This is the daily circulation of the Communist University, dated for the day on which it is to be sent out. It includes documents received from different organisations, notices of events, study texts, and a selection of items from the press. Click on an item to read it. To see the covering messages that go along with these despatches, go to

The Central and the Concrete
2008-02-29, COSATU Central Executive Committee, 25-27 February 2008

2008-02-29, Erwin keeps South Africa in the dark, James Myburgh, Politicsweb
2008-02-29, Conspiracy Theory and Fears of Betrayal, Counterpunch

Losing The Plot
2008-02-28, DSO Browse report illegal – JSCI, Sapa, Politicsweb
2008-02-28, Varsity workers fed meat with urine, Sapa, Sowetan
2008-02-28, SADTU calls for enquiry into Free State University racism
2008-02-28, Varsity workers march against video, Sapa, IOL
2008-02-28, Race video makers face charges, News24

Truth Will Out
2008-02-27, Confessions of a Gitmo Guard, Debbie Nathan, Counterpunch
2008-02-27, Willie Madisha, COSATU Media Release and Commission Report
2008-02-27, Special Browse Mole Consolidated Report, COSATU Media Release
2008-02-27, ANC National Working Committee Statement, 25 February 2008
2008-02-27, SACP North-West PEC Media Release, 26 February 2008
2008-02-27, Huge crowd attends MDC election campaign launch

Leninism or Marxism?
2008-02-26, SACP Western Cape PEC Lekgotla Statement, 25 February 2008
2008-02-26, Leninism or Marxism, Rosa Luxemburg, 1904

Money and Skin
2008-02-25, Capital Volume 1, C3, Money, Karl Marx, 1867
2008-02-25, Xenophobes in judiciary need transforming, Carmel Rickard, Weekender
2008-02-25, Race, Zuma, journalists and strawberry pie, Ray Hartley, Times blogs
2008-02-25, White journalists left out in the cold, Fiona Forde, Sunday Independent
2008-02-25, Makoe makes feathers fly, Karen Bliksem, Sunday Independent
2008-02-25, Mushrooming Clouds Hang Over McCain, Alex Cockburn, Counterpunch
2008-02-25, Watching the US Presidential Campaign from Havana, Fidel Castro, Counterpunch

2008-02-23, Attacks on foreigners organised, victims arrested, C Times, Citizen
2008-02-23, COSATU Gauteng, first 2008 Province Executive Committee
2008-02-23, NUM NEC pronouncements, NUM Media Release
2008-02-23, Trevor in Wonderland, Barry Sergeant, Fear and Loathing, Moneyweb
2008-02-23, A new SACP purge, Rapule Tabane, Mail and Guardian

Proletarian Organisations Comment on the Budget
2008-02-22, SACP Statement on 2008-9 Budget, 20 February 2008
2008-02-22, Peoples Budget Response to Budget Speech
2008-02-22, SAMWU statement on the budget
2008-02-22, Response to the 2008 Budget Speech, NEHAWU Media Release
2008-02-22, Response to the 2008 Budget Speech, YCL Media Release

2008-02-22, Umsebenzi Online, V7, 3, 20 February 2008
2008-02-22, NAMA 11 Trade Union response to NAMA draft modalities, COSATU
2008-02-22, Goodbye Trevor, Felicity Duncan, Moneyweb

An Immense University
2008-02-21, Message from the Commander in Chief
2008-02-21, Zimbabwe election candidates, House of Assembly and Senate
2008-02-21, Court makes city evictions tougher, Chantelle Benjamin, B Day
2008-02-21, Zuma never asked for his day in court, Mduduzi Dlamini, Star

2008-02-19, Lenin, 1904, One Step Forward, Two Steps Back, Compilation
2008-02-19, Eskom needs private power station, Samantha Enslin-Payne, B Report
2008-02-19, Coal markets rocked by Eskom, Mathabo le Roux, Business Day
2008-02-19, Shortlisting of corruption tainted company, Enslin-Payne, B Report
2008-02-19, Political ties weigh on Ngcuka Vodacom bid, Thabiso Mochiko, B Report
2008-02-19, Zimbabwe election of sorts, Editorial, The Zimbabwe Guardian
2008-02-19, Peoples Budget Coalition 33-page 2008 PDF download

Zimbabwean Workers, Vote!
2008-02-18, ZCTU threatens Makoni, Ezekiel Chiwara, Zimbabwe Guardian
2008-02-18, Manuel seeks court order to gag activist, C Terreblanche, Sindy
2008-02-18, Capital Volume 1, C2, Exchange, Karl Marx, 1867
2008-02-18, CU of Acton, London, Value, Price and Profit, 20h30, 19 March 2008

What's Going On?
2008-02-17, What are the SAPS doing, SACP Press Statement
2008-02-17, Behind China move on Rio, Richard McGregor, Business Day Weekender
2008-02-17, Accountability in unequal measures, Carmel Rickard, Weekender
2008-02-17, Pandor has wrong people pledging, Rehana Rossouw, Weekender
2008-02-17, Sequel to school pledge outrage, Sue Blaine, Weekender

Getting on with it
2008-02-16, ANC to exit Eskom deals, Stefaans Brümmer, Mail & Guardian
2008-02-16, Our languages matter, ANC President Jacob Zuma, ANC Today
2008-02-16, Modise is a victim of trade-off gone wrong, SABC

It’s the coal, stupid!
2008-02-15, Emergency coal boost will cost Eskom R11bn, M le Roux, B Day
2008-02-15, Anatomy of a catastrophe, Newmarch and Donnelly, MGO
2008-02-15, Energy crisis gives Rio doubt on Coega, Mathabo le Roux, B Day
2008-02-15, Eskom on track to boost power output, Louise Flanagan, Star
2008-02-15, Patch up wounds or we bleed to death, E L Mndenge, Star
2008-02-15, Witch-hunt ties union principles to the stake, Terry Bell, B Report

Which Side Are You On?
2008-02-14, Dissolution of the DSO (Scorpions), SACP Media Release
2008-02-14, Epoch of incredulity and season of darkness, Sipho Seepe, B Day
2008-02-14, City of Cape Town interdicted against disciplining 107 Cops, SAMWU
2008-02-14, Zeal for intervention is imperialism, Simon Jenkins, Guardian

Blank Pages in History Should Not Be Allowed
2008-02-13, Tony Ehrenreich, a renegade of the new epoch, SACP, W Cape
2008-02-13, Statement of MDC Pres Tsvangirai plus Media Alert for 13 February 2008
2008-02-13, La Lucha Continua, Story of Fidel Castro, Ron Jacobs, Counterpunch
2008-02-13, Beggars Collide, Ben Tripp, Counterpunch
2008-02-13, Snout in the trough for overeaters, not leaders, Ann Crotty, B Report

What is to be done?
2008-02-12, Lenin, 1902, What Is To Be Done, Compilation
2008-02-12, NUM warns Eskom of its unilateralism, NUM Media Release
2008-02-12, Eskom documents show business knew of crisis, Louise Flanagan, Star
2008-02-12, Eskom's Proposed Solutions de-euphemised by the CU
2008-02-12, Uranium Road, film, 18h00, Wits Senate House, 18 February 2008

2008-02-11, Capital Volume 1, C1, Commodities, abridged, 1867
2008-02-11, Ghost of Enron calls to haunt these dark days, Ernie Moore, Sindy
2008-02-11, Biofuels, a cure worse than disease, Steve Connor, Sindy
2008-02-11, Mbeki fight-back slated, Moshoeshoe Monare, Sibusiso Ngalwa, Sindy

Power Struggle
2008-02-10, Why the Alcan deal does not compute, Mathabo Le Roux, Weekender
2008-02-10, If More CO2 is Bad… Then What, Robert Bryce, Counterpunch
2008-02-10, Tanzania leader names new premier, BBC News, Africa
2008-02-10, Cabinet dissolved, Angel Navuri, Dodoma, Tanzania, IPP Media

Quick Reaction
2008-02-09, On State of the Nation Address, FAWU Media Release
2008-02-09, Main thrust of Mbeki SONA welcome, SACP Media Release
2008-02-09, State of the Nation Address, COSATU Media Release
2008-02-09, Response to the 2008 SONA, NEHAWU Media Release
2008-02-09, Mbeki speech a failure, now people must decide, Zille, DA, Politicsweb

Reform or Revolution?
2008-02-09, ANC Strategy and Tactics, adopted at 52nd Conference, 2007
2008-02-09, Umsebenzi Online, V7, 2, 6 February 2008
2008-02-09, State of the Nation Address 2008, Thabo Mbeki, Parliament
2008-02-09, Ndlelanhle Nyelezi, Jacob Zuma, Preslet, ANC Today
2008-02-09, A united Africa begins at home, Polokwane Resolutions IV, ANC Today
2008-02-09, The Bottomline, Issue 3, Volume 5, 7 February 2008

A Man With A 2020 Vision
2008-02-06, 2020 Vision for Southern Africa, Tony Hall
2008-02-06, Funeral of Tony Hall at Nelspruit Chapel, 11h00, 7 February 2008

2008-02-05, MDC participating in Zimbabwe March elections, Tsvangirai
2008-02-05, Boycott of Swaziland elections, SSN Statement
2008-02-05, ANC post-conference interaction with structures by leadership
2008-02-05, Mbeki disregards reality of change, Karima Brown, Business Day
2008-02-05, DA invites Mbeki to abandon NDR,Zille, Politicsweb
2008-02-05, Reform or Revolution compilation, Rosa Luxemburg, 1900

2008-02-04, Value, Price & Profit, abridged, Karl Marx, 1865
2008-02-04, Circus in court for arrested in church raid, Jeremy Gordin, Sindy

2008-02-03, An assault on ones sense of self, John Matshikiza, Weekender
2008-02-03, Anatomy of melancholy, Hilary Mantel, The Guardian
2008-02-03, Wheel turns Zuma way, Ndivhuho Mafela, Politically Correct
2008-02-03, No purges, public servants are told, Brown and Musgrave, B Day
2008-02-03, Switching on to needs of small owners, B Terblanche, B Day

Beloved Tony Hall
2008-02-02, Tony the Trotskyite selling out, Xolani Xundu, The Times
2008-02-02, Fury as police fire at march, Anton Ferreira, The Times
2008-02-02, ANC power grab, Stefaans Brümmer and Sam Sole, M and G
2008-02-02, Eskom - The real cause of the crisis, James Myburgh, Politicsweb
2008-02-02, Scorpions a monster - Mantashe, Sue Blaine, Business Day

Can of Worms
2008-02-01, Open letter to management of City Press, SACP GS Blade Nzimande
2008-02-01, Eskom doing an Enron on SA, Andre Becker, Letters, B Day
2008-02-01, Why emergency plan is no way to limit pain, Roodt, B Day
2008-02-01, SA No 1 story, Barry Sergeant, Fear and Loathing, Moneyweb
2008-02-01, Judges must earn respect, Mantashe interview, M and G
2008-02-01, Political Economy Seminar, CCS Durban and skype, 4 February 2008
2008-02-01, TAC Condemns Police Raid on Central Methodist Church

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