACP-COSATU bilateral, Joint Media Release
2007-03-30, COSATU backs Blue Ribbon strikers
2007-03-30, SACP Gauteng post-Congress press statement
2007-03-30, Incident at Westminster Abbey, Michael Dickinson, Counterpunch
2007-03-30, CU Flyer for 4 April 2007

Red Harvest
2007-03-28, COSATU GS Zwelinzima Vavi input, COSATU-SACP bilateral
2007-03-28, FAWU appeal for consumer boycott
2007-03-28, SACP West Cape Provincial Congress Declaration and new PEC
2007-03-28, British Petroleum and the New Greenmail, Boal, Counterpunch
2007-03-28, Zimbabwe Descent, Patrick Bond, Counterpunch

Running on the Spot
2007-03-27, To complete the revolution, Kgalema Motlathe, Mail and Guardian
2007-03-27, The Road to South African Freedom, SACP, 1962

How Things Work
2007-03-26, Cosatu wants its members to join ANC, Thulas Nxesi, City Press
2007-03-26, YCL Chris Hani Memorial Lecture, ANC Deputy President Jacob Zuma
2007-03-26, Chris Hani, My Life, 1991
2007-03-26, On Washing Hands, Atul Gawande, Counterpunch

Organisational Renewal, Institutional Hygiene
2007-03-25, Introspection, renewal strengthens movement, ANC Today
2007-03-25, Limit Mbeki hire-fire powers – ANC, Sthembiso Msomi, City Press
2007-03-25, Dear Danisa, Jocelyn Newmarch and Maya Fisher-French, M and G
2007-03-25, Victory in Ecuador, 23 March 2007, Roger Burbach, Counterpunch

ANC Policy Conference
2007-03-23, Organisational Renewal, ANC Policy discussion document

Rights and Action
2007-03-23, Numsa pickets Japanese Embassy over Nissan retrenchments
2007-03-23, On Proletarian Culture, Lenin, 1920
2007-03-23, COSATU public service unions bargaining statement
2007-03-23, COSATU Media Alert - Zwelinzima Vavi speaks
2007-03-23, YCL, Bottom Line, Botswana Diaries, Human Rights

If it quacks like a duck, it's a duck
2007-03-22, COSATU Jobs and Poverty Campaign Questionnaire
2007-03-22, Baloyi sheds her velvet gloves, Barry Sergeant, Moneyweb
2007-03-22, Statement of ANC National Executive Committee, 17 March 2007
2007-03-22, SACP GS B Nzimande to FAWU, building class power in countryside
2007-03-22, Speech to Political Education Workers Conference, Lenin, 1920

Zimbabwe and Sharpeville Day
2007-03-21, Zimbabwe, Umsebenzi Online, 21 March 2007
2007-03-21, Latest on ZCTU Arrests
2007-03-21, COSATU statement on Human Rights Day, 21 March 2007
2007-03-21, Finance a basic human right, SACP Human Rights Day statement
2007-03-21, Ethiopian state and Yusuf lack legitimacy, Dirk Spilke, The Star

Zimbabwe Stayaway, 3-4 April 2007
2007-03-20, ZCTU communique of February - 24 demands and strike date
2007-03-20, Archive of ZCTU 13 Sept 2006 demands Sokwanele
2007-03-20, Kadoma Declaration Shame Makoshori Zimbabwe Independent
2007-03-20, Programme on Swaziland and Zimbabwe 23 March 2007 COSATU
2007-03-20, A Plea for the Poor, John Woolman

Zim Atrocities, US Torture
2007-03-19, COSATU condemns latest atrocities in Zimbabwe
2007-03-19, Peering through layers of Zimbabwe deception, Mohau Phelo, STimes
2007-03-19, Black business joins succession debate, Siyabulela Qoza, City Press
2007-03-19, Confession Backfired, Paul Craig Roberts, Counterpunch

South Justice
2007-03-18, CIO seize Tandare body, Violet Gonda, SW Radio Africa
2007-03-18, Seminar on Swaziland and Zimbabwe, 23 March 2007, COSATU
2007-03-18, Worker Education, Culture Festival, 26-30 March 2007, Elijah Barayi
2007-03-18, The barrel of the Sunday Times, Castro Ngobese, Hlomelang
2007-03-18, Cuba for South Justice in UN Human Rights Council, Embassy of Cuba
Statement of Felipe Perez Roque to Non-Aligned Movement in UNESCO, Paris, 12 March 2007
Statement of Felipe Perez Roque to UN Human Rights Council, Geneva, 13 March 2007

Second Time As Farce
2007-03-16, 1962, SACP, The Road to SA Freedom
2007-03-16, Kenya defends secret transfers of prisoners, S Bengali, McClatchy
2007-03-16, Neocons, Evangelicals and Africa, Con Hallinan, Counterpunch

Blade The Leadership
2007-03-15, Cde Jesus Raphael Mora Gonzalez, Cuban YCL at Wits 15 March 16h00
2007-03-15, COSATU GS Vavi, for Civil Society, at HIV-AIDS Conf 14 March 2007
2007-03-15, ANC statement on current situation in Zimbabwe
2007-03-15, Attacks on Minister of Home Affairs and President of ANC WL
2007-03-15, YCL on Home Affairs Minister, response to ANC WL statement

Zweli The Ranks
2007-03-14, ZCTU Offices Raided
2007-03-14, YCL condemns violation of rights in Zimbabwe
2007-03-14, Pahad calls on Zim to respect rule of law, The Citizen
2007-03-14, Zimbabwe opposition leader taken to hospital from court, CNN
2007-03-14, S Africa in Zimbabwe rights call , BBC News

Vuvuzelas At Dawn
2007-03-13, COSATU condemns MDC arrests
2007-03-13, Save Zimbabwe Campaign press statement re Mar 12
2007-03-13, NCA Youth Chairperson Murdered
2007-03-13, OSISA statement on Zimbabwe Rights Abuses
2007-03-13, Zimbabwe leaders tortured in detention, SW Radio Africa News

2007-03-11, Mutambara, Tsvangirai arrested before joint rally, Chimhashu, newzim
2007-03-11, Iran and US talking, M K Bhadrakhumar, Asia Times Online
2007-03-11, Africa and the war on terror, Virginia Tilley, Mail and Guardian

South Africa
2007-03-11, No more beer or crime talk at braais, Andrew Donaldson, S Times
2007-03-11, Lenny Bruce still good after 40 years
2007-03-11, No safety and security for Nqakula in SACP, Siyahleba, City Press
2007-03-11, Let my Manto leave office, Mpumelelo Mkhabela, City Press
2007-03-11, Fidentia victims left to go hungry, Glynnis Underhill, S Independent

Unity and Action
2007-03-09, Student class boycotts all over Zim, ZNSU, The Student
2007-03-09, FAWU call - secondary strikes, consumer boycott of Iwisa and Blue Ribbon
2007-03-09, Nature, role and work of Communist Party, CPUSA NC Sam Webb
2007-03-09, 60th Anniversary of the Three Doctors Pact, ANC statement
2007-03-09, Snuki warning not enough, SACP, COSATU, YCL, ANCYL
2007-03-09, ANC statement on YCL attack on Home Affairs Minister

International Women's Day
2007-03-08, Womens Day, Lenin, Copenhagen riot, Aniket Alam, Counterpunch
2007-03-08, International Womens Day, COSATU Media Release

Tricontinental Moves
2007-03-08, Umsebenzi Online, Vol 6, No. 4, 7 Mar 2007, NDR motive forces
2007-03-08, Message to the Tricontinental, Che Guevara, 1967
2007-03-08, YCL Jhb Central Political Classes 2007
2007-03-08, Purim from Esther to AIPAC, Gilad Atzmon, Counterpunch

We Name Names
2007-03-07, SABC bosses meet re staff exodus, Cecil Motsepe, City Press
2007-03-07, Perlman considers options SABC, Edwin Naidu, Sunday Independent
2007-03-07, R7K payout to Mandela kids led to spat with Ayob, Gordin, Sindy
2007-03-07, Madiba set me up - Ayob, Sefara and Mapiloko, City Press
2007-03-07, Kebble cash trail leads to BEE circle, Chiara Carter, S Independent
2007-03-07, Big names targeted by Scorpions, Mapiloko and Sefara, C Press
2007-03-07, Telkom bans the usual suspects, Simpiwe Piliso, Sunday Times

The Sublime and the Ridiculous
2007-03-06, Africans independent, Cameron Duodo, City Press
2007-03-06, Success wont go to head of Brian Molefe, Chris Barron, S Times
2007-03-06, Caracazo, George Cicciarello-Maher, Counterpunch
2007-03-06, Venezuela communists resist single party, AP, Int Herald Trib
2007-03-06, Racism in the motoring industry, Steve Dlamini-Kabini, C Press
2007-03-06, Racism died in 1994 - NOT, Xolani Xundu, Sunday Times
2007-03-06, Longing for De la Rey, Dan Roodt, Sunday Times

2007-03-05, A high five to St John, Karen Bliksem, Sunday Independent
2007-03-05, Nation in grip of a liedership crisis, Andrew Donaldson, S Times
2007-03-05, Trustee Baloyi indifferent, hopes fade, Julian Rademeyer, S Times
2007-03-05, Left pushes for pact, Sthembiso Msomi, City Press
2007-03-05, Mbeki slash-and-burn economics, Duma Gqubule, Sunday Times
2007-03-05, How SA kissed redistribution goodbye, Moeletsi Mbeki, S Times
2007-03-05, Gibbon, Decline and Fall, Kenneth Rexroth, Counterpunch

Widows, Orphans and Freedom Fighters
2007-03-04, Widows and orphans go hungry, Saturday Star
2007-03-04, Now you see it, now you dont, Bruce Cameron, Saturday Star
2007-03-04, India, US envoys oppose Nepal Maoist entry IRNA

State and Revolution
2007-03-03, COSATU CEC statement, 1 March 2007
2007-03-03, COSATU response to the Financial Mail
2007-03-03, From Kebble to Brown, Barry Sergeant, Moneyweb
2007-03-03, Vodacom shows unions need a voice, Terry Bell, B Report

2007-03-01, Cooking the Rice Inside the Pot, Mzala, 1985
2007-03-01, Frank Snowden, historian of blacks in antiquity, dies, N Y Times
2007-03-01, Whitewashing the Slave Trade, Peter Linebaugh, Counterpunch

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