This is the daily circulation of the Communist University. It includes documents received from different organisations, notices of events, study texts, and a selection of items from the press. Click on an item to read it. To see the covering message that goes with these despatches, go to

Horvitch Obituaries and Nepal
2006-01-31, Ike Horvitch, Obituary, The Guardian, London
2006-01-31, Ike Horvitch, Obituary, Independent, London
2006-01-31, Ike Horvitch, Keeper of Freedom, Camden New Journal
2006-01-31, Nepal, elections without candidates

Fun With Lawyers
2006-01-30, Tony Leon, Denial of the Week, Hogarth, Sunday Times
2006-01-30, Bulelani Ngcuka, No Prima Facie Evidence, Hogarth, S Times
2006-01-30, Engels, Socialism, Utopian and Scientific 2, Science of Dialectics, 1880

Union Business
2006-01-29, Jobs data, Dutch disease, Makgetla, Business Day
2006-01-29, Any old job not always good, Terry Bell, Business Report
2006-01-29, Joint Press Release on the Transnet Dispute (4 unions)
2006-01-29, Mabaso resignation report in Saturday Star
2006-01-29, To Fraternal and Friendly Parties from Iraqi CP

For Peace, Against Racism, Colonialism and War
2006-01-28, Abramoff, Another Racist Out to Defraud, Counterpunch
2006-01-28, Myths of Zionism, Kasrils, M and G
2006-01-28, US idiot Bolton orders impossible in Syria, Counterpunch
2006-01-28, Nuclear Violence, Suren Pillay, Counterpunch
2006-01-28, SACP statement on passing of Schafick Handal of El Salvador

Never Threaten
2006-01-27, Leon-Abramoff, threats from DA Lawyers
2006-01-27, Yapping DA out of place in Africa, du Preez, Star
2006-01-27, Amnesty, US violating rights of Cuban Five, Counterpunch
2006-01-27, FAWU on abuse of elderly farm worker
2006-01-27, 1919 and 1920, Lenin on Women, compilation

Momentum Already
2006-01-26, YCL - Investigate Russell Crystal and Tony Leon of DA
2006-01-26, Zuma is not in any camp and he seeks justice, Star
2006-01-26, SACP Northern Cape 22nd January PEC Statement
2006-01-26, Communists dismiss 14 independent candidates
2006-01-26, Jan 26th Public Lecture, Shift Housing Focus Trust

At Last
2006-01-25, Caudwell, The Concept of Freedom, 1938
2006-01-25, Blast from the past - Abramoff, Crystal, Leon, Williamson, M and G
2006-01-25, YCL to march for jobs for Youth and Women
2006-01-25, SACP statement on US provocations against Cuba
2006-01-25, Rise in unemployment shows need for shared growth, COSATU

Spooks, Money, NGOs, Leon and Abramoff
2006-01-24, Leon in racism tirade
2006-01-24, Abramoff - South African connection
2006-01-24, UK support for NGOs equals spies and funding
2006-01-24, CWU condemns illegal usage of airwaves by APF
2006-01-24, YCL Free Education Campaign FET discussion paper

R265 becomes R64 million
2006-01-23, Leon was bankrolled by apartheid spooks - Abramoff investigation
2006-01-23, Favours for fine-feathered friends, Gordin, Sindy
2006-01-23, More from Wayne Madsen on the Abramoff - SA connection

Black Jesus
2006-01-22, Black Jesus film preaches politics over religion, Zim Chronicle
2006-01-22, Swaziland - failure to call police to account, Amnesty
2006-01-22, Iraq torture pdf picture story, Joe Sacco

2006-01-21, Branch Schedule 2006 (cover, office-bearers, contact details)
2006-01-21, Branch Schedule 2006 back page (BGMs and BECs)
2006-01-21, Branch Schedule 2006 plus District, Province and National
2006-01-21, SACP Johannesburg District Political Education Sub-Committee, 2006
2006-01-21, COSATU condemns arrest of Nepal trade unionists

Communist University 2006
2006-01-20, Critical Pedagogy, Learning Freedom, compilation
2006-01-20, Capitalistic tyranny needs reining, Letter, BRep
2006-01-20, Iran, UK lobby SA over nuclear standoff, Business Day
2006-01-20, Colloquium, what is progressive urban policy, Wits Jan 28

Umsebenzi, Seminar, Negotiation, Colloquium.
2006-01-19, Umsebenzi Online, Vol 5 No 49
2006-01-19, Joe Slovo Seminar 2006, CHI
2006-01-19, Four Union Joint Press Release on Transnet Dispute
2006-01-19, CCS colloquium draft schedule for Feb 28 to Mar 4
2006-01-19, Outreach Officer, CCS, UKZN

Red is the Colour
2006-01-18, Response to Mazibuko Jara, David Masondo, Bottom Line
2006-01-18, Swaziland tense after opposition arrests, M and G
2006-01-18, SACP statement on the assault of a farmworker
2006-01-18, YCL calls on all youth to take part in elections
2006-01-18, Liu Shaoqi, How to be a good Communist, 1939

Special Blue Crane Edition
2006-01-17, Phumzile trip shambles, Business Day
2006-01-17, Flight of the fancy, Editorial, Business Day
2006-01-17, COSATU on Dubai flight allegations

Chile Victory
2006-01-17, Chile elects female leader, CNN
2006-01-17, Communists left in the cold, Business Day
2006-01-17, MDC Rebels attack Mugabe-like Tsvangirai, B Day
2006-01-17, Scrap Gautrain, says SACP youth, Business Day
2006-01-17, NUMSA on panel beating scandal

Appliance of Science
2006-01-16, Kebble silence is not golden, Sunday Times Metro
2006-01-16, Statement of YCL National Committee
2006-01-16, Dinner Guest Ayman al-Zawahri Escapes Death, Kurt Nimmo
2006-01-16, Pakistan condemns US air strike that killed 18, DNA India
2006-01-16, Engels, Socialism, Utopian and Scientific 1, Development of Utopian Socialism, 1880

Work Cut Out
2006-01-15, Johannesburg Central Branch 2006 BGMs and BECs (Draft)
2006-01-15, Johannesburg Central Branch 2006 Full Combined Schedule (Draft)
2006-01-15, SACP Johannesburg District Political Education Sub-Committee 2006 Programme (Draft)
2006-01-15, Target, 50,000 Leading Cadres in 5 years, How to get there, Tweedie, 2005
2006-01-15, Global Exchange Appeal on behalf of Father Jean-Juste

These things are still happening
2006-01-14, Ugly American, Quiet American - and Hugh Thompson, Counterpunch
2006-01-14, COSATU condemns alleged assault
2006-01-14, ZCTU under investigation - again
2006-01-14, Singular Story of the Cuban Five, Counterpunch

World Against Empire
2006-01-13, Only One Economy, Isobel Frye, Business Day
2006-01-13, Crude Designs on Iraq, Helena Cobban, Just World News
2006-01-13, Formula for Slaughter, Michael Schwartz, Tomdispatch
2006-01-13, Che Guevara Lives, Hans Pienaar, The Star
2006-01-13, Swaziland conjuncture, PUDEMO
2006-01-13, YCL National Committee Meeting and Press Conference
2006-01-13, Mass Rally, Khutsong (Merafong), January 15th

We demand the release of our comrades
2006-01-12, YCL and SWAYOCO condemn arrest of Swazi 15
2006-01-12, COSATU statement on arrest of IB Dlamini and others
2006-01-12, SACP Statement on meeting with Evo Morales of Bolivia
2006-01-12, Solidarity with the Zimbabwe trade unions, COSATU
2006-01-12, World turns blind eye to modern royal slavery, Lucky, Star

New for Peace, Old for War
2006-01-11, Mbeki Hails Evo Morales, Prensa Latina
2006-01-11, Morales visits S Africa, BBC News
2006-01-11, New Bolivian head on visit to learn from SA, Star
2006-01-11, January 8th 2006 94th Anniversary Statement of the ANC
2006-01-11, SA monopoly bourgeoisie beating war drums, Business Day
2006-01-11, DA slams Mlambo-Ngcuka gravy plane holiday, M and G

Evo in SA Today
2006-01-10, Merafong Demarcation Fund
2006-01-10, Matatiele fights border change, Business Day
2006-01-10, YCL and SWAYOCO press conference 11th Jan re arrests

Here we go
2006-01-09, ANC 2006 Local Election Manifesto
2006-01-09, Mbeki unveils 37bn pound spending plan for poor, Guardian
2006-01-09, Communist University 2006
2006-01-09, Theodorakis on Anti-Communist Memorandum, MLToday

Real Democracy
2006-01-08, The Paris Commune, Karl Marx, 1871
2006-01-08, The rise and rise of SA shacks, Pressly, M and G

Slow train
2006-01-07, Gautrain running late as financial talks grind on, B Day
2006-01-07, Gautrain boondoggle stalled for minor details, Star
2006-01-07, Sharon Meets His Maker, Gilad Atzmon, Counterpunch
2006-01-07, Mangcu, the real issue, Southall, Mail and Guardian
2006-01-07, Morales to SA, Roelf Meyer did it, Fabricius, The Star

Swaziland Jailings
2006-01-06, Twelve PUDEMO members charged with High Treason
2006-01-06, PUDEMO arrests, overview, Dr J Matsebula
2006-01-06, SSN Statement on arrest and torture of PUDEMO activists

Axis of Good
2006-01-06, We are forming the axis of good, Chavez, Granma
2006-01-06, Venezuela to supply Bolivia with diesel, Granma
2006-01-06, Spain Forgives Part of Bolivian Debt, Prensa Latina
2006-01-06, Leftist sentiment cemented in Latin America, The Star
2006-01-06, Aid to Bolivia, Peru candidate Ollanta Humala, Venezuelanalysis

Empire on its way out
2006-01-05, More on Morales visit to Cuba, Proyect
2006-01-05, Vocabulary of Empire, de Rooij, Counterpunch

Chinese Puzzle
2006-01-04, SA rails against tsunami of Chinese goods, Business Day

Allies for Liberation
2006-01-03, Liberation Theology and Scripture, Joe Falkiner plus L and C Boff, 2006

Morales - Our Struggle is Against US Imperialism
2006-01-02, Morales, I Believe Only in the Power of the People, Counterpunch
2006-01-02, 18th Brumaire of Louis Napoleon, 1852

Evo Morales to visit SA - Prensa Latina
2006-01-01, Fidel Castro Welcomes Evo Morales

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