This page is for jotting down things that are planned but not yet done on this site. Jan 21 notes on the Dec 26 version are in Italics.

Front page
Re-organise Home page to make clear all the changes. Done. Changes will be continuous.

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Google Group
Whole mailing list on to the Google group. Not yet done. Has to be done slowly. The lists that go manually should be down to two (less than 200) by this week.

The Communist University (hitherto CD) library uploaded on the Internet and available to all. Not yet. This is the last major work. The archive needs organising and the courses. Should be done within a month.

A catalogue of books linked to where they are on the Internet. This will list the books and documents that are on the "Communist University" CD. Not done. This is one for when the major jobs above have been done.

More links
Links are to be put at the bottom of the short texts, to where the full text is available on the Internet. Likewise

The archiving of back e-mail distributions will continue as and when there is time. This is in hand. Should be mostly done before end Feb.

Past programmes
These will be properly linked to the texts which made them up. Some of this is done.

The daily e-mails should become a blog that is automatically e-mailed to the list of addresses in one click, leaving the covering message only on the blog (linked to the text pages on the site). The blog should be the site of the long-awaited Freirean Internet dialogue.

Blog working well as source of Google Group distribution. Very little comments as yet.

Generic Courses
These are continuing to be done as and when possible. In good shape now.

More Short Texts
There will be more short texts as the CD is brought up to the level of a "new edition" for 2006. Short texts will be about 200 as whole documents and books go up to about 300 (on the CD). The CD will have all the ready-made course (2006 and Generic). //Short texts are above 200. Books not yet 300 but no matter. 2006 version will be declared when the mailing archive is ready.

Test for Con Hill: