This is the daily circulation of the Communist University, dated for the day on which it is to be sent out. It includes documents received from different organisations, notices of events, study texts, and a selection of items from the press. Click on an item to read it. To see the covering message that goes with these despatches, go to

Sharpen the Contradictions
2006-04-30, Letter from Raymond Suttner to Communist University
2006-04-30, SACP May Day Message 2006
2006-04-30, COSATU 2006 May Day Message
2006-04-30, Incidents at Durban DoL office and SATAWU Court order

Communist University of Northern Cape
2006-04-29, Communist University of Northern Cape, Programme
2006-04-29, ANC statement on the passing away of Julius Baker
2006-04-29, Julius Baker, SACP message to the family
2006-04-29, Invitation to Launch of Book by Zarina Maharaj 11 May 17h30
2006-04-29, The Case of the Cuban Five , Honour and Injustice, Counterpunch

Documents of the Working Class
2006-04-28, Letter from Cheche on Zuma rape trial
2006-04-28, CWU Memorandum of Understanding 26 April 2006
2006-04-28, CWU Agreement 26 April 2006 signed
2006-04-28, Revive working class culture, 13 May 2006 Salt River 09h00

Freedom Day
2006-04-27, Raymond Suttner takes his grievance to the Business Day
2006-04-27, COSATU statement for Freedom Day
2006-04-27, Swazi regime and fellow opportunists attack on COSATU diversionary
2006-04-27, Johannesburg Housing Sector Workshop 2 May 2006, Invite
2006-04-27, Launch of book, Number Four, 2 May 2006 18h30 Con Hill

2006-04-26, Lenin, Imperialism, Highest Stage of Capitalism, 1916
2006-04-26, SACP May Day Message 2006
2006-04-26, Nepal Maoists reject king, announce blockade of capital
2006-04-26, Unban Swaziland parties, no more public relations games, SSN
2006-04-26, Setting the Hotel Rwanda record straight, Deme, Counterpunch
2006-04-26, Memory Project Exhibition Opening, 18h00 May 3 Con Hill

2006-04-25, Older, tougher Cronin, master of dialectics, Sunday Independent
2006-04-25, The link between HIV-AIDS, poverty and sex in SA, Business Day
2006-04-25, SACP statement on competition commission report, Nzimande
2006-04-25, SATAWU response to Minister of Labour and strike bulletin
2006-04-25, COSATU backs CWU against Telkom

For Justice and Freedom
2006-04-24, NPA in corruption scandal, Sunday Times
2006-04-24, Unmoved by the Gautrain, Thabo Mkhize, Sunday Times Metro
2006-04-24, Nepal, A peoples movement grows with fury, Rediff India Abroad
2006-04-24, Elections in Palestine and Israel, Jeff Halper, Counterpunch
2006-04-24, Elections in Canada, CP Canada CC Report, March 2006

Direct Links
2006-04-23, SACP GS Dr Blade Nzimande, Address to SOBEC, 18 April 2006
2006-04-23, Z Vavi to NEHAWU Public Service Delivery Summit and Campaign
2006-04-23, Invite, Breakfast with the Minister Mufamadi 07h00 May 5
2006-04-23, Research Officer for CALS, Job advert
2006-04-23, NUMSA, Soft skills training a real let down, Press Release
2006-04-23, WTO country tables - simulations by ICFTU via COSATU
2006-04-23, Art Talk, Politics Talk, Matshikiza, Sachs, Memela, Greig, Con Hill 18h00 May 8

Whose News?
2006-04-22, Twisting SACP position on Zuma, Nzimande, Business Day
2006-04-22, SACP divided on Zuma, Mail and Guardian
2006-04-22, Cosatu to protest state of global trade talks with strike
2006-04-22, COSATU speakers notes, Jobs and Poverty Campaign, May Day
2006-04-22, Worrying facts underlie economic patina of health, B Day
2006-04-22, Swazi May Day test for democracy movement, Bell, B Rep
2006-04-22, COSATU, Do not honour this despot, rescind Sobhuza award

Sex, Race and Class
2006-04-21, Postmodernism, Hindu nationalism and Vedic science, Meera Nanda, 2004
2006-04-21, ANC Progressive Business Forum, Invitation to Belong, 11 Apr 2006
2006-04-21, COSATU appeals to minister in security guards dispute
2006-04-21, Merafong and Moutse joint march in Pretoria 21 Apr, 11h00
2006-04-21, YCL Condemns Honouring of King Sobhuza
2006-04-21, Break the Cycle, Dominic Tweedie, Business Day Letters
2006-04-21, Eddie Roux lecture, Wits Senate Rm, 17h30, Apr 24

2006-04-20, Vol 5, No 54, 19 Apr 2006, Swaziland and Tribute to Cde Zikhali
2006-04-20, We Defeated Berlusconi, Rifondazione, Counterpunch
2006-04-20, NAMA Campaign Meeting, 20 April, COSATU Hse, 14h00
2006-04-20, ZSF Invite, May 3, intended, members, 09h00, others 11h30

YCL Defy Rubber Bullets
2006-04-19, YCL one day Wits University Political School 060423
2006-04-19, Nkrumah, Neo Colonialism, Last Stage of Imperialism, 1965
2006-04-19, Demographics and democracy, Ilan Pappe, xymphora

Unspoken Negotiation
2006-04-18, Sex, perception and reality, Nicole Fritz, Star
2006-04-18, S Times should be ashamed of itself, SACP GS Blade Nzimande
2006-04-18, YCL, National Day of Defiance, Zimbabwe and Khutsong
2006-04-18, SACP GS Cde Nzimande to address Soweto Small Business Council
2006-04-18, In Gaza, Laila El-Haddad, Counterpunch

Back To Reality
2006-04-17, 20 Pages of Teresa Ebert made easy for the CU, Tweedie
2006-04-17, 1995, Ebert, Untimely Critiques for a Red Feminism
2006-04-17, God Cannot Keep His Own Commandments, Twain, Counterpunch
2006-04-17, Israel, The Dead Roach in the US Salad, Reese, Antiwar
2006-04-17, In the Ashes of Lament, Ortiz, Counterpunch

Easter Peace Poster
2006-04-16, Stop The War poster

A Real Struggle
2006-04-14, COSATU and SFTU statements on border blockade, April 13
2006-04-14, Articles from Times of Swaziland, via Lucky Lukhele of SSN
2006-04-14, DITSELA solidarity message to COSATU and SSN
2006-04-14, Cuban Salsa live at Horror Cafe 19h00 24th April, R50, FOCUS

Bullets, Words, and Class War
2006-04-13, COSATU Swaziland border protest, names of those arrested
2006-04-13, COSATU slams state on China trade, Brown, Mde, Business Day
2006-04-13, You guard millions but are paid peanuts, Nzimande, B Day
2006-04-13, French strike victorious, BBC
2006-04-13, Motorists likely to shun Gautrain, Business Day
2006-04-13, ROIC vs WACC is harder for individuals, Ann Crotty, B Rep
2006-04-13, April 11- The Full Story of Cubana 455, Pertierra, Counterpunch

Home Cooking
2006-04-12, COSATU press release re negotiations at the WTO
2006-04-12, Global Solidarity, Thabo Sephuma
2006-04-12, Kaizer Mohau on Human Rights
2006-04-12, YCL Defiance Campaign Press Conference 11h30 060417
2006-04-12, 1975, Leys, Underdevelopment in Kenya

Reform Or Revolution?
2006-04-11, Struggle for justice a marathon, Kumi Naidoo, Civicus
2006-04-11, COSATU welcomes SATAWU court ruling

2006-04-10, SACP remembers Martin Thembisile Chris Hani
2006-04-10, COSATU on 13th anniversary of murder of Chris Hani
2006-04-10, ASGISA a welcome shift, Nzimande, Sunday Times
2006-04-10, Wall and Bulldozer, John Berger
2006-04-10, YCL Defiance Campaign Consultation invitation
2006-04-10, Zwelinzima Vavi, COSATU General Secretary, salutes FAWU
2006-04-10, SACP GS Dr Blade Nzimande in Zambia

2006-04-07, 1995, Ebert, Untimely Critiques for a Red Feminism
2006-04-07, Swaziland border posts to be blockaded, COSATU
2006-04-07, SACP Johannesburg Central Branch Party 13h00, April 27
2006-04-07, SATAWU on so-called wage deal signed on April 1 2006
2006-04-07, WTO agreement on Non-Agricultural Market Access, COSATU
2006-04-07, Johannesburg Labour-Urban Federation, Fourth Draft

Chris Hani Month
2006-04-06, UMO Vol 5, No 53, 5 April 2006, Chris Hani and Internationalism in Lusaka
2006-04-06, More questions than answers, MDC congresses, Sokwanele
2006-04-06, Chris Hani Month, SACP Northern Cape Province, April 2006
2006-04-06, SACP Mamelodi Branch holds its 2005-2006 AGM
2006-04-06, Inside Out, Con Hill, HSRC and UKZN Press, Apr 26 18h00

A Time of Struggle
2006-04-05, Satawu calls for wage agreement to be undone, M and G
2006-04-05, SACCAWU media release on dispute with Shoprite Checkers
2006-04-05, Hundreds of thousands march in France, Guardian
2006-04-05, SA shares French labour law challenge, Mdladlana, B Report
2006-04-05, DTCC Political Classes, 2006 schedule
2006-04-05, On the Time for Armed Struggle, Pomeroy, 1974

Exclusion, Excommunication, Ostracism, Shunning, and Censorship
2006-04-04, Exclusion of TAC condemned by COSATU
2006-04-04, ABI Management Curbs Worker Freedom of Expression, FAWU
2006-04-04, Revealed, victims of UK cold war torture camp, Guardian

Contrast and Compare
2006-04-03, How to leverage the cliche, Sindy
2006-04-03, Bobby Godsell with Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, Sunday Times
2006-04-03, Leaving Iraq Now is the Only Sensible Solution, Counterpunch

Intelligent Alarm
2006-04-02, Intelligent Design, poem by Ron Press
2006-04-02, ALARM press statement - 01 April 2006

Bourgeois State
2006-04-01, The Role and Future of NGOs in Africa, Issa Shivji
2006-04-01, Seminar on ASGI-SA, Mantashe, Cosatu House, Apr 4, 14h00
2006-04-01, Telkom hubris gets workers fighting back, Bell, Bus Report
2006-04-01, Wits P and DM School June 1-2, de Soto event
2006-04-01, COSATU National Office Bearers Statement, March 27-28

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