This is the daily circulation of the Communist University, dated for the day on which it is to be sent out. It includes documents received from different organisations, notices of events, study texts, and a selection of items from the press. Click on an item to read it. To see the covering messages that go along with these despatches, go to

2007-12-30, Recharging of ANC President Cde Jacob Zuma, SACP
2007-12-30, Continuing violation of Jacob Zuma’s human rights, COSATU
2007-12-30, Charges brought against ANC President Jacob Zuma, YCL
2007-12-30, Zuma Men Target Mbeki, Harper, Boyle, Malefane, S Times
2007-12-30, Response to Barney Pityana article, Mxolisi Mlatha, Maboku Mangena
2007-12-30, COSATU New Year message for 2008

Who Are We?
2007-12-28, Fired spy boss warns Mbeki and cabinet, Karima Brown, B Day
2007-12-28, Thought Leader bloggers on the M and G web site, 27 December 2007
2007-12-28, SADTU on Matric Results, 2007
2007-12-28, What turns boys into misfits, Judge Nigel Willis, Business Day

2007-12-24, The people have taken back the party, Jeremy Gordin, Sindy
2007-12-24, Mbeki puts blame on himself, Moipone Malefane, Sunday Times
2007-12-24, We should rejoice at Zuma victory, Kaizer Nyatsumba, S Times
2007-12-24, The people have spoken on Msholozi, Cameron Duodu, City Press

No Coup After All
2007-12-24, SACP Statement on the appointment of the new SABC Board
2007-12-24, Two centres of power clash, Jeremy Gordin, Sunday Independent
2007-12-24, Mbeki fights back, Harper, Mahlangu, Mkhabela, Malefane, S Times
2007-12-24, New Mbeki, ANC clash over SABC board, Kgosana, Mofokeng, C Press
2007-12-24, The war goes on, Mbeki SABC board outrage, Angela Qintal, Sindy
2007-12-24, Doom and gloom for the three SABC stooges, Harper, S Times

2007-12-23, COSATU condemns approval of new SABC Board
2007-12-23, YCL statement on 'Mbeki Appoints SABC Board'

Msholozi and Friends
2007-12-21, ANC President Jacob Zuma, closing 52nd National Conference
2007-12-21, Declaration of the ANC 52nd National Conference
2007-12-21, New ANC National Executive Committee elected at 52nd Conference
2007-12-21, Nominated but not elected to the ANC NEC at the 52nd National Congress
2007-12-21, Outgoing ANC NEC prior to 52nd National Conference
2007-12-21, ANC NEC top six (office bearers) election results at 52nd Conference
2007-12-21, Zuma can heal the ANC, Ranjeni Munusamy, The Star

Msholozi Stage One
2007-12-19, ANC Conference a platform for a fresh start, SACP
2007-12-19, SASFU reaction to the ANC Conference results
2007-12-19, Planned offensive against Zuma bloc, Jeremy Gordin, The Star
2007-12-19, Manuel hits at media with a brolly, Sapa, Business Day
2007-12-19, Rosa Luxemburg, 1906, The Mass Strike, C8, Need for TU-Party unity

Cde Blade's Statement
2007-12-16, No less than our revolution is at stake in Polokwane, Nzimande, S Times

Biosis Shmiosis
2007-12-15, COSATU statement on NDPP allegations
2007-12-15, South Africa in turmoil as Mbeki heads for defeat, McGreal, Guardian

No Nonsense
2007-12-14, Statement from the ANC Electoral Commission
2007-12-14, COSATU GS Zwelinzima Vavi interview, Financial Times, London
2007-12-14, Can Limpopo be another Morogoro, Dinga Sikwebu, Labour Bulletin
2007-12-14, Did fallen heroes fight and die for this circus, Sphiwe Mkhize

Tokyo Surfs the Tsunami
2007-12-13, Sexwale hitches wagon to Zuma star, Xolani Xundu, The Times
2007-12-13, No light on Eskom Hitachi tender, Sibongile Khumalo, B Report
2007-12-13, Chance for SA to recommit itself to democracy, Sipho Seepe, B Day
2007-12-13, Mondli Hlatshwayo, Outgoing Secretarial Report to SMI, excerpt
2007-12-13, Gear definitely not a capitalist plot, Finance Minister Trevor Manuel

Political Education, Live
2007-12-12, Ugly message in ANC slide towards Polokwane, Brown, B Day
2007-12-12, Why SA needs to rekindle 1976, Jonny Steinberg, B Day
2007-12-12, Zuma camp condemns Mo, Mthembu, de Boer, de Lange, The Star
2007-12-12, Zuma blasts Mbeki, Wendy Jasson da Costa, The Star
2007-12-12, Response to Zamikhaya Maseti, by Karl Cloete
2007-12-12, It is not about individuals, Zamikhaya Maseti, The Star

Change, but what change?
2007-12-11, Mbeki or Zuma, alliance will change, Brown and Musgrave, B Day
2007-12-11, NEHAWU calls for Alliance Summit after Polokwane
2007-12-11, Mbeki men are womanisers, Ido Lekota, Sowetan
2007-12-11, Womanisers want 50-50, Xolani Xundu, Times
2007-12-11, COSATU GS Z Vavi speech text for Bekkersdal 9 December 2007

Sublime and Ridiculous
2007-12-10, Revolution on trial (8), Build Working-class Power, B Nzimande
2007-12-10, Open letter to Mo Shaik, Trevor Manuel, S Times and Sindy
2007-12-10, Do not be afraid says Zuma, Christelle Terreblanche, Sindy
2007-12-10, Mbete tipped for ANC chairman, Sithembiso Msomi, City Press
2007-12-10, Who would face the chop under Zuma, Christelle Terreblanche, Sindy

All Over Bar The Shouting
2007-12-09, ANC vs ANC, Sapa, Politicsweb
2007-12-09, Zuma 10 Moloketi 0, Rapule Tabane, Mail and Guardian
2007-12-09, COSATU GS Z Vavi at Barney Molokoane tombstone unveiling
2007-12-09, The Rape of a Trial, Elizabeth Skeen, Thesis for Princeton, 2007

Take The Gap
2007-12-08, Zuma aides prepared to oust Mbeki early, Sapa, M and G
2007-12-08, Zuma needs no short cut, Niren Tolsi, Mail and Guardian
2007-12-08, Native Paranoia of Mbeki, R W Johnson, Wall Street Journal
2007-12-08, Zuma fear also a case of common class snobbery, Pierre de Vos, B Day
2007-12-08, How whites won the economy, Christi v d Westhuizen, M and G

Ratshitanga Junction
2007-12-07, Mbeki interview chaos, News, Politicsweb
2007-12-07, Behind Mbeki loss of control, James Myburgh, Politicsweb
2007-12-07, Spokesman doubles Mbeki troubles, Renée Bonorchis, B Day
2007-12-07, The Fall of Kerensky, from Six Red Months in Russia, by Louise Bryant

Umsebenzi Online
2007-12-06, Umsebenzi Online, Revolution on Trial 7, 5 December 2007

Quack Off
2007-12-05, YCL open letter to Dali Mpofu demanding cancellation of Mbeki interview
2007-12-05, Rule of law, not rule of bias, Letsoalo interviews Ntshalintshali, M and G
2007-12-05, Politics turns women’s battle into a male weapon, Karima Brown, B Day
2007-12-05, Oxfamming the whole black world, Binyavanga Wainaina, Mail and Guardian

2007-12-04, Unite behind new leadership, COSATU Media Release
2007-12-04, Speech for NUM 25th anniversary, COSATU DGS Bheki Ntshalintshali
2007-12-04, Things cannot continue as they are, Jeremy Cronin, Mail and Guardian
2007-12-04, Some Western Cape AEC actions in 2007, WCAEC v SMI

Ki kulacho...
2007-12-03, Offensive Against SACP and its General Secretary, SACP
2007-12-03, 2007 SACP Augmented Central Committee
2007-12-03, The Manipulator, by Tony Hall
2007-12-03, Hospital care at home, Jocelyn Newmarch interviews Natalya Dinat, M and G
2007-12-03, The 52nd ANC Conference from a communist perspective
2007-12-03, Open letter to participants in the Social Movements Indaba

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