Business and Politics
2005-08-31, Cronin, Neo-liberalism, reformism, populism and ultra-leftism
2005-08-31, Alliance casts doubt on Mbeki probe plan, B Day
2005-08-31, Mbekis gambit deepens Zuma stalemate, B Day
2005-08-31, African Union fails the coup test, B Day
2005-08-31, COSATU condemns state lawlessness

2005-08-30, Peace and rule of law under democracy plus development
2005-08-30, SACP has go at Mbeki for not trusting partners, Star
2005-08-30, Materialist Theory of History, 1976, Dialego, 4

2006 Programme
2005-08-28, 2006 Study Group Draft Programme
2005-08-28, The Subjective Factor, DOSE, Conclusion, Heartfield, 2002
2005-08-28, Vavi, The South African economy since 1994
2005-08-28, Long March to Justice - Cuban 5 in Atlanta, Counterpunch

Strange Brew
2005-08-27, From Anti-Duhring, Quantity and Quality, (1, 12), 1877, Engels
2005-08-27, From Anti-Duhring, Negation of Negation, (1, 13), 1877, Engels
2005-08-27, Letter from the President - The truth shall be heard
2005-08-27, Self-employment - scraping a living, Makgetla, B Day
2005-08-27, Bias in SABC news exposed by rival, B Day

Freedom & Necessity
2005-08-26, Statement, Alliance meeting, Johannesburg, 24 August 2005

Human Factor
2005-08-25, Fidel Castro, Speech, Karl Marx Theatre, August 20, 2005

STRIKE DATE IS 10TH OCT, plus DA letter to Star and reply
2005-08-24, Declaration of the Third COSATU Central Committee
2005-08-24, Evelyn, Women - Caste, Class or Oppressed Sex, Reed, 1970
2005-08-24, SA questions Zim sanctions, News24
2005-08-24, DA has to act against reckless aid to Mugabe
2005-08-24, Zimbabwe needs what South Africa needs, DT

Raw Talk Revival
2005-08-23, We are no nation of fools, YCL
2005-08-23, Raw Talk Revival, Greg Moses, Counterpunch

Writing History
2005-08-22, Am I Jew or merely human, Ron Press
2005-08-22, Teflon men, Gleason Torque
2005-08-22, Sasco members snub Phumzile, News24
2005-08-22, Youth organisations unite in support of Zuma
2005-08-22, Zuma raid fury forces alliance crisis talks, B Day

Con Hill - Free at Last
2005-08-20, From Anti-Duhring, Freedom and Necessity, 1877, Engels
2005-08-20, Johannesburg Communist University, Political Education
2005-08-20, 2005 Communist University Draft Programme

Stop Reaction
2005-08-19, Zuma harrassment, COSATU CC statement
2005-08-19, Scorpions raid of Cde Zuma, SACP statement
2005-08-19, Zumas prosecution could lead to turmoil, M and G

Individuals make the collective
2005-08-18, Amnesty for black-listed workers and the poor, Nzimande
2005-08-18, Mokopane YCL National Policy Conference, Manamela
2005-08-18, SMS the DA to stop Mugabe loan, Leon
2005-08-18, Letter versus Leon, Tweedie
2005-08-18, Johannesburg District General Strike Flier, Tamela

Illusion and Reality
2005-08-17, A Miracle of Rare Device, Avnery
2005-08-17, Thinking About China, New Socialist
2005-08-17, Menezes death - Brazilian was held before being shot

New Home for Com Uni
2005-08-16, Nzimande at COSATU CC, Roll Back Offensive on Workers and Poor
2005-08-16, Class nature of the Peoples Republic of China, DSPA. 1999

Sharpen Up
2005-08-15, COSATU Central Committee 2005, Resolutions
2005-08-15, The State, Lenin, 1919
2005-08-15, The Brutal Side of Capitalist Development, Moore, 2004

Reason and Plan
2005-08-13, Ludwig Feuerbach, 3 and 4, 1886, Engels
2005-08-13, Theory of Knowledge, 1976, Dialego 3
2005-08-13, Cuban 5 trial overturned - press conference
2005-08-13, SACP GS Blade Nzimande to address COSATU CC
2005-08-13, SA developmental state query, COSATU CC, 2005

Staked Out
2005-08-12, Postmodernism, Hindu nationalism and Vedic science, 2004, Nanda
2005-08-12, Barking dogs and building bridges, 2004, Royston
2005-08-12, Title deeds not a magic wand, Tomlinson, B Day
2005-08-12, Win back our liberation - Z Vavi to CEPPWAWU
2005-08-12, Cosatus voice rings louder and stronger, Star
2005-08-12, Staked Out, Tweedie, Letter B Day

Campaigning and Winning
2005-08-11, Socialism and Gender Equality, Orr, 2001
2005-08-11, Tweedie contra Orr, 2001
2005-08-11, Future of the Family, 2004, Bristow,
2005-08-11, Victory for the Cuban Five
2005-08-11, From Can the Bolsheviks Retain State Power, Lenin, 1917
2005-08-11, Amazing Brochures cc Price List Flyers

Makers of History
2005-08-10, Lenin, To the Working Women, 1920
2005-08-10, Zetkin, 1920, Lenin on the Women's Question
2005-08-10, Krupskaya, 1933, Preface, Emancipation of Women
2005-08-10, The bitter taste of MDCs failure, The Star
2005-08-10, Tributes pour in for friend and hero Cook, Bday
2005-08-10, Sports Transformation and Development, YCL Lead

Women's Day Special
2005-08-09, Women for Women and Men, Draft Programme
2005-08-09, Lenin, 1919, Soviet Power & Status of Women
2005-08-09, 1919, Lenin, Tasks of the Working Womens Movement
2005-08-09, SA Youth and the Role of the YCL in The NDR
2005-08-09, Iraqi Women Fight for Rights

SACP, COSATU, YCL make the plays
2005-08-08, SACP CC Meeting, 5-6 August 2005, Press Statement
2005-08-08, New UDF to challenge the ANC, Sindy
2005-08-08, COSATU response to Sunday Independent article
2005-08-08, Joburg tenants need to know, Tweedie, Letters, Sindy
2005-08-08, Cuban Live Internet debate announced for Tuesday August 9
2005-08-08, Resexualising the Epidemic, Desire, Risk and HIV Prevention YCL

12th August Session
2005-08-07, Ludwig Feuerbach, 1 and 2, Engels, 1886
2005-08-07, Philosophers, Tweedie, 2005
2005-08-07, Building YCL Structures, Mass-Base and Vanguard Role

Peace and War
2005-08-06, SACP Central Committee Meeting 5-6 August 2005
2005-08-06, COSATU Central Committee 15-18 August 2005
2005-08-06, Free Education System, YCL
2005-08-06, 2000 US troops were in Mauretania for the coup
2005-08-06, Above the rule of law, Blumenthal, Guardian
2005-08-06, GDR, WMD and NED - Antiwar

Class struggle in full flow
2005-08-05, NUM - 80,000 mineworkers to down tools
2005-08-05, SACTWU strike against poverty wages
2005-08-05, COSATU to launch anti-racism campaign
2005-08-05, CEPPWAWU, Mbeki, Vavi, Nzimande to speak
2005-08-05, Roll Back Offensive v Workers and Poor, Umsebenzi Online
2005-08-05, NDR, Taking Forward the Struggle for Socialism YCL

2005-08-04, Fear after driver butchered by strikers, Star, Aug 3, 2005
2005-08-04, Reversing Economic Dualism, Breaking Unemployment, YCL
2005-08-04, Populism, uses and abuses, Nzimande, Umsebenzi Online

Struggle Continues
2005-08-03, ALARM, final day statement from Land Summit
2005-08-03, Relationship SACP, State Power, elections, YCL discussion documents

2005-08-02, Left to themselves, BDay
2005-08-02, COSATU opposes threats of violence
2005-08-02, COSATU condemns violence against strikers
2005-08-02, Raths new game, TAC
2005-08-02, New Constitution - sicholo with head lice, PUDEMO
2005-08-02, Hiroshima and Nagasaki - Worst terror attacks in history
2005-08-02, Venezuela - Land reform and neighbourhood doctors

Struggle for Truth
2005-08-01, Eviction story splashed in Sindy
2005-08-01, Judith Miller according to Huffington Post
2005-08-01, Ona, Bougainville, Plekhanov and Sandline, Counterpunch
2005-08-01, Workers Rock India, Counterpunch
2005-08-01, Honda (India) management, employees sound truce

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