This is the daily circulation of the Communist University, dated for the day on which it is to be sent out. It includes documents received from different organisations, notices of events, study texts, and a selection of items from the press. Click on an item to read it. To see the covering message that goes with these despatches, go to

2006-07-31, Friends, True and False, Israel Shamir, Counterpunch
2006-07-31, White Intervention, Michael Neumann, Counterpunch

No Apology
2006-07-30, Lenin on Women, 1919 – 1920
2006-07-30, Mixed birthday messages for SACP, Vukani Mde, Weekender
2006-07-30, We dabblers shall overwhelm the NEC, Vukani Mde, Weekender
2006-07-30, So who is it gonna be, Vukani Mde, Weekender
2006-07-30, From China with love and PS, Vukani Mde, Weekender

Fundamentals Of Change
2006-07-29, ANC on SACP 85th anniversary
2006-07-29, SACP Statement on its 85th anniversary
2006-07-29, SACP, 85 years of unbroken communist struggle in SA
2006-07-29, Kumba will be on strike come Sunday, Eddie Majadibodu, NUM
2006-07-29, COSATU 9th Congress political discussion doc, Fundamental Change

Revolution or Neoliberalism
2006-07-28, Lawyers in Neoliberalism, Shivji, 2006

Peace The Priority
2006-07-27, Nothing Good Can Come from This War, Uri Avnery, Counterpunch
2006-07-27, More Than 100 Iraqis Being Killed Each Day, P Cockburn, Counterpunch
2006-07-27, FAWU calling Kraft consumer boycott, national, international action

Mass And Constitution
2006-07-26, Procedure of Meetings, Rules of Debate, Hannington, 1950
2006-07-26, WTO talks collapse, statement of COSATU
2006-07-26, Challenges facing labour movements, Wits University, 060728-31
2006-07-26, ANC NEC statement following NEC of 060721-22
2006-07-26, Death of Themba Manyathi, statement of COSATU

2006-07-25, SACP Constitution, 2005
2006-07-25, Rob Amato, respected writer on legal issues, The Star
2006-07-25, Rob Amato, tribute from COSATU
2006-07-25, Chris Hani Bara Transfomation Project Update 060719
2006-07-25, ITF Congress press conference and running order
2006-07-25, Schoombee Landgoed and Kwality Biscuit strikes, FAWU

We Are All Hizbullah
2006-07-24, Cosatu pushes for electoral changes, Sunday Times
2006-07-24, Cosatu wants constituency-based electoral system, Sindy
2006-07-24, Neo-liberalism, reformism, populism and ultra-leftism, Cronin, 2005

Empire Versus Democracy
2006-07-22, British empire brutality continues, Richard Gott, The Guardian
2006-07-22, The Shame of Being An American, Paul Craig Roberts, Counterpunch
2006-07-22, Z Vavi input at launch of HSRC book Trade Unions and Democracy
2006-07-22, Democracy degenerates to a road show, Gauteng Media Release

Reform or Revolution
2006-07-21, Reform or Revolution, compilation, Luxemburg, 1908
2006-07-21, Umsebenzi Online, 85 Years of Unbroken Communist Struggle
2006-07-21, Why Hezbollah is Winning, William Lind, Counterpunch

International Brigade
2006-07-20, COSATU meets Leila Khaled
2006-07-20, Free the Five meeting 060707
2006-07-20, Spanish Civil War, 70 Years On - Deafening Silence, Counterpunch

Working Class Action
2006-07-19, Leila Khaled to meet COSATU, Invitation to the media
2006-07-19, COSATU supports striking bus drivers
2006-07-19, NUMSA plans marches over tariff reductions
2006-07-19, Three more COSATU Provincial Congresses this weekend
2006-07-19, State of the state panel discussion Con Hill 060724

2006-07-18, Insane Brutality of the State of Israel, Christison, Counterpunch
2006-07-18, Dishonesty of language of terrorism, Crispin Hemson, Business Day
2006-07-18, COSATU not supporting Solidarity
2006-07-18, ANC-COSATU Bilateral 060717
2006-07-18, SACP Mpumalanga 6th Provincial Congress report

Write, Act, Write
2006-07-17, Mashuganas, Ron Press
2006-07-17, Echoes of the Wehrmacht, Gilad Atzmon, Counterpunch
2006-07-17, Zuma prison visit to Derby-Lewis and Walus, Monare, Sindy
2006-07-17, Shifting discourse on racial identity, Jeremy Cronin, Sindy

Mobilise Mass Support
2006-07-16, SA Muslims not targeted by SA government, Pahad and Jeenah
2006-07-16, SACP PB response to ANC NWC, leading NDR or managing capitalism
2006-07-16, SATAWU on Fidelity Springbok unilateral abuse
2006-07-16, Calls for Hani, Mbeki probes test NPA, Brown and Mde, Weekender
2006-07-16, Navigating the great divide, Brown and Mde, Weekender
2006-07-16, Import boom leaves poor in the dust, Makgetla, Business Day
2006-07-16, Con Hill 060719 17h00, CSVR Legacy of suffering seminar, invite

Join The Palestine Solidarity Campaign
2006-07-15, COSATU and CEPPWAWU condemn police action against demo
2006-07-15, Israelis feed so as to continue to kill, Tanya Reinhart, Counterpunch
2006-07-15, SACP high level 85th Anniversary delegation to China
2006-07-15, ITGLWF concern with factory in Guangdong, China
2006-07-15, 17h15 060802, Con Hill, Developmental State, Wolpe Seminar

Battle Lines
2006-07-14, Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State, Engels, 1884
2006-07-14, SACCAWU battle lines drawn with Shoprite Checkers
2006-07-14, Revolution of wheeled variety needed, Sean Muller, Business Day
2006-07-14, The sinister intent and new measures of the Bush Plan against Cuba
2006-07-14, Washington Plots Regime Change, Pertierra, Counterpunch

Truth Must Come Out
2006-07-13, Hani murder right-wing plot, News24, plus SACP statement
2006-07-13, Confronting Racism Head On, Dave Zirin, Counterpunch

2006-07-12, Cleared without being investigated, Karima Brown, Business Day
2006-07-12, SACP Mpumalanga 6th Provincial Congress, 060714
2006-07-12, SACP statement on developments in Sahrawi Republic
2006-07-12, Vavi, Trade Unions and Democracy, Con Hill 060720
2006-07-12, An Obituary - Prof Chachage

Solidarity For Palestine
2006-07-11, COSATU, SACC, PSC Media Statement on Palestine

Scoundrel Time
2006-07-10, SA millionaire boom, Simpiwe Piliso, Sunday Times
2006-07-10, House divided cripples ANC, Mbele and Malefane, Sunday Times
2006-07-10, Darkness, by Ron Press

Marx V Marxists and other contradictions
2006-07-09, Dialego, What is Dialectical Materialism, John Hoffman, 1976
2006-07-09, How the Marxists Buried Marx, Cyril Smith, 1998
2006-07-09, Thinking out of the matchbox, Glen Mills, Business Day
2006-07-09, On Co-operation, Lenin, 1923

COSATU House, 10th, For Gaza
2006-07-08, COSATU condemnation of Gaza massacre, Media Conference
2006-07-08, Israeli experiment in human despair, Cook, Counterpunch
2006-07-08, Tortured Fragments of History, Stan Winer
2006-07-08, MDC Youth Assembly Condemns Attack On Party Officials

Which Side Are You On?
2006-07-07, SACP open letter to the Israeli Embassy in South Africa
2006-07-07, On Proletarian Culture, Lenin, 1920

On The Ball
2006-07-06, Umsebenzi Online Vol 5, No. 59, 05 July 2006, Eye On The Ball
2006-07-06, Policies do not benefit the poor, Zwelinzima Vavi, The Star
2006-07-06, A thousand flowers in full bloom, Sipho Seepe, Business Day

Bourgeois Thuggery
2006-07-05, MP Trudy Stevenson and others attacked by Tsvangirai thugs

2006-07-04, Cuban Foreign Minister Perez Roque to African Union Ministerial
2006-07-04, A Mockery of Justice, Counterpunch
2006-07-04, Mexico labour rebels, David Bacon, The Nation
2006-07-04, PUDEMO Mlumati Declaration, 1st July 2006
2006-07-04, ANCYL on appointment of National Youth Commissioners
2006-07-04, SACP Gauteng to launch a public transport signature campaign

Mandarins And Javelins
2006-07-03, Zuma, Thint apply to have case struck off, state dithers, Sindy
2006-07-03, Cabinet Scorpions decision has sting in tail, City Press
2006-07-03, Dogs of war shown as braying asses, Sunday Times
2006-07-03, Corvette deal mired in bribery and corruption allegation, Sindy
2006-07-03, SACP shifts to anarchism, Rubben Mohlaloga, City Press
2006-07-03, Union regions debate future of ANC alliance, Da Costa, Sindy

2006-07-02, COSATU on the way forward in the WTO Doha Round
2006-07-02, NUM dispute at Impala Platinum over single sex hostels
2006-07-02, Psycho-Management hits Mexican maquiladoras, Moses, Counterpunch
2006-07-02, Maduna, Tshwarisano, Sasol seal BEE deal, Reuters, Business Day
2006-07-02, Speech to Political Education Workers Conference, Lenin, 1920

Peking Duck
2006-07-01, Revolutionary Mandarins and legal Marxism, ANC Today
2006-07-01, Africa in danger of Doha runaround, Makgetla, Business Day
2006-07-01, Days of support of the Cuban Five, COSATU Weekly
2006-07-01, A perfect hedge, Letter, Business Day
2006-07-01, Left Wing Communism, an Infantile Disorder, Redaction, Lenin, 1920

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