Lies, lies, all gossip and lies

Phillip Dexter, Letters, Mail & Guardian, 20 March 2008

David Masondo’s response to my attempt at an honest critique of the SACP (February 15) is a repetition of the gossip, lies and insults that have become characteristic of a particular class of politicians in our movement.

For the record, I have never benefited from the arms deal, from any protection by President Thabo Mbeki in terms of any transaction whatsoever, or from any dubious business transactions.

I have always declared my income to the SACP, paid my levies and defended the party and its constitution. While I was treasurer the party’s income increased each year and historical debt was reduced significantly.

All monies were accounted for and our books audited without any negative finding, except that during the last financial year when I was effectively stopped from delivering a report and the report I submitted was altered by one or more party leaders.

The auditors were replaced with an accountant and, to the best of my knowledge, no audit was conducted for that year. Every central committee or politburo meeting I ever reported to commended the work done to improve the SACP’s finances.

While I have been accused of a number of things by my political adversaries and those I have brought to account for illegal acts, each allegation made against me has been investigated by independent auditors and found to be without substance.

I certainly did not abuse my position to acquire any shares. The shares Masondo refers to, as he knows full well, were offered to me in my personal capacity, and I decided to pledge a portion of them to the SACP -- something rarely done by the many propertied members of the party.

The politburo investigated the allegation that I acquired the shares dishonestly and found it to be untrue.

My contribution to debates about the future of the SACP, as controversial as they may have been, are proving to have been prescient, given the unfolding events of our time, not least of all Buti Manamela’s and Masondo’s articles.

Their attacks are part of the systematic and orchestrated campaign against me by those who cannot stand critical thinking and debate. They began when I differed with other senior leaders in the party on a number of issues, including the leadership contest in the ANC.

It was only then that I was alleged to be found wanting in my performance as treasurer. -- Phillip Dexter


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