This is the daily circulation of the Communist University, dated for the day on which it is to be sent out. It includes documents received from different organisations, notices of events, study texts, and a selection of items from the press. Click on an item to read it. To see the covering message that goes with these despatches, go to

Democracy All Round
2006-08-31, Address to SADTU 6th National Congress, COSATU GS Z Vavi
2006-08-31, The Workers Survey, COSATU Press Release 13h00 060830
2006-08-31, COSATU seeks pro-poor ANC, Brown and Musgrave, B Day
2006-08-31, Zuma trial delays hurt Thint business, Ernest Mabuza, B Day
2006-08-31, Life beyond Mbeki sell-by date, Karima Brown, Business Day
2006-08-31, Parliament approves mercenaries bill, Sapa and Business Day

Working Class News
2006-08-30, SACP GS Blade Nzimande, Address to SAMWU 2006 Congress
2006-08-30, COSATU Mpumalanga, Make Swaziland Ungovernable, 060729
2006-08-30, FAWU, Bokomo Foods cereal workers on strike from 060827
2006-08-30, Mass action for SATAWU contract cleaning workers 060901
2006-08-30, NUM may not re-elect Cosatu top brass, Amy Musgrave, B Day
2006-08-30, Arms-deal letter pivotal in Zuma battle, Brown, Mabuza, B Day

Democracy, Class and State
2006-08-28, Cameron, We got it wrong on apartheid, Ned Temko, The Observer
2006-08-28, Mbeki loyalty plan flops, Mpumelelo Mkhabela, City Press
2006-08-28, Intensify campaign v unemployment and monopoly, YCLNC

Tortured Prose
2006-08-27, Elephant in room wants out, Tim Cohen, Business Day Weekender

The Street Is A Medium Of Mass Communication
2006-08-26, Only God judges, Tutu told, Sapa, The Star
2006-08-26, Zuma, Thint go for broke, Sam Sole, Mail and Guardian
2006-08-26, Sleight of hand by Terry Bell, Business Report
2006-08-26, In praise of labour movement virtues, Neva Makgetla, Business Day
2006-08-26, Lebanese Civilians Thwarted Israel, James Marc Leas, Counterpunch

No News Today
2006-08-25, Socialism, Utopian and Scientific, Engels, 1880

Chickens Home To Roost
2006-08-24, Zuma, Thint fight back, Jeremy Gordin, The Star
2006-08-24, Banished to political purgatory, Zuma, Oellermann, The Star
2006-08-24, Hoax e-mail probe draws scathing report, Angela Quintal, The Star
2006-08-24, Flyer for Worker Poetry, 18h00, Booysens Hotel, 060824
2006-08-24, Zim Solidarity Forum at CSVR 09h30, Braamfontein, 060831

2006-08-23, Parties, Labour and State, Netshitenzhe, 17h15, 060907, Con Hill
2006-08-23, Treatment Action Campaign Global Call to Action Tomorrow
2006-08-23, GLU Masters in Labour Policies and Globalisation, Wits

Out Of The Ground
2006-08-23, COSATU North West response on the political environment
2006-08-23, SSN and COSATU, Dropping of charges against 5 COSATU leaders
2006-08-23, Cosmic Judeo Bunker No More, Gilad Atzmon, Counterpunch
2006-08-23, Journey to South Lebanon, Ramzi Kysia, Beirut, Counterpunch

A Job and Events
2006-08-22, SSN - FSEJ, Job advert, project co-ordinator
2006-08-22, Dr Blade Nzimande, speech delivered at the IRF conference
2006-08-22, YCL Seminar Leaflet for 060825 11h00 - 16h00 plain
2006-08-22, 156 Hands, Phyllis Naidoo, Treason Trial book launch 060826
2006-08-22, SACP Jhb Central Pol Ed Report for AGM, 20 August 2006

Succession No Problem for Jhb Central
2006-08-21, Women, Basic Principles, Declaration, Resolution, 3CCI, 1921
2006-08-21, COSATU president denies probe, Terreblanche and Mbanjwa, Sindy
2006-08-21, ANCYL speaks out on ANC succession, Fikile Mbalula, City Press

The Caravan Moves On
2006-08-20, COSATU GS Z Vavi to NEHAWU National Bargaining Conference
2006-08-20, SACCAWU Media Release On Alleged COSATU Leadership Wrangle
2006-08-20, Secondary strikes for Cleaning sector, SATAWU
2006-08-20, Swaziland, SNACS-STAWU-SATU-SNA Statement
2006-08-20, FSCC Chairperson and SACP GS Dr Blade Nzimande to address IRF

On Another Planet
2006-08-19, Economics, politics and Cosatu, Willie Madisha, Mail and Guardian
2006-08-19, COSATU says no divisions in leadership, Brown and Musgrave, B Day
2006-08-19, Captured Israeli soldier born in SA, Paula Slier, The Star
2006-08-19, Beaten - Why the IDF Lost in Lebanon, William Lind, Counterpunch

Reality and Fantasy
2006-08-18, Theses on Feuerbach, Marx, 1845
2006-08-18, SACP Statement on current developments within COSATU
2006-08-18, Defend COSATU against faceless leaders, COSATU Mpumalanga
2006-08-18, SACTWU gains, NULAW loses, majority in the leather industry
2006-08-18, Lily white at the top and pitch black at the bottom, SATAWU

Proletarian Movement
2006-08-17, Umsebenzi Online, Proletarian Trade Union Movement
2006-08-17, Let us just wait and see, Editorial, Business Day
2006-08-17, Costly silence of SADC, Swaziland Solidarity Network
2006-08-17, ZCTU Secretary General assaulted and detained, ZCTU and COSATU

Israel Doomed
2006-08-16, The Zionist project is doomed, Asad Abukhalil, The Angry Arab
2006-08-16, A Victory for Hizbollah, Syria and Iran, Robert Fisk, Counterpunch
2006-08-16, Women, hidden violence of discrimination, Neva Makgetla, B Day

Interesting Times
2006-08-15, COSATU, A March to remember in 1946
2006-08-15, NUMSA, Forklift drivers six-year fight pays off
2006-08-15, COSATU Pre-Congress discussions
2006-08-15, COSATU responds to Pikoli
2006-08-15, COSATU statement on City Press allegations

Boycott Israel Now!
2006-08-15, Lebanon ceasefire, the real war begins , Robert Fisk, The Independent
2006-08-15, Huge Israeli offensive launched despite ceasefire, The Independent
2006-08-15, The Case for Boycotting Israel, Omar Barghouti, Counterpunch
2006-08-15, Anti-Zionist boycott follow-up, Xymphora
2006-08-15, Lebanese Communists on the UN resolution

Scares, Lies, Selective Memories, and Truth
2006-08-14, How London terror scare looks from Beirut, Fisk, Counterpunch
2006-08-14, UK government credibility is under threat, City Press
2006-08-14, Vavi, Madisha at war, Msomi, City Press
2006-08-14, Divisions over Zuma at SACP meeting, Msomi, City Press
2006-08-14, Cronin and Vavi reject Manuel Gear defence, Terreblanche, Sindy
2006-08-14, Statement of the SACP Central Committee

Freedom Is A Social Institution
2006-08-13, Social Basis of Woman Question, abstract, Kollontai, 1909
2006-08-13, A Progressive Womens Movement of South Africa, ANC
2006-08-13, Friends of Cuba Society, Constitution
2006-08-13, Is NEC the executive board of ANC Inc, Vukani Mde, Weekender
2006-08-13, Collapse of the flanks, William S Lind, Counterpunch

ANC Today, Gone Tomorrow
2006-08-12, COSATU calls for Shoprite boycott, Sapa, IOL
2006-08-12, 1946 mineworkers Strike, COSATU
2006-08-12, 1946 Mineworkers Strike, ANC Today
2006-08-12, No contradictions between RDP and GEAR, Trevor Manuel
2006-08-12, The tail wags the dog wags the tail, Uri Avnery, Gush Shalom

Organise, Organise, Organise
2006-08-11, COSATU sends wishes to Oscar Mabori, 16 floor drop survivor
2006-08-11, SATAWU announcement, Randall Howard acceptance as ITF Pres
2006-08-11, COSATU congratulates Randall Howard
2006-08-11, Architects boycott Israel over apartheid barrier, Independent
2006-08-11, Lecturers back boycott of Israeli academics, The Guardian

Educate, Organise, Mobilise
2006-08-10, COSATU Ninth National Congress Programme, 18-21 September 2006
2006-08-10, AREF boycott campaign planning, IPCI, Durban, 09h30 Sat 12 Aug
2006-08-10, Operation Security Roof, Gilad Atzmon, Counterpunch

Truth Comes Out
2006-08-09, SACCAWU announce August 10 strike, boycott of Shoprite Group
2006-08-09, A few billion reasons to question ANC, Brown, Business Day
2006-08-09, SACP to hold Central Committee meeting August 11 and 12
2006-08-09, Selected extracts from the SACP Constitution
2006-08-09, The anti-Zionist boycott, Xymphora
2006-08-09, MDC Mutambara march, Berea Park to Fox Str, 10h00 August 10

Profit versus People
2006-08-08, Policies have put profit before people, Blade Nzimande, Sunday Times
2006-08-08, Status quo versus human being, Jeremy Gordin, Sunday Independent
2006-08-08, COSATU stands up for the unemployed, Tweedie, Sunday Times
2006-08-08, Labour and the Challenges of Development, GLU, Devan Pillay
2006-08-08, NUM calls the Kumba strike off
2006-08-08, Comrade shot by police, Mduduzi Magagula, Times of Swaziland

A Great Cause
2006-08-07, The Case for Boycotting Israel, Virginia Tilley, Counterpunch
2006-08-07, A Great Cause, Origin of Anti-Apartheid Movement, Christabel Gurney, 1999
2006-08-07, Friends of the Soviet Union, Esther Barsel and Mosie Moolla
2006-08-07, Federation of SA Women, NEC and Membership, Cheryl Walker, 1982

Heart and Soul
2006-08-06, Attitude of the Workers Party to Religion, Lenin, 1900
2006-08-06, Mandela, Mbeki, and the end of humanism, Vukani Mde, Weekender
2006-08-06, eTV even worse than SABC news, Vukani Mde, Weekender
2006-08-06, Israeli colonialist death warrant for your home, Ernshire, Counterpunch
2006-08-06, The Social Basis of the Woman Question, Kollontai, 1909

Street versus Boardroom
2006-08-05, Venezuela pulls out Israel ambassador, Al Jazeera
2006-08-05, Adjusting the Heroic Commando Raid Story, Roger Assaf, Counterpunch
2006-08-05, COSATU strongly condemns MPC interest rate increase
2006-08-05, COSATU supports strikers and draws lessons
2006-08-05, SADTU, NEC decisions, Madisha nominated for COSATU Presidency
2006-08-05, Boardroom versus Street, Laura Carlson, Mexico City, Counterpunch

World In Action
2006-08-04, Message sent by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro
2006-08-04, Classes and Parties, Attitude to Religion, Lenin, 1909
2006-08-04, COSATU welcomes Carlos Alberto, calls for a soccer indaba
2006-08-04, NEHAWU and DENOSA Rustenburg to march with COSATU August 16
2006-08-04, NUM, Kumba talks at the brink
2006-08-04, SACCAWU, 50,000 workers versus Shoprite Checkers

The Question Is Put
2006-08-03, Umsebenzi Online, Vol 5, No. 61, 02 August 2006
2006-08-03, COSATU GS Z Vavi to 85th Anniversary of SACP, Pietermaritzburg, 2006
2006-08-03, COSATU GS Z Vavi to ITWF Congress, Durban 2006
2006-08-03, FAWU March to Kraft HO 10h00 Woodmead 060808
2006-08-03, COSATU sends best wishes to Fidel Castro

The Struggle Continues
2006-08-02, Fidel Castro Delegates Functions for Health Reasons
2006-08-02, Syria in the gunsight, Uri Avnery, Counterpunch

2006-08-01, COSATU, Solidarity action in support of strikers at Kraft Foods
2006-08-01, COSATU on Pietermaritzburg High Court decision
2006-08-01, Vans, Autos, Kombis and Social Movements, Ashwin Desai

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