Guardian, London, News Blog, Tuesday October 3 2006


Boris Johnson leaves the Conservative party conference in Bournemouth. Photograph: Andrew Parsons/PA

Boris at bay

By Ros Taylor

Rarely does British politics witness the kind of collective press hysteria known in the States as a "goat fuck", but tonight was one of those moments.

Shouts erupted from the Bournemouth media zone as Boris Johnson, holed up in the Conservative press office after four reported gaffes in less than 24 hours - one of them apparently supporting the right of mothers to push junk food through school fences to their children - emerged.

Journalists ran to the scene. Flashbulbs popped. There were screams of "Boris!".

With difficulty, Boris moved towards the door to the seafront, pursued by dozens of rabid journalists.

"What IS the story here?" he yelped.

"The story is about you criticising Jamie Oliver. What have you got to say?"

"Boris! BORIS! BOR-IS!!"

"BORIS! Look up here!" yelled photographers from the balcony of the Bournemouth International Centre.

Exit, pursued by a bear-mob.


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