The Real Gramsci
2005-03-28, Some aspects of the southern question, Gramsci, 1926

SACP Special Congress: What's it all About?
2005-03-27, Tweedie, SNC - Whats it All About

Comrade Mazibuko Jara, re SACP Special Congress, to DEBATE list
2005-03-24, Jara, re SACP Special Congress, to DEBATE list

Richard Jewison on independent SACP candidates in elections
2005-03-23, Jewison, An independent electoral path for the SACP

SACP/COSATU Bilateral, Joint Statement
2005-03-23, SACP-COSATU Bilateral, Joint Statement

Discussing the Discussion Documents of the SACP Special National Congress
2005-03-21, What Is To Be Done at the Special National Congress

A letter from a South African comrade in Cuba
2005-03-20, A Letter from a South African Comrade in Cuba

7th Discussion Document for SACP Special National Congress
2005-03-17, Discussion Doc 7, Class, Gender, and NDR

YCL on the March
2005-03-17, YCL March - March 30th 2005

Frank Furedi on the dark-age thinking of today
2005-03-17, Frank Furedi on econonomic crisis Feb 2002

Class Warfare in the Business Day
2005-03-17, SA needs a black bourgeoisie
2005-03-17, What is the value of the black bourgeoisie

Discussion Document 6 for the Special National Congress
2005-03-17, Discussion Doc 6, Towards SACP and Working Class MTV

2005-03-17, Vishwas Satgar, Has the ANC Failed

Fifth Special National Congress Discussion Document
2005-03-16, Discussion Doc 5, Marxist sustainable livelihoods

Fourth Discussion Document for SACP Special National Congress
2005-03-16, SNC Discussion Doc 4, SACP Campaigns

Johannesburg's Communist University goes Gmail
2005-03-15, SNC Discussion Document 3, Class Struggles in the NDR

2005-03-14, Revolutionaries use the technology of the day

2005-03-14, Letter to Province

2005-03-13, SACP bosses refuse to fight elections against ANC

2005-03-12, A Breeding Ground For Tyrants


2005-03-09, SNC Discussion Doc 2, SACP contesting elections

2005-03-08, SNC Discussion Doc 1, MTV, Cadre, and Party


2005-03-06, March 19, Media Release, Anti-War Coalition

2005-03-06, Going to War with the Army You Have, Schwartz

2005-03-03, Panel Discussion, Sustainable Mobility, Goethe Institute 08-03-05

2005-03-01, Revolution and King Gyanendra

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