The Concrete and the Clay
2005-06-30, The need for an open succession, Dominic Tweedie
2005-06-30, Happy camper, Letters, Business Day
2005-06-30, Shock new job losses give COSATU high ground, B. Day
2005-06-30, Joint Statement by Iraq Labour Movement and USLAW
2005-06-30, Report on COSATU CEC, June 29th 2005
2005-06-30, SAs poverty plan incoherent, DBSA, BRep, June 30

Day of the NGC
2005-06-29, Joburg team tackles unsafe city buildings, B. Day
2005-06-29, 2005-06-29, Stuart Wilsons reply to Chantelle Benjamin on inner city
2005-06-29, Vavi, Strike a success
2005-06-29, Mpahlwa vows to end import parity pricing, B. Day
2005-06-29, COSATU Daily Labour News
2005-06-29, COSATU, The Decline in Employment
2005-06-29, Job losses grim news for SA, Finance24
2005-06-29, Z. Vavi, Lecture in honour of Chris Hani
2005-06-29, Vavi lashes out at newspapers, News24
2005-06-29, Friends of Cuba Society 26th July Pretoria picket

The Mass Strike made real
2005-06-28, COSATU Memorandum to the employers and government
2005-06-28, Zwelinzima Vavi, Input to Demonstration on Jobs and Poverty
2005-06-28, COSATU 27 June First Report
2005-06-28, COSATU 27 June Second Report
2005-06-28, COSATU 27 June final report
2005-06-28, Peter Bruce, Campism, Business Day
2005-06-28, Paul Craig Roberts, Blood Sacrifices for Empty Slogans
2005-06-28, Cheche, Council workers to join strike, News24

The general strike is massive!
2005-06-27, Demolition blitz in Harare, Sunday Times
2005-06-27, Willem Heath, Q and A, Sunday Times
2005-06-27, Satellite Imagery of the world
2005-06-27, US in talks with Iraq with Iraq rebels, London S Times
2005-06-27, Joburg roads closed for strike, Finance24

There Shall be Work and Security!
2005-06-26, NALEDI Newsletter, June 2005
2005-06-26, Theres no economic logic behind remuneration, Crotty, BRep
2005-06-26, Zees with Gardiner, if you think this was bad, wait until the next war, Counterpunch
2005-06-26, Press Conference 26th and BIG Summit 27th
2005-06-26, NEHAWU 18th Anniversary Rally, Zwelinzima Vavi, speech
2005-06-26, COSATU on Freedom Charter anniversary

World supremacists will fail
2005-06-25, Blade Nzimande to speak to NEHAWU rally
2005-06-25, Richards Bay protests, arrest of 90 job seekers
2005-06-25, SACTWU supports action against job losses
2005-06-25, Transport workers strike policy and colourless green lies
2005-06-25, Speech of Violet Seboni, NAMA, trade and market access
2005-06-25, ZCTU Solidarity message to COSATU
2005-06-25, ANC 2005 NGC document on organisational design
2005-06-25, Eric Hobsbawm, World supremacists will fail
2005-06-25, Mahmood Mamdani Seminar, HSRC 05-06-28
2005-06-24, COSATU demands decent work for all South Africans
2005-06-24, SACP supports COSATU action on Monday 27 June 2005
2005-06-24, SA up in arms over job losses, News24, 05-06-22
2005-06-24, SACCAWU on Metcash and COSATU Mass Action
2005-06-24, NUMSA thrilled with new deputy president
2005-06-24, Brown and Mde, Business Day, ANC gets into gear
2005-06-24, SACP on 50th Anniversary of the Freedom Charter
2005-06-24, Helena Cobban, Just World News, dimensions of US pullout
2005-06-24, YCL Political Education Programme
2005-06-24, Freedom Charter 50th Anniversary Celebrations - Transport

In a Time of Class Struggle
2005-06-23, COSATU Gauteng strike media conference 13h00 Germiston
2005-06-23, SACP on appointment of new Dep President
2005-06-23, COSATU on appointment of new Dep President, 05-06-22
2005-06-23, Gwede Mantashe, NUM, Phumzile in lions den
2005-06-23, Letters for Gleason, Business Day, 05-06-22
2005-06-23, Umsebenzionline on ANC NGC, Vol 4, No. 37, 05-06-22
2005-06-23, Vavi CHI meet, Constitution Hill, 13h30 June 28th, 2005
2005-06-23, YCL poster for June 29 march, Indlela Institute

The Indigent and the Filthy Stinking Rich
2005-06-22, Putting poor people first, News24
2005-06-22, Roberts, Bush Agenda in Iraq, Counterpunch
2005-06-22, George Monbiot, Bards of the powerful, Guardian
2005-06-22, Destroy the Unbelievers, Cloughley, Counterpunch

You can't fool all the people all the time
2005-06-21, SACP on charging of JZ
2005-06-21, COSATU on charging of JZ
2005-06-21, Exchange of messages with David Gleason
2005-06-21, William Blum, Counterpunch, Anti-Empire Report, June 05
2005-06-21, Jacob Dlamini, Business Day, Anxieties of the Bourgeoisie

Gleason Fired
2005-06-20, Bruce releases Gleason, 5-6-20, Business Day
2005-06-20, Letter and reply re Zuma and the proletariat
2005-06-20, Mbeki bids to seize high ground, 5-6-20, Business Day
2005-06-20, Mbeki ally home and dry in Mpumalanga, 5-6-20, Business Day
2005-06-20, With you David Gleason

Day of the Branch
2005-06-19, Zico Tamela, report on visit to Australia
2005-06-19, Crusaders bearing white mans burden, Mick Hume
2005-06-19, MacBush Situation Desperate, Ben Tripp, Counterpunch
2005-06-19, Cockburn, St Clair, Jackson, Juries and Lynch Mobs

Actions and Consequences
2005-06-18, COSATUs Madisha at Palestine meet, Workers Library 15h00 today
2005-06-18, COSATU on visit of Paul Wolfowitz
2005-06-18, COSATU, Shopsteward, 05-06, WHY LOWER EXCHANGE RATE
2005-06-18, ZIM CRISIS meeting, 20th June 11h00 Braamfontein
2005-06-18, US lied to Britain over napalm, Independent, London
2005-06-18, CIA and Bombing of Cubana Flight 455, Counterpunch

Struggle Continues
2005-06-17, Shopsteward, 05-06, CRUSH RACISM
2005-06-17, The Star, KZN premier pelted in demo for Zuma
2005-06-17, Ricardo Alarcon, Extradition US-Style, Counterpunch
2005-06-17, Posada Carriles, Cuban 5, Update
2005-06-17, Rahul Mahajan, Dual Power, Revolution, Reconquista
2005-06-17, Hilary, Bloodsuckers Summit, Counterpunch 05-06-15

Viva June 16 Heroes - Mobilise for June 18, 19, 27!
2005-06-16, COSATU Mobilising and Media alert for June 18, 2005
2005-06-16, Shopsteward, 05-06, END COMMERCIALISATION OF SERVICES
2005-06-16, Ann Crotty, B Report, How much lower wages

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
2005-06-15, Shopsteward, 05-06, PROPOSALS TO WEAKEN LABOUR LAWS
2005-06-15, SACP Statement on axing of Jacob Zuma
2005-06-15, Chiara Carter, Star, 5 Consequences of Zuma sacking
2005-06-15, Ron Paul, UN Bill Not What It Appears to Be, Antiwar
2005-06-15, Ray McGovern, The Secrets Out, Now What, Antiwar
2005-06-15, Paul Craig Roberts, Counterpunch, Bushs Willing Executioners
2005-06-15, Eland, Counterpunch, Make-Over to Disguise Ugly US Policy
2005-06-15, Wheeler,Counterpunch, Neo-Con Unfurls Big Picture
2005-06-15, Davis, Scalping Party

Day of Zuma
2005-06-14, Zuma axed, The Star, 05-06-14
2005-06-14, Zwelinzima Vavi, So Many Questions, STimes, 05-06-12
2005-06-14, Shopsteward, 05-06, JOBS and POVERTY CAMPAIGN Q and A
2005-06-14, The Take, film, 05-06-17, COSATU Hse, 14h30
2005-06-14, Network of Ethiopian Scholars, Press Release on killings
2005-06-14, Engelhardt and Johnson, USA and Rome compared

Flaming June
2005-06-13, Shopsteward, 05-06, END JOB LOSSES
2005-06-13, Cole, 05-06-12, Bush and Blair exposed
2005-06-13, Soffiyah, 05-06-12, Castro, No US Justice
2005-06-13, Gleason, Levers of Power Misused, BDay 05-06-13
2005-06-13, Grassroots members turf out Rasool, BDay 05-06-13
2005-06-13, IMF wants SA labour laws changed, BDay 05-06-13
2005-06-13, Letter, Mbeki has no power over Zuma, BDay 05-06-13

War and Peace
2005-06-12, Hedges, War, Realities and Myths

A lot happening
2005-06-11, Boateng Speaks
2005-06-11, Asshole in El Paso

South Africa, the World, and Heaven
2005-06-10, Gravois, de Soto, wait a minute
2005-06-10, Falkiner reply to Selepe on Gramsci and Hegemony
2005-06-10, Palestine Solidarity Committee, Madisha meet, 05-06-18
2005-06-10, Ehrenreich, Unions in the global economy

2005-06-09, AFRA, Letter to the Witness, reply to Sparks, de Soto
2005-06-09, Royston, Barking dogs, building bridges, contra de Soto 04-11-08
2005-06-09, Crotty, Star, 05-06-08, is graft the price of growth
2005-06-09, YCL Invitation to Political Class today
2005-06-09, Heath on Ngcuka political agenda re Zuma 05-06-09
2005-06-09, Business Day, support for Zuma building
2005-06-09, BDay Editorial, 05-06-09, Mandela nauseating
2005-06-09, Makhoba, Thandazani, BDay Letters, for Zuma
2005-06-09, Ron Press, I just do not understand

Events and comment
2005-06-08, Monare, Quintal, Fabricius, Tau, Star, Mbeki set to act on Zuma
2005-06-08, Makhura, Star, 05-06-06, Shotgun politics wont build houses
2005-06-08, Revolutionary Bolivia
2005-06-08, Mde, BDay, Mandela boost for Zuma
2005-06-08, Kebble, Afrika, BDay Letters

COSATU on Shaik, FXI on Harrismith
2005-06-07, COSATU Press Statement on Shabir Shaik Judgement
2005-06-07, FXI on dropping of sedition charges in Harrismith

Religion, Zuma, Iraq, Zimbabwe
2005-06-06, Cheche, The end of religion, reply to Joe Falkiner
2005-06-06, Gleason, BDay, 05-06-06, Political ends reached by judicial means
2005-06-06, Bruce, BDay, Zuma, Shaik, Kebble etc
2005-06-06, Brown, Mde, BDay Splash, Comment, Zuma
2005-06-06, Monare, Star, Zuma, Mbeki, ANCYL
2005-06-06, Iraqi Campaign for a Democratic Constitution, 2005-06-05
2005-06-06, Sacco, Rob, Peasant Revolution in Zim, reply to Bond

Tanzania, SA, USA
2005-06-05, ANC Discussion Documents for NGC 2005-06-29
2005-06-05, Craig Roberts, Counterpunch, production equals 10 mil in 300
2005-06-05, Shivji, Race and Politics is an explosive mix

Shaik Verdict
2005-06-04, COSATU on Shaik verdict
2005-06-04, Papo, Hope, condemn killing of women by partners
2005-06-04, YCLSA Invitation Youth Month Programme launch plus Nzimande

Class Struggles and Land Struggles
2005-06-02, Nzimande, Class struggles in 2nd decade of freedom
2005-06-02, SACP and NGOs meet on Land
2005-06-02, Hlatshwayo, Khanya, COSATU concept paper
2005-06-02, Furedi, French rejection of EU Constitution

Sedition Charges
2005-06-01, COSATU Press Statement on Sedition Charges
2005-06-01, COSATU General Secretary facing eviction
2005-06-01, Crotty, Bus Report, Anheuser-Busch and SAB
2005-06-01, Developing Countries Opting for Linux
2005-06-01, Johnstone, Counterpunch, Marie-George Buffet

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