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Zimbabwe Elections, Press Release

We, the millions of Zimbabwean people based outside Zimbabwe declare that Morgan Tsvangirai and his Movement for Democratic Change have won the harmonized elections and that the Zimbabwe Election Commission must declare them duly elected without further delay. The results speak for themselves.

We urge the election observers from SADC and AU not to side with the members of the outgoing government who are trying to subvert the will of the people because doing so will be criminal and tantamount to put the two international organs into disrepute.

We commend the Zimbabwean security forces for refusing to comply with illegal orders to shoot the people as Robert Mugabe and his ZANU PF no longer have the legitimate authority to issue such orders. As we stated in our previous statement shortly before elections, we implore them to show that they are the real patriots of Zimbabwe and the true custodians of the aspirations of the Zimbabwean people by laying down their arms and refusing to shoot their kith and kin on behalf of a group of illegal criminals.

We urge the people of Zimbabwe to celebrate peacefully and shun any provocation to violence as this will be a trap from Robert Mugabe and his gang. It is now in the full public glare; Robert Mugabe lost these elections and must concede. The people will not allow him to rule illegally.

The African Union, SADC and the International community must assist the people of Zimbabwe in every permissible manner to realize their dream and to see their vote being respected. Every relevant international legal instrument, declaration or convention must be summoned to stop Mugabe. International and local press must remain diligent in exposing all the ills that Mugabe and his gang have resorted to in their futile attempt to stay in power illegally.

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