This is the daily circulation of the Communist University, dated for the day on which it is to be sent out. It includes documents received from different organisations, notices of events, study texts, and a selection of items from the press. Click on an item to read it. To see the covering messages that go along with these despatches, go to

New Broom Locked In Cupboard
2008-01-31, A spent force in the path of democracy, Sipho Seepe, B Day
2008-01-31, A nation crippled, Barry Sergeant, Fear and Loathing, Moneyweb
2008-01-31, AFRICANUS, Journal of Development Studies, Contents

Democracy or Underdevelopment
2008-01-30, Capitalism and racist forms of political domination, David Masondo
2008-01-30, Booming economy spurned energy crisis - Zuma, Sapa, IOL
2008-01-30, Shut down the aluminium smelters, Jaxon Rice, Thought Leader
2008-01-30, Coal solution is just a request away, Ann Crotty, B Report
2008-01-30, All power plants under capacity, S Enslin-Payne, B Report

Dual Power
2008-01-29, Dual power, living legacy of the Great October Revolution, Nzimande, 2007

2008-01-29, ANC 52nd National Conference 2007, International Relations
2008-01-29, ANC 52nd NC 2007, Communications and the Battle of Ideas
2008-01-29, Recognition of Chinese apartheid travails, Darryl Accone, S Times
2008-01-29, Eskom crisis and jobs, COSATU Media Release
2008-01-29, Q and A, Jeremy Cronin talks to Chris Barron, Sunday Times

2008-01-28, Introduction to Critique of Political Economy, Karl Marx, 1857
2008-01-28, ANC 52nd National Conference 2007, Peace and Stability
2008-01-28, Recreation of Communist Party in SA in 1950s, Johns, ASQ
2008-01-28, YCL National Committee Lekgotla, 24-26 January 2008
2008-01-28, Passing of SADTU DGS Don Pasquallie, YCL, SADTU, COSATU

Once And For All
2008-01-27, ANC 52nd National Conference 2007, Rural Development
2008-01-27, ANC 52nd NC 2007, Transformation of State and Governance
2008-01-27, Government for people, by people, Polokwane Resolutions III, ANC Today
2008-01-27, Speech by COSATU GS Zwelinzima Vavi at Swartruggens

One And Only ANC
2008-01-26, ANC 52nd National Conference 2007, Resolution on Economic Transformation
2008-01-26, ANC 52nd National Conference 2007, Resolution on Climate Change
2008-01-26, Top ANC official denies SA government post rumours, Reuters
2008-01-26, Imvuselelo ANC Branch Handbook, short version
2008-01-26, SA Government Electricity Emergency Programme (GCIS)
2008-01-26, National Electricity Emergency, GCIS background notes

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
2008-01-25, Messages on the passing of John Gomomo, 24 January 2008
2008-01-25, ANC 52nd National Conference 2007, Social Transformation
2008-01-25, Importance of CP as revolutionary organisation, Wimmer, CPV
2008-01-25, Bread Prices and Competition Probe, FAWU
2008-01-25, Load Shedding Debate, Cedric Gina, NUMSA e-mail discussion, and a response
2008-01-25, YCL Extended Plenary of National Committee 25-27 January 2008

Dogs Bark. Caravan Must Move On.
2008-01-24, ANC 52nd National Conference 2007, Organisational Renewal
2008-01-24, DA caucus split as dual leadership sows discord, Ensor, B Day
2008-01-24, Another top Scorpion held, Maughan and Mtyala, The Star
2008-01-24, Top Scorpion arrested for drunk driving, Sapa, Mail and Guardian
2008-01-24, SACP Johannesburg Central Branch 2008 Schedule

Too Much Nonsense
2008-01-23, Convicted apartheid assassin Ferdi Barnard applies for pardon, SABC
2008-01-23, Media gets it wrong on Lubowski says NPA, IOL
2008-01-23, Dubious and dubiouser, James Myburgh, Politicsweb
2008-01-23, Switching our focus to the third centre of power, Mike Muller, B Day
2008-01-23, Recent power cuts by Eskom, SACP Media Release
2008-01-23, Tshwane Metrorail management team suspended, IOL

Contrarians, Antinomians, and Malcontents
2008-01-22, How to be a good Communist, Liu Shaoqi, 1939
2008-01-22, ANC National Executive Committee Statement, 20 January 2008
2008-01-22, Beyond knee-jerk gloom over ANC, Anthony Butler, Business Day
2008-01-22, Did Eskom attempt to plan for demand surge, DEBATE, 21 January 2008
2008-01-22, A lose-lose situation, Anonymous News24 User, 21 January 2008

Sack The Incompetents! Democratise Control!
2008-01-21, Power for the people must be state priority, Editorial, Sindy
2008-01-21, Crisis meetings to end Eskom chaos, Naidu, Gordin, others, Sindy
2008-01-21, Fallen heroes, sacred facts, Andrew Murray, Guardian
2008-01-21, Communist Manifesto, Proletarians and Communists, 1848

2008-01-20, Days of mongrel donkeys, Barry Sergeant, Moneyweb
2008-01-20, Eskom load shedding crisis, COSATU Media Release
2008-01-20, Truth is always the first casualty, Brendan Seery, Saturday Star
2008-01-20, Pity the Brahmins, Reverse Discrimination in India, P Sainath, Counterpunch
2008-01-20, Gaza protest, 10h00, Adderley St, Cape Town, 26 January 2008

ANC Today With Feedback
2008-01-19, The voice of the ANC must be heard, Jacob Zuma, ANC Today
2008-01-19, Creating decent work opportunities, Polokwane Resolutions II
2008-01-19, There is one ANC and it belongs to all, Fikile Mbalula, The Star

No More Power Cuts! Potlines, Out!
2008-01-17, Red Alert, Class, ideological and mass struggles post-Polokwane, Blade Nzimande
2008-01-17, It is time for decisive leadership, Mathews Phosa, Star
2008-01-17, Massage rates, says Cronin, Donwald Pressly, Business Report
2008-01-17, Bigger fish to fry than messy Zuma finances, Lester, Sunday Times
2008-01-17, Britain plotted overthrow of Italian Communists, Times, London
2008-01-17, Paradigms of land reform in SA, Roger Roman, Land for Peace

Media Failure
2008-01-16, Statement of the ANC National Working Committee, Media Release
2008-01-16, Land, Bread, Work, SACP Media Release
2008-01-16, Rising bread prices immoral following bread price fixing, FAWU
2008-01-16, COSATU condemns racist murder, Media Release
2008-01-16, Mass Mobilisation, Caring Society, ANC 2008 Statement, Abridged

Criminal Justice
2008-01-15, Our criminal justice system, SACP Media Release
2008-01-15, Bread price rise, COSATU Media Release
2008-01-15, COSATU neglects workers for national politics, Mawande Jack, Herald
2008-01-15, Workers down tools at Zebedelia, Frank Maponya, Sowetan
2008-01-15, Communist Party of Britain on bogus CPGB and Weekly Worker
2008-01-15, Gaza lift the blockade, convoy, 26 January 2008

Revolutionary Dialogue
2008-01-14, Communist Manifesto, Bourgeois and Proletarians, 1848
2008-01-14, Judicial, Parliamentary intervention on Vusi Pikoli matter, YCL
2008-01-14, Jackie Selebi matter, YCL Media Release
2008-01-14, ANC NWC elected January 2008, compared to January 2003
2008-01-14, MDC rolls out New Zimbabwe Campaign rallies, Media Release
2008-01-14, Battle for the soul of SACP, Peter Manson, Weekly Worker

Mass Mobilisation = Caring Society
2008-01-13, Mass Mobilisation to Build a Caring Society, ANC 2008 Statement
2008-01-13, 96th Anniversary of the ANC, SACP Message
2008-01-13, COSATU to ANC on the occasion of the 96th Anniversary
2008-01-13, The one and only ANC, Jacob Zuma, President, ANC Today
2008-01-13, Schools, health care, poverty, Polokwane Resolutions 1, ANC Today

Selebi The Brave
2008-01-12, Selebi rocks Scorpions, Alex Eliseev, The Star
2008-01-12, Bulelani Ngcuka still controls some Scorpions, Jovial Rantao The Star
2008-01-12, NPA sought to derail Nel probe - police, Alex Eliseev, The Star
2008-01-12, Scorpions withheld footage says Selebi, Alex Eliseev, The Star
2008-01-12, Selebi v NDPP, DSO and Justice Minister, January 2008, PDF

Biter Bit
2008-01-10, ANC elects working committee, SAPA, The Times
2008-01-10, Stats SA credibility under fire, Ethel Hazelhurst, Business Report
2008-01-10, Why Tutu was a godsend for Kibaki, David Anderson, Business Day
2008-01-10, Joe Slovo Lecture, Prospects for Socialism, 18 January 2008, CHI

ANC NEC and other statements
2008-01-09, Statement of the ANC National Executive Committee, 8 January 2008
2008-01-09, Open letter Chaskalson and Bizos, Paul Ngobeni
2008-01-09, Community Household Survey 2007
2008-01-09, Social Dialogue On Surplus Maize As Source For Biofuel, FAWU
2008-01-09, Introduce subsidized, quality school uniforms, YCL

Spectre of Communism
2008-01-07, 01, Wage Labour & Capital, 1847
2008-01-07, Outrageous plans by private hospitals to increase fees, SACP
2008-01-07, 13th Anniversary of the passing away of Cde Joe Slovo, SACP
2008-01-07, YCL remembers Joe Slovo
2008-01-07, Zuma tells supporters to stay calm, Jeremy Gordin, Sapa, Sindy
2008-01-07, Zuma vs Mbeki - On a point of law, Brendan Boyle, Politically Correct

Educate, Organise, Mobilise
2008-01-04, I acted under a pressure - Kivuitu, Isaac Ongiri, The Standard

Twenty-O-Eight - No More Wait
2008-01-01, Umsebenzi Online, box for new subscribers
2008-01-01, Build Active, Safe, Healthy Communities, SACP 2008 New Year Message
2008-01-01, COSATU, New Year message for 2008

Another Stolen Bourgeois Election
2008-01-01, Kibaki wins Kenya vote, protests erupt, Wallis and Kanina, Reuters
2008-01-01, Kenya suspends live broadcasts, News24
2008-01-01, US and Britain call for acceptance of results, Kenneth Ogosia, Daily Nation
2008-01-01, Fidel Castro to Cuban National Assembly, No day I didn't learn something
2008-01-01, Indictment served 28 December 2007, Michael Hulley, Attorney for JZ

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