This is the daily circulation of the Communist University, dated for the day on which it is to be sent out. It includes documents received from different organisations, notices of events, study texts, and a selection of items from the press. Click on an item to read it. To see the covering messages that go along with these despatches, go to

Working Class On The Move
2007-02-26, Zim Stayaway 3 to 4 April 2007, ZCTU
2007-02-26, SADTU Programme of Action for 2007

Yes to the sovereignty of the people!
2007-02-26, Yes to the sovereignty of the people, SACP post-CC Statement
2007-02-26, Jajbay judgement appeal verdict soon, Russel Molefe, City Press
2007-02-26, FSB, BAC fund private prosecution, Wiseman Khuzwayo, B Report

Special Types
2007-02-24, Developer Model of Development, Shrivastava, Counterpunch
2007-02-24, Crossroads for communists, Mde and Brown, Weekender
2007-02-24, Through the eye of the M and G, and Burma, YCL Bottom Line
2007-02-24, Mass factor, Suttner and Schmidt, Saturday Star

Comrades Are Writing
2007-02-22, Language in a democratic SA, Blade Nzimande, Umsebenzi Online
2007-02-22, Build the alliance, tribute to Mzala, 16 years on, Seshupo Segole
2007-02-22, SACP for Socialism not socialitism, Kaizer Mohau on Mazibuko Jara
2007-02-22, Bolivia Information Bulletin 5, February 2007

NDS, yes? No, thanks.
2007-02-21, ANC, Strategy and Tactics discussion document - building an NDS
2007-02-21, SACP Statement on National Policy Dialogue, 22-23 February 2007
2007-02-21, To him the struggle ends with bourgeois democracy - Selepe on Jara
2007-02-21, Heat on Baloyi over Fidentia stake, R8m loan, Rob Rose, B Day
2007-02-21, Press wrong re Baloyi loan - Fidentia, Wiseman Khuzwayo, B Rep
2007-02-21, Fidentia Top Empowerment Award winners 2006, BizCommunity
2007-02-21, Rice Disdain for Civil Rights Movement, J L Chestnut, Counterpunch

Hogg On Fire
2007-02-20, FSB Report on Fidentia - download
2007-02-20, Management Arthur Brown style, Alec Hogg, Moneyweb
2007-02-20, SA diplomat in lucrative BEE deal, Cameron and Cobbett, Moneyweb

Class Formations
2007-02-19, Union counts cost of Fidentia fiasco, Irene Louw, City Press
2007-02-19, Danisa Baloyi stands behind Fidentia, Morris and Khuzwayo, B Rep
2007-02-19, SANCO national interim leadership core, ANC Press Release
2007-02-19, ANC ministers for sale, Ngobeni and Lubisi, Sunday Times
2007-02-19, ANC statement on S Times article re Progressive Business Forum

Baloyi Brown Class Project
2007-02-18, Mineworkers Provident Fund Member Booklet
2007-02-18, Mineworkers Provident Fund, Trustees, 18 February 2007
2007-02-18, Brown leading ladies, Jackie Cameron, Moneyweb
2007-02-18, Danisa Baloyi CV from Internet
2007-02-18, Fidentia success secret, Barry Sergeant, Moneyweb
2007-02-18, A raw deal, Frans Mahlangu interviewed by Gill Moodie, Weekender
2007-02-18, SAB could not get its R80m, Alec Hogg, Moneyweb
2007-02-18, Lies, lies, lies, Julius Cobbett, Moneyweb

Red Or Strange Bed?
2007-02-17, Message from Mazibuko Jara
2007-02-17, Message from Mervyn Bennun
2007-02-17, Message from Nyiko Floyd Shivambu

We want nobody who is not frightened
2007-02-16, Rumblings over Blade in SACP, Vicki Robinson, Mail and Guardian

The Revolutionary Struggle For Peace
2007-02-15, On the Time for Armed Struggle, Pomeroy, 1974
2007-02-15, CU Flyer for 7 February 2007

Class Struggles
2007-02-14, The SA NDR and Socialism, Dominic Tweedie, Morning Star

2007-02-13, Moneyweb opener on J Arthur and Fidentia
2007-02-13, Arrogance More Than Greed, Alec Hogg, Moneyweb
2007-02-13, Fidentia, our worst nightmare, Alec Hogg, Moneyweb

For Peace And Love
2007-02-08, Bolivia and Latin America, Umsebenzi Online, Vol 6, No. 2
2007-02-08, Hope for a narrower wealth gap, Ann Crotty, Business Report
2007-02-08, US creates Africa Military Command on Al Qaeda excuse, Sapa
2007-02-08, On War, Clausewitz, 1827

Dogs Bark, Caravan Moves On
2007-02-07, Bank on patronage, not principle, Karima Brown, Business Day
2007-02-07, Fidentia sent funds offshore - FSB, Tonny Mafu, Business Report
2007-02-07, War frenzy in France against Iran, Diana Johnstone, Counterpunch

Build Democratic Structures Now
2007-02-05, Cosatu was in Nairobi, COSATU DGS Bheki Ntshalintshali, Sindy
2007-02-05, Who went from SA to WSF Nairobi, 2007 - an incomplete list.
2007-02-05, MONGOs, GONGOs and BONGOs, Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem, Pambazuka
2007-02-05, Myanmar vote critics missing UN aim, Thenjiwe Mtintso, Sindy
2007-02-05, Irony of Bush Indignation, Brian Cloughley, Counterpunch

Made Man
2007-02-04, A poem for reason, Ron Press

Widows And Orphans
2007-02-03, Millions missing at Fidentia, Rob Rose, Business Day
2007-02-03, Buying spree masked Fidentia woes, Rob Rose, Business Day
2007-02-03, SA is no US proxy, Aziz Pahad, letter,Business Day

None So Blind
2007-02-02, CU Flyer for 7 February 2007
2007-02-02, COSATU and the WSF
2007-02-02, Somalia government starts implementing martial law, Sapa
2007-02-02, Denial, Frank Furedi, Spiked
2007-02-02, Indian fundamentalists abetting Nepal riots, Prachanda, RxPG

Last Stage Of Imperialism
2007-02-01, Private equity moves offstage, Ann Crotty, Business Report
2007-02-01, The Decisive Clash of Our Time, Jean Bricmont, Counterpunch
2007-02-01, Time to say sorry, Peter Vale, Letters, Business Day
2007-02-01, SACP Constitution, 2005

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