This is the daily circulation of the Communist University, dated for the day on which it is to be sent out. It includes documents received from different organisations, notices of events, study texts, and a selection of items from the press. Click on an item to read it. To see the covering messages that go along with these despatches, go to

Class Project
2007-01-31, 3 Sources and 3 Component Parts of Marxism, Lenin, 1913
2007-01-31, Buzan, Use Your Head, Learning Techniques 1974 and Tweedie, 2004
2007-01-31, Government too willing to be US proxy, Karima Brown, B Day
2007-01-31, Perlman quits SABC after list furore, Ernest Mabuza, Business Day
2007-01-31, Shareholders attack Liberty Macozoma buy-back, Rob Rose, B Day

Archbishop Americus
2007-01-30, Do We Really Need an ICC, Diana Johnstone, Counterpunch
2007-01-30, Congress Declaration and new leadership, CWU Media Release
2007-01-30, Farm evictions increase, Sama Yende, Ledwaba, City Press
2007-01-30, Make way for wild animals, Wonder Hlongwa, City Press
2007-01-30, Feb 14 Valentine evening with Ntando at Bassline, Jhb, R180

God Save Us From Our Friends
2007-01-29, Cosatu must walk the talk, Christelle Terreblanche, Sunday Independent
2007-01-29, Johannesburg Labour-Urban Federation, Fourth Draft
2007-01-29, Faith is an obstacle to healing, Michael Lapsley, Sunday Independent
2007-01-29, Human rights must not be trampled, Ronnie Kasrils, Sunday Times

Down With War
2007-01-28, Arms deal was opening act in Greek tragedy of ANC, Editorial, Weekender
2007-01-28, Battlefield icon Rattray slain in botched robbery, Tim Cohen, Weekender
2007-01-28, YCL National Committee press briefing, COSATU Hse today 11h00

Gone Ballistic
2007-01-27, Pentagon hunkers down in Africa, Charles Cobb, Mail and Guardian
2007-01-27, Genius behind the China satellite kill, Victor Mallet, Business Day
2007-01-27, Briefing by Deputy Minister Aziz Pahad, 24 January 2007
2007-01-27, Buzan, Use Your Head, Learning Techniques 1974 and Tweedie, 2004
2007-01-27, 3 Sources and 3 Component Parts of Marxism, Lenin, 1913

Dictatorship Of The Proletariat
2007-01-26, The ANC Lekgotla, COSATU Media Release
2007-01-26, COSATU condemns Myanmar regime, COSATU Media Release
2007-01-26, Joint Statement of YCL and Gauteng Liquor Board

Links To
2007-01-25, SACP on US labelling the two Dockrats as terrorists
2007-01-25, COSATU 9th Congress Film index, links and instructions
2007-01-25, Bostrobalikala

Road Test
2007-01-24, COSATU 9th Congress Film index, links and instructions
2007-01-24, Who should pay school fees, John Pampallis, Business Day
2007-01-24, Whose crisis in Somalia, Omar de Kock, The Star

Stroll On
2007-01-23, The Thick End of the Wedge, Peter Bruce, Business Day
2007-01-23, COSATU walkout narrowly averted, Brown and Ensor, B Day
2007-01-23, The NDR and Socialism, COSATU 9th National Congress Resolution
2007-01-23, One Hundred Years of Jewish Solitude, Gilad Atzmon, Counterpunch
2007-01-23, US cannot be trusted on Somalia, Hans Pienaar, The Star

The Question Is Put
2007-01-22, BEE helps white capital more than black majority, Nzimande, S Times
2007-01-22, Cronin warns ANC not to suppress dissent, B Boyle, S Times
2007-01-22, So many questions with Tony Ehrenreich , Chris Barron, S Times
2007-01-22, Heat back on prosecution bosses, wa ka Ngobeni and Lubisi, S Times
2007-01-22, Theresa, I wish they had hanged me, Victor Khupiso, Sunday Times

Truth Matters
2007-01-21, NPA women win battle to clear names, Karyn Maughan, The Star
2007-01-21, Myth of US as saviour of the world, Lourens Ackermann, Weekender
2007-01-21, False accusers must be held accountable, Editorial, Weekender
2007-01-21, ANC and Telkom sale, Carol Paton, Financial Mail
2007-01-21, ANC Western Cape ethnic wrangling, Carol Paton, Financial Mail

Leadership, Dealership
2007-01-20, Relation of working class to state power, Mohubetswane Alex Mashilo
2007-01-20, Place the branch at the centre of struggle, ANC Today, 070119
2007-01-20, ANC and business, soul for sale, Carol Paton, Financial Mail
2007-01-20, ANC finance, untold millions, Carol Paton, Financial Mail
2007-01-20, SA should not send troops to Somalia, Richard Cornwell, M and G

Trust The People
2007-01-19, Slovo, democracy and socialism, Jeremy Cronin at CHI, 070119
2007-01-19, SACP stakes claim as alliance equal, Karima Brown, Business Day
2007-01-19, We reject apartheidification and lottering of justice, YCLSA
2007-01-19, Steady march to war on Iran, Virginia Tilley, Counterpunch

Organised Working Class
2007-01-18, Umsebenzi Online, Vol 6, No. 1, 17 Jan 2007, The Policy Year
2007-01-18, Cosatu has key to Adult World, Renee Grawitzky, Business Report
2007-01-18, Profile of COSATU, January 2007
2007-01-18, Join the Young Communist League
2007-01-18, Ceasefire condemns US action in Somalia, Ceasefire Campaign

Legalising Ourselves
2007-01-17, We deserve better, YCLSA
2007-01-17, Hlomelang, January 2007
2007-01-17, Communist University 2007

Somali Guernica
2007-01-16, SACP Condemns US military attacks on Somalia

Imperialism Cause Of War
2007-01-15, Outcry grows over US role in Somali attacks, D Thompson, City Press
2007-01-15, SA cannot join proxy war in Somalia, Editorial, City Press
2007-01-15, YCL condemns gruesome US intervention in Somalia

Way Forward
2007-01-14, ANC January 8 Statement 2007
2007-01-14, COSATU 2007 year planner
2007-01-14, The ANSA alternative

Point Man Quisling
2007-01-13, Surge and Mirrors, Paul Craig Roberts, Counterpunch
2007-01-13, Less than zero, William S Lind, Counterpunch
2007-01-13, Somalia needs African solidarity, T Mbeki, ANC Today Jan 12
2007-01-13, Remarks by Bush and Mbeki at Photo Opportunity, White House
2007-01-13, Road map to new democratic Swaziland, PUDEMO 6th Congress, Dec 2006

You Have Been Told
2007-01-12, SACP message on 95th Anniversary of the ANC

Struggle for Democracy and against Imperialism continues
2007-01-11, Issa Shivji, Somalia next Afghanistan plus Iraq
2007-01-11, Chavez No Se Va, VIC

US strafing Africa villages
2007-01-10, YCLSA Joe Slovo Right to Learn Campaign

Slovo, Ngugi, Goethe, PUDEMO, Iraq, Palestine
2007-01-09, Joe Slovo Memorial Lecture, CHI, COSATU House, Jan 18
2007-01-09, Royal empire crumbling, Mario Masuku, 6th PUDEMO Congress
2007-01-09, COSATU President Willie Madisha to 6th PUDEMO Congress
2007-01-09, Self-licking ice cream cone of war, Werther, Counterpunch
2007-01-09, Apartheid Israel, Road for Jews, Shulamit Aloni, Counterpunch

Imperialism Out
2007-01-08, Ethiopia and Somalia, Mohamed Hassan, from WPB

Qualitative Change
2007-01-06, SACP on 12th Anniversary of passing of Cde Joe Slovo
2007-01-06, Labour Movement Services, MS Word file
2007-01-06, Reading list of books for 2007 CU Programme

Rule Six Point Four
2007-01-03, Critical year ahead for SACP, Patrick Laurence, The Star
2007-01-03, To The Star Letters Editor re Patrick Laurence

2007-01-01, Message to the Tricontinental, Che Guevara, 1967
2007-01-01, Communist University Programme for 2007

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