This is the daily circulation of the Communist University, dated for the day on which it is to be sent out. It includes documents received from different organisations, notices of events, study texts, and a selection of items from the press. Click on an item to read it. To see the covering message that goes with these despatches, go to

Constant Vigilance
2006-06-30, SACP on cabinet announcement on Scorpions future, 29 June
2006-06-30, ANC statement on cabinet Scorpion decision, 29 June 2006
2006-06-30, COSATU threatens strikes over jobs, Amy Musgrave, Business Day
2006-06-30, COSATU on Australian reaction, An injury to one is an injury to all
2006-06-30, African metalworkers on WTO agreement
2006-06-30, COSATU, Israeli attacks condemned
2006-06-30, COSATU, Child labour tragedy

2006-06-29, Cronin rejects going it alone, Wyndham Hartley, Business Day
2006-06-29, Motive forces and the ANC, Zwelinzima Sizani, Umrabulo 25

2006-06-28, SACP on SADTU members accident and Jeppestown killing of 4 police
2006-06-28, Fix transport woes, Cronin, Star
2006-06-28, Alliance split would hurt SA, News24
2006-06-28, Labour Relations Act, Amended, 2002
2006-06-28, Basic Conditions of Employment Act, Amended, 2002
2006-06-28, Two Tactics of Social Democracy, Lenin, 1905

Picking Up The Pieces
2006-06-27, ANC response to SACP discussion document, bilateral, 19 June 2006
2006-06-27, Umsebenzi Online, 21 June 2006, Intellectuallism
2006-06-27, YCL on ANC briefing notes and on SABC censorship
2006-06-27, COSATU response to Smuts Ngonyama
2006-06-27, COSATU, Union offices stormed in Upington, 21 June 2006
2006-06-27, COSATU Input to ICFTU Executive Board, Brussels, 22 June 2006
2006-06-27, God save us from false prophets, ANC Today, 23 June 2006

Who's Who
2006-06-23, Trade Unions, Dominic Tweedie, Umsebenzi June 2006
2006-06-23, Capital, Volume1, 01, Commodities and Money, parts 1, 2 and 4, Marx, 1867

2006-06-21, SABC blacklists disloyal critics, Kingdom Mabuza, Sowetan

Publish And Be Damned
2006-06-20, Impartial truth, Ronald Suresh Roberts, Letters, Business Day
2006-06-20, Khalilzad reports things falling apart, Helena Cobban, Just World News
2006-06-20, E Naledi 15 June 2006

Uyindoda eMadodeni
2006-06-19, Zuma stars as saviour of the movement, Harper, Sunday Times
2006-06-19, COSATU laments, ANC tackles, SACP mulls, Xundu and Boyle, S Times
2006-06-19, Cosatu will have to make friends, win influence, Terreblanche, Sindy
2006-06-19, Khalid fiasco undermines the rule of law, plus Wits Law Clinic, Sindy
2006-06-19, South African gives radical history of time, Philp, Sunday Times

Communists Soaring
2006-06-18, Communist numbers soar, ANC leaders row, Brown, B Day Weekender
2006-06-18, Political Diary with Vukani Mde, Business Day Weekender
2006-06-18, SABC problem, bias or bungling, Editorial, B Day Weekender
2006-06-18, No still life in teeming Joubert Park, Jacob Dlamini, B Day Weekender
2006-06-18, Masetlha opts for Zuma rally, Musgrave and West, B Day Weekender

What's Goin' On?
2006-06-17, Senior officials quit Cosatu, Matuma Letsoalo, Mail and Guardian
2006-06-17, Broad-based BEE a synonym for elitism, Greenblo, Business Report
2006-06-17, Minister hides behind state security, Zehir Omar, Mail and Guardian
2006-06-17, Following the path of Comandante Guevara, Evo Morales, Granma
2006-06-17, What is To Be Done, Chapter 4, C, Lenin, 1902

Soweto Plus 30
2006-06-16, SACP on 30th Anniversary of 1976 Students Uprisings
2006-06-16, COSATU National Youth Day message, 16 June 2006
2006-06-16, YCL of SA, June 16 30th Anniversary message
2006-06-16, SAMWU, Proposal being considered by members
2006-06-16, Zimbabwe Solidarity Forum meeting, CSVR, 22 June 2006, 10h30
2006-06-16, Civil Society Developmental State, CPS, 27 June 2006 11h00

Problems of Peace and Socialism
2006-06-15, Mbembe false prophet analogy faulty, David Masondo, City Press
2006-06-15, Cuban Oil and the US embargo, Bloomberg, Business Day
2006-06-15, HIV and AIDS, a political question in Swaziland, Masuku, SSN
2006-06-15, Nepalese Communist sentenced to 3 years in India, The Hindu
2006-06-15, Working with wikis, Paul Gillin, SearchCIO

A Young Movement
2006-06-14, SA Working Class & National Democratic Revolution, Slovo, 1988
2006-06-14, YCL on SACP, Intelligence, Youth Month, and 1st National Congress
2006-06-14, Business and President Zuma, Karima Brown, Business Day
2006-06-14, COSATU Gauteng memorandum to Australian High Commission
2006-06-14, Online Debate, Cuba, venue of the XIV NAM Summit
2006-06-14, COSATU Political Discussion Document for 9th Congress, draft 5

Capitalism is Capitalism
2006-06-13, Capitalism is capitalism, Khathu Mamaila, City Press
2006-06-13, The ANC future, by the ANC, City Press
2006-06-13, Response re Jhb Central Methodist Church, Rev N Mkaronda
2006-06-13, NUMSA, Limiting affirmative action will distribute resentment
2006-06-13, YCL press conference, State Power, conspiracy, youth month POA

2006-06-12, Three detainees kill themselves in Guantanamo, Reuters
2006-06-12, European involvement in torture flights, The Guardian
2006-06-12, Rashid wanted to be deported, Omar to blame, News24
2006-06-12, Khalid Rashid, Government cover blown, Mail and Guardian
2006-06-12, Rashid hunt goes to the world court, Gordin, Naran, Sindy

2006-06-11, Place of worship now a den of iniquity, Solly Maphumulo, The Star
2006-06-11, We hate journalists, they expose us, Dumisani Sibeko, The Star
2006-06-11, Sanitized Beheading, Zarqawis Face, Diane Christian, Counterpunch
2006-06-11, World Cup, Politics and War by Other Means, Tony Karon, Tomdispatch

Fun With Letters
2006-06-10, Swarpofs unite, Roger Southall, HSRC, Business Day
2006-06-10, The DA and the ghost of Joe Orton, Bryan Rostron, Business Day
2006-06-10, Mark Malloch Brown, Deputy UN SG, Power and Super-Power
2006-06-10, The Power of Weakness, William Lind, Counterpunch

Leaders and Bandits
2006-06-09, COSATU condemns interest-rate hike
2006-06-09, YCL statement on Citizen article of 8 June 2006
2006-06-09, Bulelani Ngcuka goes it alone, Roy Cokayne, Business Report
2006-06-09, Meeting of the Progressive Womens Movement, ANCWL
2006-06-09, Addressing challenges of leadership, Umrabulo 25, May 2006
2006-06-09, Nongqause comparison shirks analysis, Xolela Mangcu, Business Day

Fault Line
2006-06-08, Umsebenzi Online, Vol 5, No. 57, 07 June 2006, Class the Fault Line
2006-06-08, What SACP paper said, and did not say, Business Day
2006-06-08, Masses appeal, Editorial, Sowetan
2006-06-08, Mobilise at local level for stronger state, Hope Papo, The Star
2006-06-08, US field commanders understand their failure, Helena Cobban
2006-06-08, March Address to CC of Communist League, Marx, 1850

War and Relative Peace
2006-06-07, COSATU Gauteng statement on CEC and Gautrain
2006-06-07, COSATU on ANC, police violence, and Sasol explosion
2006-06-07, Negatives, Diane Christian, Counterpunch
2006-06-07, Lesson Plan, Chris Floyd, Moscow Times
2006-06-07, Swaziland has only 92000 workers, Swazi Observer May 31
2006-06-07, DTSACCO Members Meeting July 2006

Statements, True and False
2006-06-06, ANC statement, no such decision against Dep Pres Jacob Zuma
2006-06-06, NUM and SACC make peace and issue statement
2006-06-06, COSATU, Contradictory statements on Jacob Zuma a serious crisis
2006-06-06, ANC statement on the death of Uriah Maleka
2006-06-06, Ayatollah Khamenei Speaks on Iranian TV against US threats

Free Development of Each and All
2006-06-05, Communist University Diagram

State Power Document, Augmented
2006-06-04, Bua Komanisi V5 No 1, Special Edition on State Power, plus links to documents

Export of Monopoly Finance Capital
2006-06-03, SACP West Rand march for credit amnesty today, 10h30
2006-06-03, Imperial capitalism to be made easier, Ayanda Shezi, Business Day
2006-06-03, Committed to build a new nation, Thabo Mbeki, ANC Today
2006-06-03, SA inequalities persist despite growth, Makgetla, Business Day

A Class For Itself
2006-06-02, SACP response to Cabinet comments on CC discussion document
2006-06-02, COSATU on Cabinet Statement re CEC observations
2006-06-02, COSATU, 800 steel retrenchments, commitment to action
2006-06-02, 480 FAWU members on strike at Kraft, Elandsfontein, East Rand
2006-06-02, SADTU NEC Press Release and Resolutions May 2006

The Old Firm
2006-06-01, Big business throws weight behind Mbeki, Linda Ensor, Business Day
2006-06-01, ANC pain offers democracy an opportunity, Friedman, B Day
2006-06-01, Comforting Lies of the Colonizers, Roxanne Dunbar, Counterpunch

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