This is the daily circulation of the Communist University. It includes documents received from different organisations, notices of events, study texts, and a selection of items from the press. Click on the item to read it. To see the covering message that goes with these despatches, go to

Make it stick
2005-12-30, Housework, A Working-Class Perspecive, Angela Davis, 1981

We can work it out
2005-12-30, SACP End of the Year Statement and New Year Message
2005-12-30, Cuba to Evo Morales, With your victory, a new history is born
2005-12-30, SACP Statement on 2005 Matric Results
2005-12-30, SA, China agree to curbs on cheap imports, Business Day

You want a revolution
2005-12-29, Critical Pedagogy and Organic Intellectuals, McLaren and others
2005-12-29, Bullying Cuba out of the ballpark, Baltimore Sun
2005-12-29, Revolutionary Classics, Marx, Class Struggles in France, 1848-1850, 1850

Cuba Champions, US evasion
2005-12-27, Cuba Offers to Play Baseball for Katrina Victims, NYT

Year for Peace
2005-12-26, U.S. Airstrikes Take Toll on Civilians, WaPo

Bourgeois Disorder
2005-12-24, Revolutionary Classics, Lenin, L-W Communism, Infantile Disorder, 1920

2005-12-24, Tension in ANC, Phaahla letter, Business Day

Bray of Bush

2005-12-23, Bray of Pigs, Bush v Beisbol Cubano, Counterpunch
2005-12-23, Khuzwayo, BEE Boosterism, Business Report
2005-12-23, Presumed Guilty, US plea-bargaining system, Roberts, Cpunch
2005-12-23, Odd bedfellows, firms, police and NPA, Business Day
2005-12-23, Zwelinzima Vavi to join picket line at Woolworths

BEE bailed out, again

2005-12-22, Warehousing, government buys BEE stakes, B Day
2005-12-22, Second raft of BEE codes, thumbs up, B Rep
2005-12-22, Doha round is looking doomed, Njobeni, Business Day
2005-12-22, Communist University Diagram
2005-12-22, Empire of Shame, Ziegler, Counterpunch


2005-12-21, Triumph for Bolivia candidate of poor, Glaister, Guardian
2005-12-21, The challenge in the south - Bolivia, Gott, Guardian
2005-12-21, We are presidents - Morales, Digital Granma Internacional
2005-12-21, MERCOSUR Proud of Bolivian Elections, Prensa Latina


2005-12-20, COSATU on outcomes of the WTO Hong Kong Ministerial
2005-12-20, NEDLAC Dec 16 statement from Hong Kong.
2005-12-20, Financial Sector Charter Council Dec 13 statement
2005-12-20, Ugandan Textile Union Wins Recognition, ITGLWF
2005-12-20, World Peace Forum, Secretariat, Garris, Antiwar, Dec 19

State and Revolution

2005-12-19, 1917, Lenin, State and Revolution Chapters 2 and 3

Hong Kong Globaloney Exposed

2005-12-18, COSATU and CUT, Brazil, at WTO Hong Kong, statement
2005-12-18, Deciphering the Language of Globalization, Counterpunch
2005-12-18, Calling Rousseau, Privatizing the Social Contract, Cpunch

What Peace Needs

2005-12-17, WTO 3rd day, problems multiply, talks unravel
2005-12-17, Thulas Nxesi, President, Education International, statement
2005-12-17, Take Education Out Of GATS, Education International
2005-12-17, What Peace Needs, Monica Benderman, Counterpunch
2005-12-17, Ethical, Legal Challenges of Palestine, Ben-Dor, Cpunch
2005-12-17, Social Movements, Cosatu, Lehulere

Arts and Culture Newsletter
2005-12-16, SACP Arts and Culture Newsletter Dec 2005

Hong Kong and Cuba
2005-12-16, COSATU Press statement on NAMA, ZV, HK
2005-12-16, ZV, Statements ex Dec 14 Hong Kong News Conference
2005-12-16, Summary of 2 speeches by Dr Fidel Castro
2005-12-16, Speech, Dr F Castro Ruz - 30, 49 years after Angola, Granma
2005-12-16, President Fidel Castro to 2nd Cuba - CARICOM Summit
2005-12-16, Cosatu statement on Khutsong

Peace Demo March 18-19 2006
2005-12-15, Demos Planned for 3rd Anniversary of War, Counterpunch
2005-12-15, The Globalization Game at the WTO, Counterpunch
2005-12-15, Asgi takes over from Gear next year, Business Report
2005-12-15, Condemn this violence against women, Hope Papo letter
2005-12-15, Peace, democracy is needed, Dominic Tweedie letter
2005-12-15, Raymond Majongwe, passport withdrawn, ZCTU

2005-12-14, Christian Aid warns of trade talks walk-out after EU leak
2005-12-14, Exclude Textiles and Clothing from NAMA, ITGLWF
2005-12-14, Mlambo-Ngcuka, Manuel top DA rankings, Business Day
2005-12-14, High water rising in the Cape, Rostron, Business Day
2005-12-14, Gosa exit, SABC chance to come clean, Brown, B Day

Rights and Wrongs
2005-12-13, Z Vavi input at WTO march Dec 13, 2005, COSATU
2005-12-13, TUs decry WTO rhetoric, want development, employment
2005-12-13, The Syrian Gambit Unravels, Raimondo,
2005-12-13, Trial of Saddam Hussein, Colonial Justice, IAC

Still Struggling
2005-12-12, Pan-Iraqi Pact of Honour
2005-12-12, 1917, April Theses plus Lenin, State and Revolution Chapter 1

YCL Study Programme
2005-12-11, YCL Johannesburg Central Marxist Classes 2006

2005-12-10, SACP, Cosatu rebel against boundary law, Business Day
2005-12-10, YCL demands to Swaziland High Commisssioner
2005-12-10, Women's emancipation the goal, T. Mbeki, ANC Today

Moment of truth
2005-12-09, Pinter, Nobel Lecture - Art, truth and politics
2005-12-09, Why SA needs to oppose Gats, Dot Keet, Business Report
2005-12-09, Dismissal of Cosawu member Vusi Sibeko for article, FXI
2005-12-09, NPA asks for probe into Zuma allegations, IOL
2005-12-09, Cabinet gives Gautrain the nod, Pressly, M and G
2005-12-09, MYM calls for release of CPT members

2005-12-08, YCL March to Swaziland Consulate continues tomorrow in defiance of attempted Swazi ban
2005-12-08, 9 Dec 10h00 Jhb Free Swaziland YCL March
2005-12-08, Sour grapes - election boycott, Venezuela, James Tweedie
2005-12-08, COSATU Western Cape Province media statement re 2006
2005-12-08, ANC National Working Committee statement re Deputy President

Jacob Zuma, ANC Deputy President
2005-12-07, ANC Deputy President Jacob Zuma at COSATU celebrations
2005-12-07, Jacob Zuma, ANC Deputy President, Statement
2005-12-07, YCL Statement on New Charges against ANC Deputy President
2005-12-07, COSATU statement on charging of ANC Deputy President
2005-12-07, SACP Statement on new charges against ANC Deputy President
2005-12-07, Umsebenzi Online Vol 5 No 48, COSATU and ACC

Revolution: National, Democratic, Proletarian?
2005-12-06, 1905, Lenin, Two Tactics of Social Democracy
2005-12-06, Reckless labour reform, Mdladlana interview, S Times

Truth and Disinformation
2005-12-05, 1902, Lenin, What Is To Be Done
2005-12-05, ANC on voyage of discovery, Sunday Times
2005-12-05, ANC boss probed for subversion, Sunday Times
2005-12-05, Labour takes its first steps to unity, Terry Bell, B Report
2005-12-05, Second Decade of Freedom, Nzimande on COSATU 20th

No easy victories
2005-12-04, Claiming no easy victories, Neil Coleman, M and G
2005-12-04, COSATU never discussed sex or rape with Zuma, statement
2005-11-04, SACP statement in response to M and G sensationalism

Dangers and Opportunities
2005-12-03, Dangers and opportunities, Nzimande interview, M and G
2005-12-03, Gautrain wont scratch where people itch, Makgetla, Bday
2005-12-03, The Gautrains cost is a steal, Arup, Business Day
2005-12-03, Cosatus choice, labour unity or alliance, Bell, Brep
2005-12-03, Sweet talk, right hook, Vavi interview, Robinson, M and G

People's Democratic Dictatorship
2005-12-02, 1949, Mao, Peoples Democratic Dictatorship
2005-12-02, 1967, Political and Military Forces in Revolutionary War
2005-12-02, Z Vavi on 20 years of workers struggles led by COSATU
2005-12-02, CP of Greece Condemns Criminal Attack on Iraqi CP
2005-12-02, YCL Aids Day event

All Change
2005-12-01, First step to superfederation, Terry Bell, Business Report
2005-12-01, Time to go on a charm offensive, Sparks, Star
2005-12-01, Where the Six Percent came from, Business Report
2005-12-01, Learning how to share the weight, Whittaker, B Day
2005-12-01, The building blocks of change, Chipkin, Business Day
2005-12-01, SACP statement on DA approach to land reform
2005-12-01, 9 Dec 10h00 Jhb Free Swaziland YCL March

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