This is the daily circulation of the Communist University. It includes documents received from different organisations, notices of events, study texts, and a selection of items from the press. Click on an item to read it. To see the covering message that goes with these despatches, go to

Work This One Out
2006-02-28, New MDC faction leader enters arena talking tough, B Day
2006-02-28, Cuban way to literacy for South Africa, Business Day
2006-02-28, International Sex Worker Rights Day 3rd March 2006
2006-02-28, SATAWU, Update on Nationwide strike

The Harder They Come
2006-02-27, Lekota concedes defeat in Khutsong, Sunday Times
2006-02-27, No Aids death crisis- Mbeki, City Press
2006-02-27, Scramble to avert national power collapse, Sunday Times
2006-02-27, Scorpion tracks lucrative business deals - Ngcuka in S Times
2006-02-27, Tuesday 17h30 Wits architecture seminars, Mar 7, 14 and 28

The Seed Is Mine
2006-02-26, Gandhi 1906-2006 memorial year events and explanation
2006-02-26, Women, violence and economic challenges, Makgetla, B Day
2006-02-26, Zuma letter was mine - Mbeki, interview, Sunday Independent

Class Struggle Continues
2006-02-25, Khutsong, Rapule Tabane, M and G, plus Mtshali, Star
2006-02-25, SACCAWU Press Statement on Trading on 1st of March
2006-02-25, Tribunal blocks SASOL monopoly, Crotty and others
2006-02-25, Erwin, Ramos face trouble, Bell, B Report plus 4-union statement
2006-02-25, SSN on Boateng unbanning call plus lawyer access denial report

Wisdom and Folly
2006-02-24, Socialism and Gender Equality, Orr, 2001
2006-02-24, Issa Shivji speaks in Wits Senate House, 13h15, March 6
2006-02-24, Gauteng provincial precinct tunnel given go-ahead, Star
2006-02-24, Myth of Fingerprinting, Cockburn - St. Clair, Counterpunch
2006-02-24, Heavyweights fail to calm restive Khutsong, The Star

ZZ Top
2006-02-23, SACP offended, Malesela Maleka, Business Day
2006-02-23, Cosatu blasts Asgisa proposals, Irene Louw, City Press
2006-02-23, SACP N Cape PWC on Cde Mzala, Revolutionary Intellectual
2006-02-23, Stop whingeing, market and SASOL, Crotty, B Report
2006-02-23, Workers Reject Imperialist Aggression Against Venezuela
2006-02-23, Zim Picket Pamphlet, 28 Feb 12h00, Anderson St., Jhb

Time to Break Silence Again
2006-02-22, 1967, King, M. L., Beyond Vietnam, Time to Break Silence
2006-02-22, COSATU views misrepresented, Vavi, Letters, Business Day
2006-02-22, Oil industry merger Tribunal to end, Crotty, Business Report
2006-02-22, COSATU reaffirms support for Transnet unions
2006-02-22, What the US Ambassador Taught Nepalis, Counterpunch

We Are Still Here
2006-02-21, Umsebenzi Wholesale Cash and Carry Poster or Leaflet
2006-02-21, Permanent Mission of Cuba to UN, on US Hijack of Human Rights Council
2006-02-21, Media reaction to SACP CC, B Day, Star
2006-02-21, Khutsong vs Lekota, The Star
2006-02-21, Combating a national disaster, Margaret Legum, Star
2006-02-21, Deputy GS of SACP, Cde Mzala Memorial Lecture, Feb 25

Time for a Plan
2006-02-20, Asgisa not plan but PR job, Itumeleng Mahabane, Sunday Times
2006-02-20, End War, Impeach Bush, Ann Wright interview, Counterpunch
2006-02-20, SACP Statement on its CC Meeting held 17-18 February 2006

Political Language
2006-02-19, Apartheid Gates, Israeli-only crossings, Counterpunch
2006-02-19, Zuma goes for the KO, Mail and Guardian
2006-02-19, Khutsong, Moutse, Matatiele-Maluti, Mail and Guardian

A Movement on the Move
2006-02-18, NUM Womens Conference, Lindiwe Hendricks to address
2006-02-18, COSATU, Solidarity and their friends
2006-02-18, COSATU demands immediate halt to electricity restructuring
2006-02-18, Update on Eastern Cape and Transnet talks, SATAWU
2006-02-18, SACP Press Conference following CC meet, 19 Feb 11h30

No Victory Without the Masses
2006-02-17, SACP Statement on 2006-7 Budget
2006-02-17, US permanent bases in Iraq, Tom Engelhardt
2006-02-17, Chaos, Suppression and Fraud in Haiti, Concannon, Counterpunch
2006-02-17, COSATU Central Executive Committee report
2006-02-17, COSATU Comments on ASGISA

Umsebenzi and Umsebenzi Online
2006-02-16, Umsebenzi, February 2006, PDF download
2006-02-16, Working class-led womens movement, Nzimande, Umsebenzi Online
2006-02-16, SACP, YCL and COSATU on judgment against Scorpions re Zuma
2006-02-16, Peoples Budget response to the 2006 Budget

Y-Reds and Other High Priorities
2006-02-15, Swazi News Clips, Feb 14
2006-02-15, Gold, a poem by Ron Press
2006-02-15, Y-Reds, February 2006, PDF download
2006-02-15, Tweedie, Humanist Philosophy, 2005 - 2006
2006-02-15, Alberti and Spinoza compilation
2006-02-15, Philosophers, text

Bullying and Budgeting
2006-02-14, Feb 21 Food Rights Seminar, AIDs-law, NALEDI, COSATU, CHI
2006-02-14, Blair, Lamy and Mandelson, Imperialist Bluster, B Day, B Rep, 4 articles
2006-02-14, Peoples Budget Campaign Budget Expectations 2006
2006-02-14, NEDLAC Community Constituency Budget Summary 2006

They Bark Because We Are Riding
2006-02-14, Riding High with Hugo Chavez , Whitney, Counterpunch
2006-02-14, Peacemaker Putin shows up Washington, Justin Raimondo
2006-02-14, Nepal victory within our grasp - Maoist rebels, Independent

We Are The News
2006-02-13, Major Joburg street renamed after Joe Slovo, S Times
2006-02-13, Effective, not political, so SMEs can cure poverty, Macozoma
2006-02-13, Tall boys and short boys, Sipho Pityana, Business Report
2006-02-13, Lekota talks to North West about Khutsong, S Times
2006-02-13, City Press, Sunday Independent, Sunday Times on Zuma

Man Called Juda
2006-02-12, A man called Juda - Cde Juda Tsotetsi, 1971-2006, Compilation
2006-02-12, SACP GS Blade Nzimande to address COSATU rally 10h00 Feb 12
2006-02-12, Row brews over Zuma trial judge, CBD braced, Star
2006-02-12, SSN, invitation to political briefing on Swaziland, 09h30 Feb 16

Setting the Agenda
2006-02-11, COSATU Media alert, Central Executive Committee agenda
2006-02-11, Three on ASGISA - Makgetla, Robinson, Bell
2006-02-11, Swaziland cannot be island of dictatorship in sea of democracy - PUDEMO
2006-02-11, March 18 Iraq Peace Event, CSVR consultative, 10h00 Feb 16

All Human Life
2006-02-10, Social Basis of Woman Question, abstract, Kollontai, 1909
2006-02-10, Speed up land reform, No weakening of labour laws, COSATU
2006-02-10, Judge questions raids, Zuma supporters call for picket, BDay
2006-02-10, Vish Suparsad tribute by Yunus Carrim for Natal Witness
2006-02-10, Standard Bank job advertisement

2006-02-09, Czech Communist Youth Movement banning, YCLB
2006-02-09, Open Letter to Czech Ambassador from YCL London District
2006-02-09, Why poor get poorer according to de Soto and P M-N, B Rep
2006-02-09, Mass boycott of Nepal elections hits king, FT

2006-02-08, Battle lines drawn in Khutsong and Moutse, Seale, Star
2006-02-08, Squatters take Jhb to court over evictions, Business Day
2006-02-08, Zuma roundup, case and song, Star and Business Day
2006-02-08, Competition court muddies water, Crotty, Business Report
2006-02-08, SAIIA, Feb 14, Liberation, Governments and Democracy

2006-02-08, Lenin, Attitude of Workers Party to Religion, 1900
2006-02-08, Amnesty International on The Cuban Five, Granma
2006-02-08, Cuba crusade against murderer Bush, Star
2006-02-08, Aristide ally set to win Haitian vote, Business Day
2006-02-08, These cartoons threaten, not defend, Simon Jenkins

2006-02-08, Peoples Budget Briefing, COSATU House, Feb 8, 10h30

Zuma's Back
2006-02-07, NEPAD and SA imperialism book launch - 11 Feb 2006
2006-02-07, 11th February Jacob Zuma Public pre-trial support meeting
2006-02-07, SABC ban of Zumas song by Izangane Zoma, COSATU KZN
2006-02-07, SACP throws support behind ANC, Phasiwe, Business Day
2006-02-07, Succession plan may have empty throne. Brown, Mde, B Day
2006-02-07, Democracy not from votes alone, Susan Booysen, Star

Who's talking?
2006-02-06, Xymphora and Helena Cobban on the cartoons
2006-02-06, Voters are being hoodwinked, Khathu Mamaila, City Press
2006-02-06, Mistake to keep succession under wraps, Gumede, Sindy
2006-02-06, Manuel must account for arms deal, Crawford-Browne, B Rep

Classic Party-Building University
2006-02-05, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, strong party builder
2006-02-05, 1880, Engels, Socialism, Utopian and Scientific 3, Historical Materialism, Engels, 1880

State of the Nation, State of the World
2006-02-04, SACP on 2006 State of the Nation Address by Pres Mbeki
2006-02-04, COSATU on the 2006 State of the Nation Speech
2006-02-04, SACTWU Comment on 2006 State of the Nation Address
2006-02-04, Just a question, Helena Cobban, Just World News
2006-02-04, A Treasonous Camarilla , Justin Raimondo, Antiwar dot com

No Hiding It
2006-02-03, Power to the People, Vote ANC, SACP election statement, Umsebenzi Online
2006-02-03, SACP statement in support of Transnet workers
2006-02-03, Fleet of waiting vessels tells a story, B Day
2006-02-03, Union calls for disrespectful Ramos to resign, B Rep
2006-02-03, Lenin on the Womens Question, Zetkin, 1920

Bourgeois and Proletarians
2006-02-02, SANCO boss in R439m Vukile property deal, Business Day
2006-02-02, Coalition between CWU and Solidarity, Press Conference
2006-02-02, Media groups look after money first, Crotty, BRep
2006-02-02, New medium, same test for journalism, Harber, B Day
2006-02-02, 1939, Liu Shaoqi, How to be a good Communist

Big Movement, Two
2006-02-01, YCL Free Education march in Moutse
2006-02-01, SACP on two terms presidency
2006-02-01, Cosatu, SACP, ANCYL reject third term, B Day and Star
2006-02-01, Grow up Chamisa, Zimbabwe Independent
2006-02-01, Introduction to Criticism of Hegel Philosophy of Right, Marx, 1844

Big Movement, One
2006-02-01, SACP on the passing of Comrade Juda Tsotetsi
2006-02-01, COSATU backs Transnet workers
2006-02-01, Union rates Transnet strike a success, plus 2, B Report
2006-02-01, CWU open letter to illegal broadcasters

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