This is the daily circulation of the Communist University, dated for the day on which it is to be sent out. It includes documents received from different organisations, notices of events, study texts, and a selection of items from the press. Click on an item to read it. To see the covering messages that go along with these despatches, go to

Surf Control
2007-04-29, Cosatu plans to take control from ANC, Karima Brown, Weekender
2007-04-29, Hear no truth, see no truth on SABC , Karima Brown, Weekender
2007-04-29, Mash-ups, Debbie Smit, Sunday Independent
2007-04-29, Is global warming a sin, Alexander Cockburn, Counterpunch
2007-04-29, Are You a Hip Hop Apologist, Paris, Counterpunch
2007-04-29, Zuma camp coup, sama Yende and Msomi, City Press

Whited Sepulchre
2007-04-27, NYT Pushes Bush Line on Somalia, Chris Floyd, Lew Rockwell
2007-04-27, Puppet of Iraq destruction, Andrew Cockburn, Guardian
2007-04-27, Wolfowitz, resign for World Bank credibility, Kumi Naidoo, Civicus
2007-04-27, The Rights of Children in the USA, Sharon Smith, Counterpunch
2007-04-27, A truly momentous occasion, Barry Sergeant, Moneyweb

Behind The Veil
2007-04-26, Silent brutality in Southern Africa, Sedition Trialists Update, SSN
2007-04-26, Blog awards get it all wrong, Goodenough Mashego, City Press
2007-04-26, UK sabotage on BAE bribes inquiry, Leigh and Evans, Guardian
2007-04-26, Behind quiet diplomacy, James Myburgh, Moneyweb
2007-04-26, Class Struggles in France, 1848-1850, Marx, 1850
2007-04-26, Caesarism, Gramsci, 1933

2007-04-23, Power to the People, In Memory of Chris Hani, Buti Manamela
2007-04-23, To Oprah Winfrey from a Hip-Hip Head, Saul Williams, Counterpunch

2007-04-22, COSATU Discussion Document, Possibilities for Fundamental Social Change, 2006
2007-04-22, Communist University Revised Programme, with links, 2007
2007-04-22, Wolfowitz Quid Pro Quo, Mekay and Lobe, Counterpunch

Mea Culpa
2007-04-20, Northern Cape, Umsebenzi Online, Vol 6, No. 7
2007-04-20, Chris Hani, Umsebenzi Online, Vol 6, No. 6
2007-04-20, Farm Labor Organizer Murdered in Mexico, Dan la Botz, Counterpunch

Re-open The Inquest
2007-04-18, Walus street an insult to SA, Sapa, IOL
2007-04-18, Former Polish president harrassed, Raw Story and AFP
2007-04-18, British fascist took part in SA terror, Matthew Taylor, Guardian
2007-04-18, Proposed renaming of street after Janusz Walus in Poland, YCL
2007-04-18, Crowds pack Iraqi CP celebrations, Indymedia San Francisco Bay

We Are The News
2007-04-17, Zuma - Limit state power, Sipho Khumalo, The Star
2007-04-17, PE housing manager suspended for protest participation, Sapa
2007-04-17, State must spend more money on education, Buti Manamela, C Press
2007-04-17, A brutal reply, Fidel Castro Ruz, Granma
2007-04-17, Ousting tyrants no guarantee for oppressed, Madibeng Kgwete, Star
2007-04-17, ANC Youth League commemorates Solomon Mahlangu

CU Special
2007-04-16, Poles to name street after Janusz Walus, Boncza, Morning Star

Jock Shock
2007-04-16, Cosatu dumps Zuma, Malefane, Harper and Mbhele, S Times
2007-04-16, Baloyi, example of corrupting quest, Mondli Makhanya, S Times
2007-04-16, ANC leaders were paid out for investments, Jeremy Gordin, Sindy
2007-04-16, Capitalism in Safe Hands, Khathu Mamaila, City Press
2007-04-16, Cracks in JZ camp emerge, Wonder Hlongwa, City Press

Power To The People
2007-04-12, Bua Komanisi V5 No 1, Special Edition on State Power, May 2006

Conspiracy Theories
2007-04-11, The Green Book, ANC, 1979
2007-04-11, Lockerbie Cover-up Part 2, The Lie Unravels, Sanders Research
2007-04-11, Court returns us to apartheid workplace, Rudi Dicks, B Report

Moving Along
2007-04-10, Unions need to draw a new line, Mpumelelo Mkhabela, City Press
2007-04-10, Moving with The Times, Adele Shevel, Sunday Times
2007-04-10, Lockerbie Cover Up, Part 1, Iran Strikes Back, Sanders Research
2007-04-10, Shouting will not help, Motlatsi Lebea, Letters, City Press
2007-04-10, Talk Left, Funded Right, Stephen Gowans, Blog
2007-04-10, SACP celebrates life and times of Cde Chris Hani

NPA Three Free
2007-04-09, Charges against Sparg dropped, Dumisane Lubisi, Sunday Times
2007-04-09, Rise and fall of Queen BEE, Thebe Mabanga, Sunday Times
2007-04-09, US reveals efforts to topple Mugabe, Ewen McAskill, Guardian
2007-04-09, Ethiopia urged to come clean on secret prisons, Weekender
2007-04-09, EU given war crime warning over Somalia, Xan Rice, Guardian

No Pasaran!
2007-04-07, Internationalization of genocide, Fidel Castro Ruz, 3 April 2007
2007-04-07, History of US Interventions in Latin America, Marc Becker
2007-04-07, The Anti-Empire Report, 6 April 2007, William Blum
2007-04-07, Interview, Cuban Five and Luis Posada Carriles, La Riva, Counterpunch
2007-04-07, FXI law clinic celebrates successful first year of operation

Working Class Core
2007-04-06, The Green Book, ANC, 1979
2007-04-06, Zimbabwe Independence celebrations, Zoo Lake, 28 April 2007
2007-04-06, Zimbabwe workers confront Mugabe, D Tweedie, Morning Star
2007-04-06, MDC-Mutambara statement, Harare, 02 April 08
2007-04-06, ZCTU stayaway report-back, 5 April 2007
2007-04-06, FXI on murder of Zimbabwean cameraman Edward Chikombo

Unfinished Business
2007-04-03, Why we are marching today, COSATU and ZCTU
2007-04-03, Fidentia affair after the second Curator Report, COSATU
2007-04-03, COSATU concerned at Ombud report on FSB

Stayaway Tuesday
2007-04-02, Zimbabwe unions call strike, Cris Chinaka, Reuters
2007-04-02, Tsvangirai blood could save Zimbabwe, Editorial, Sunday Independent

Get It Straight
2007-04-01, SACP GS Dr Blade Nzimande, build the Party, address to N-W Congress
2007-04-01, COSATU 2DP Violet Seboni to CEPPWAWU Bargaining Conference
2007-04-01, 300 is a racist and insulting film, Gary Leupp, Counterpunch

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