This is the daily circulation of the Communist University, dated for the day on which it is to be sent out. It includes documents received from different organisations, notices of events, study texts, and a selection of items from the press. Click on an item to read it. To see the covering message that goes with these despatches, go to

One World
2006-03-31, 1970, Reed, Evelyn, Women - Caste, Class or Oppressed Sex
2006-03-31, COSATU to strike against Gautrain
2006-03-31, Pan-Africanism or Imperialism revised, Issa Shivji, Dar
2006-03-31, Young slaves of Mumbai, Anapuma Katakam, Frontline
2006-03-31, Stop the War Coalition Newsletter re 5th Annual Conference

2006-03-30, Stunning, Lenins Tomb
2006-03-30, War in Iraq about to escalate, Justin Raimondo, Antiwar
2006-03-30, The Dilemmas of Dar fur conflict, Sabir Abu Saadia
2006-03-30, Washington opening another front in Bolivia, Granma International
2006-03-30, I prefer the bunglers, Anton Harber, Business Day
2006-03-30, Steve Bell on British Pension Strike
2006-03-30, Heritage Lekgotla Series 7 April, 5 May

The Class in Action
2006-03-30, COSATU Jobs and Poverty Campaign Free State, N Cape
2006-03-30, COSATU statement on North West legislature and related
2006-03-30, SACTWU to protest against NAMA WTO negotiations
2006-03-30, CWU substantive negotiation with Telkom
2006-03-30, African Labour Research Network Multi-stakeholder Forum

Bourgeois Imperial Atrocities
2006-03-29, Bourgeois Democracy and Dictatorship of the Proletariat, Lenin, 1919
2006-03-29, The Fifth Afghan War, Brian Cloughley, Counterpunch
2006-03-29, US Reign of Terror in Iraq, Justin Raimondo, Antiwar

Foucault Again
2006-03-28, Amilcar Cabral, The Weapon of Theory, 1966
2006-03-28, Chris Hani Two Day Political School April 10-11 SACP Gauteng
2006-03-28, Statement of the ANC NEC, March 26th 2006
2006-03-28, COSATU backs Telkom and security guard struggles
2006-03-28, NGOs lose application to intervene in rape trial, Friends of JZ
2006-03-28, Wits Architecture Seminar, Apr 4, Community and IDP

Lest We Forget

2006-03-27, Marx, Critique of the Gotha Programme, 1875
2006-03-27, Death in an Iraqi Village, Chris Floyd, Counterpunch

Human Rights
2006-03-26, Explanation of Cuban vote for UN Human Rights Council
2006-03-26, Cuban reply to USA in UN debate on Human Rights Council

Op Ed Hegemony
2006-03-25, COSATU stand, reply to Pillay letter by Craven, Business Day
2006-03-25, BEE codes for development, not elites, Makgetla, Business Day
2006-03-25, This column is about reflection, not advocacy, Terry Bell, B Rep
2006-03-25, Bottom line rights, not quick profit, Stuart Wilson, Business Day

Friends and Interests
2006-03-24, X Congress of TUI of Public and Allied Employees, Jhb
2006-03-24, Minty on Iran, plus Basque ETA cease-fire, Business Day
2006-03-24, Transnet unions claim first round, Faniso, B Report
2006-03-24, Import-parity pricing not a global practice, Crotty, B Report
2006-03-24, SACP on Auditor General on declaration of business interests
2006-03-24, Conversation with George Bizos, Con Hill, 18h30, 060330

Defiance And The System
2006-03-23, YCL criticises ASGISA and launches Defiance Campaign
2006-03-23, Delivery fetish obscures deeper meaning, Friedman, B Day
2006-03-23, Devan Pillay says, Shame on COSATU, Letters, Business Day
2006-03-23, Opposition shambles sets back Zim struggle, Muleya, B Day
2006-03-23, No more Americans, Paul Craig Roberts, Antiwar

March 21, 1933, and what followed
2006-03-22, Communists to be interned in Dachau, Guardian archive, 1933
2006-03-22, Tell us the truth or shut up, Sandile Memela, Letters, The Star
2006-03-22, Bush Delusional, US not God, Paul Craig Roberts, Counterpunch
2006-03-22, Tom Engelhardt interview with Chalmers Johnson, Part 1

No Blank Pages
2006-03-21, Blank pages in history should not be allowed - Cronin on Mzala
2006-03-21, Is the Law just, 2006-03-22, Con Hill, 18h00, public dialogue
2006-03-21, Promoting Peace, 2006-03-28, Con Hill, 17h00, seminar

Threats To Justice
2006-03-20, Let tragedy not obscure sight of justice, Gordin, Sindy
2006-03-20, Commissions to interfere with Zuma trial, da Costa, Sindy
2006-03-20, Paid hack Nkosi threatens YCL elected chairperson Masondo

Women's Organisation Then And Now
2006-03-19, FSAW NEC Problems and Membership Question, 1955, Walker

Lobby and Movement
2006-03-18, The Israel Lobby, Mearsheimer and Walt, LRB
2006-03-18, PWM voice for SA women, ANC Today

Crimes, Courts and Politics
2006-03-17, Cease hypocrisy on the issue of Human Rights, Petition
2006-03-17, Rice a war criminal, News24
2006-03-17, Bad idea to use courts to gag voices, Harber, Business Day
2006-03-17, Rath and Company assault working class, Bell, Business Report
2006-03-17, Zuma Rape Trial reports, Days 6 to 9, Friends of JZ

Leading Forces
2006-03-16, Umsebenzi Online, The working class as the leading force for developmental local government
2006-03-16, YCL, National Committee and Launch of Defiance Campaign
2006-03-16, ICFTU campaigning for democracy in Swaziland - COSATU

Swaziland, COSATU, YCL and Action
2006-03-15, Chris Hani Institute Swaziland Seminar 060317, 09h00-14h00
2006-03-15, COSATU Response to the Chair of Parliament Budget Committee
2006-03-15, Dialego, 2, Theory of Action, John Hoffman, 1976

For Peace, Against Imperialism
2006-03-15, Press Statement re 3-city SA Peace Pickets of March 18th
2006-03-15, CPB Agitprop for London Peace Demo March 18th
2006-03-15, Cairo Peace Declaration, December 2002
2006-03-15, Requiem for Gonzoconservatism, Kelly, Antiwar dot com
2006-03-15, Blacks and Jews in USA, Questions of Solidarity, Green, Counterpunch
2006-03-15, PSC Condemns Israeli attack on prison

Pickets and Trials
2006-03-14, Serbia, Practice Run for Iraq, Paul Craig Roberts, Counterpunch
2006-03-14, Swazi PUDEMO comrades free at last, Times of Swaziland
2006-03-14, Trial threatens political shocks, 5 strange days, Gordin, Sindy

Our Writing
2006-03-13, Sunday Times, 3 articles, Masondo, Carolus - Marcus, Roodt
2006-03-13, Tribute to Rachel Corrie, by Makgwadu Steve Pheeha
2006-03-13, Comrade Mzala Archive

Constitutions, Courts, and Women
2006-03-12, Iraqs Sovereignty Vacuum, Michael Schwartz, Tomdispatch
2006-03-12, Court of Horrors, Jeremy Gordin, Saturday Star
2006-03-12, Zuma Rape Trial Day 5, Friends of JZ
2006-03-12, Constitution Ten Years On Programme, Con Hill
2006-03-12, COSATU, Pension Reform
2006-03-12, HRC, Freedom of Expression, Religious Diversity 08h30 060314

All Human Life
2006-03-11, Zuma Rape Trial reports, Friends of JZ
2006-03-11, Value ANC successes without denying failures, Makgetla, B Day
2006-03-11, Wrong idea of consensus steers Transnet machine, Bell, B Rep
2006-03-11, How to be a good Communist, Liu Shaoqi, 1939

Facing the Future
2006-03-10, The Future of the Family, Jennie Bristow, 2004
2006-03-10, Bush fantasies exposed again by Blumenthal, Guardian
2006-03-10, I have lost faith in Blair - God, Guardian
2006-03-10, Zimbabwe, ZCTU fully supports ZINASU - press release
2006-03-10, SACP welcomes Progressive Womens Movement
2006-03-10, COSATU leads in Western Cape electricity crisis
2006-03-10, SACP and COSATU General Secretaries to address Mohapi funeral

Women's Days
2006-03-09, ANC Womens League on Progressive Womens Movement
2006-03-09, ICFTU, Unions for Women, Women for Unions phase 2
2006-03-09, Global Campaign for Education, millions of girls still out of school

Vox Populi, Vox Dei
2006-03-08, SSN and COSATU on withdrawal of SA advocates from High Treason case
2006-03-08, Afraid of one-party rule, Thami Xulu in London
2006-03-08, CWU in dispute with Telkom, Mfanafuthi Sithebe
2006-03-08, COSATU leads - CT electricity crisis public meeting, Ehrenreich
2006-03-08, SSP Recruitment and Preliminary Application, 2007

2006-03-07, Illegal to evict Joburg squatters - judge, Benjamin, B Day
2006-03-07, Unban political parties call is overdue, Lukhele, City Press
2006-03-07, Swazi democracy hangs in precarious balance, Fritz, Star
2006-03-07, ALARM National Workshop Jhb 24-26 April, Invite, Jara

2006-03-06, Karl Marx CXXI Cuba Event May 3 to 6, 2006
2006-03-06, Mampara of the Week - Alec Erwin, Sunday Times
2006-03-06, Zuma bravado brutalising the public, Ndebele, Sunday Times

Events and Contributions
2006-03-05, Election Religion, Bambatha and Gandhi, Cheche Selepe
2006-03-05, Enlightening Comparisons for International Womens Day, Press
2006-03-05, First visit, yudac mthembu
2006-03-05, Alternatives must be found before eviction, IOL

New Start
2006-03-04, ANC strengthened nationwide, Pressly, News24

2006-03-04, COSATU statement on local government elections
2006-03-04, ANC Gauteng Province tribute to Cde Dan Mohapi
2006-03-04, SATAWU, Transnet strike postponed

Out Of The House
2006-03-03, Umsebenzi Online, Nzimande, Netshitenzhe, Masondo
2006-03-03, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba on UN Human Rights Council
2006-03-03, Women Race and Class, Obsolescence of Housework, Davis, 1981
2006-03-03, COSATU condemns Zimbabwe deportation of Pat Horn
2006-03-03, Boesak was iced out, Max du Preez, The Star

Human Rights
2006-03-02, State of Exception, Mark Danner, Tomdispatch Interview
2006-03-02, IERI Shivji invite, Pretoria Mar 7, 09h00
2006-03-02, IFAS, Building Effective States, 09h00 Mar 8, Wits
2006-03-02, Socialism, Utopian and Scientific, Engels, 1880

Vote for the Vote, and Vote ANC
2006-03-01, Blade Nzimande, SACP campaign for ANC at Park Station
2006-03-01, SACP urges workers and poor to vote ANC in millions
2006-03-01, Vote ANC on Wednesday, says COSATU
2006-03-01, Give ANC 5 more years, Editorial, The Star
2006-03-01, Khutsong, new era for ANC ties with allies, Brown, B Day
2006-03-02, Why a protest non-vote is useless, Ebrahim Hassen
2006-03-01, MDC, Presidential acceptance speech, A Mutambara

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