"What's my Name, Fool?"
2005-07-31, Hiroshima plus 60, meet Teheran, Cobban, JWN
2005-07-31, No Stinking Badges, Prather, Antiwar.com
2005-07-31, Whats my name, fool, Zirin, Counterpunch

Reclaiming Our Hegemony
2005-07-30, Get used to unflinching labour, Bodibe, BDay
2005-07-30, Workers angry about wages and policy, Terry Bell, BRep
2005-07-30, Best retirement policy - job creation, Makgetla, BDay
2005-07-30, The rich world is playing dirty, Tayob, BDay
2005-07-30, Excerpts Fidels Speech 26-07-05

Struggle for Democracy
2005-07-29, SACP to march for general blacklisting amnesty

2005-07-28, ALARM memo to National Land Summit

National Land Summit
2005-07-27, Civil Society Activities at National Land Summit

July 26th
2005-07-26, Denunciation doesnt work , Clarke, Guardian
2005-07-26, No tails or tridents, Gary Young, Guardian
2005-07-26, Silence of the Sheep in Israel, Avnery, Counterpunch
2005-07-26, This is now an unwinnable conflict, Cockburn, IOL

July 25th
2005-07-25, Mkeki on Bokke
2005-07-25, Patriotic whites join ANCYL, News 24
2005-07-25, The UN, the US and the Cuban 5, Counterpunch

2005-07-24, To ensure the land is shared, ANC Today, Land Summit I
2005-07-24, To faster land reform , ANC Today, Land Summit II
2005-07-24, COSATU supports SAA and Pick n Pay strikers
2005-07-24, YCL Agenda for Policy-Strategy Conf., 11-14 August

SACP National Activities & Communist University
2005-07-23, Transforming the Financial Sector, FSCC
2005-07-23, Land summit activities
2005-07-23, Umsebenzi Online Vol 5 No 39, 05-07-20
2005-07-23, To be educated in order to be free, Cuba

A luta continua
2005-07-22, Capital, Class and State in Global Political Economy, Tabb, 2005
2005-07-22, COSATU to demonstrate at domestic worker rape trial
2005-07-22, Clergymen attacked, detained in Zim

The world we live in
2005-07-21, The Second Age of the Third World, Moore, 2004
2005-07-21, The Crock of Appeasement, Juan Cole, Antiwar
2005-07-21, Fine line between empowerment, cronyism, Makgetla BDay

Things people send
2005-07-20, From Public Goods to Public Accumulation, Moore, 2003

2005-07-19, ANC Gauteng tribute to Cde Lawrance Phokanoka
2005-07-19, COSATU congratulates Cde Nelson Mandela on his 87th birthday
2005-07-19, Zwelinzima Vavi to visit KwaZulu Natal
2005-07-19, Will truth go south on Telesur news
2005-07-19, ANC NGC Consolidated Report on NDR and Organisation

Marx, man of the moment
2005-07-18, Why Marx is man of the moment
2005-07-18, Operation Restore Order in Zimbabwe, COSATU
2005-07-18, Mbeki acts on Zimbabwe crisis
2005-07-18, Damage from Hurricane Dennis in Cuba
2005-07-18, ANC NGC Commissions 11 and 12, Ideological Struggle and Cadre Development

Day of meetings
2005-07-17, Leaflet, There are things you can do about eviction
2005-07-17, ANC NGC Commissions 9 and 10, Social Transformation

July 22nd, and daily struggles
2005-07-16, Bree street evictions barbaric
2005-07-16, Evictions unconstitutional, News24, Johannesburg
2005-07-16, ANC NGC Commissions 7 and 8, Peace and Stability

Cuba Cafe and things
2005-07-15, Cuba Cafe 2005
2005-07-15, Police fire rubber bullets at AIDS-drugs protesters, B Day
2005-07-15, 6 months only for importer to sell Mandela-branded coins B Day
2005-07-15, Working up to a permanent job, Business Day
2005-07-15, ANC NGC Commissions 5 and 6, Legislature, Governance and Constitutional Affairs

SAMWU strike, Ayob allegations, more NGC
2005-07-14, Baby Talk (letter to Business Day)
2005-07-14, Bizarre ANC plan to save SA rag trade
2005-07-14, Johannesburg hardest hit by national strike, B Day
2005-07-14, Mandela had me ostracised
2005-07-14, Madiba obsessed with money, The Star
2005-07-14, 3 and 4, Theory of Development

2005-07-13, 1 and 2, International Relations
2005-07-13, Swazi king refuses to sign new Constitution into law
2005-07-13, Workers demands are unaffordable

Digesting the NGC decisions
2005-07-12, Traditions used, not followed, Mde and Brown, B Day
2005-07-12, Alliance tensions simmer over labour law reforms
2005-07-12, Government to press ahead with labour reform
2005-07-12, ANC NGC Consolidated Report on NDR and Organisation
2005-07-12, ANC NGC Consolidated Report on Sectoral Strategies

Gauteng General Strike, September 24
2005-07-11, Zuma vote was based on bad info
2005-07-11, Stop Mbeki, ANCYL
2005-07-11, Monster of the moment

Organising towards September 5 and beyond
2005-07-10, A man for our times, Tripp, Counterpunch

Struggle continues
2005-07-08, Ron Press, Organize or Starve
2005-07-08, PUDEMO Commemoration, 9-07-2005
2005-07-08, London Marx-Hegel Reading Group

Other moves
2005-07-07, Labour paving way for giant federation, B Rep
2005-07-07, Reminder for SA business, Friedman, B Day
2005-07-07, Paying for white privatopias, B Day

Still unfolding
2005-07-06, ANC NGC, Umsebenzi Online, Vol 5 No 38
2005-07-06, Scorned populists parodied at SAs own peril, B Day
2005-07-06, Democracy and cash are on the ANC agenda, IOL
2005-07-06, Mbeki cant run ANC like a company CEO, IOL
2005-07-06, Africas new best friends, Monbiot, Guardian
2005-07-06, SABC and COSATU, Joint Statement

Picking up the gains
2005-07-05, Alliance partners fight off wage plan
2005-07-05, ANC shelves labour reforms
2005-07-05, Labour Laws Alone do not kill jobs, Alide Dasnois
2005-07-05, Dark cloud of nepotism, Patrick Lawrence, SIndependent
2005-07-05, Mbekis four days of hell, Star
2005-07-05, COSATU statement on the ANC NGC
2005-07-05, From Joe Falkiner

Battles Won
2005-07-04, Zero to hero in an afternoon, Sunday Times
2005-07-04, ANC NGC with a human face
2005-07-04, ANC, We remain a force of the left
2005-07-04, Autocratic leadership, William Gumede
2005-07-04, ANC turns on Mbeki, Sunday Times
2005-07-04, Mbeki fights for ANC control, News24
2005-07-04, Zuma rebellion rocks ANC elite
2005-07-04, Umrabulo, Commissioning the custody of nations

The Sublime and the Quotidian
2005-07-03, Help Africa, GR8, Ron Press

Strong week, more to follow
2005-07-02, COSATU Weekly 1-7 July
2005-07-02, Forward to the Peoples Contract, Thabo Mbeki, ANC Today
2005-07-02, State of Organisation, Kgalema Motlanthe, ANC Today
2005-07-02, Zuma back to do his job, News24
2005-07-02, US Cries Foul Over China Fair Play, Antiwar

ANC NGC drama
2005-07-01, COSATU Paper, ANC NGC, Political Strategy and Organisational Issues
2005-07-01, COSATU Paper, ANC NGC, Development and Underdevelopment
2005-07-01, Unity in Action in the USA, V. Rodino, Counterpunch
2005-07-01, ANC must deal with leadership rows, IOL
2005-07-01, Zuma back in ANC structures

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